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death incarnate & night triumphant

The Fae had spent nearly an hour at one of the local camera stores attempting to find a suitable replacement for the device he destroyed just recently. Why he was even bothering was beyond him. Still, as he meandered through the store, the owner had convinced him that their most expensive camera in stock was the one he should buy. Of course, he should buy the most expensive one. Grimacing at the memory, he wanted nothing more than to growl at the human, to send him skittering away from him. But, he still had this blasted contraption and he was going to deliver it.

After leaving the store, Andras hunts down an envelope and a piece of paper, letting his graceful scrawl cover the material before sealing it away and shoving it in the box. Starting off down the street, he has little to no difficulty in locating the apartment within Riverdale, as he had followed the woman home to make sure she returned to her living quarters in one piece. How a human could be so… carefree about her safety still perplexed the man. Yet, another scowl adorns his features. Great. He was turning into a stalker now.

Quickly shoving the memory away, he prowls through the streets, the sun beginning to set. Those rays of sunlight filtering through the skyscrapers of the city while the lower parts of the town slowly began to descend into darkness. His back itched something furiously as that desire welled up in him to release his wings and take off through the sky. He had managed to get a small flight in earlier in the day but the man was entirely frustrated of hiding, of the secrecy that he so had to keep himself in. Grunting, he finally notes the familiar door just feet away, his eyes traveling the parking spaces in front in search of her vehicle.

Not home then.

Andras pauses for just a moment before he walks up those steps and places the package on the doorway. The Fae decided he would remain until she returned, concerned the contraption would be lifted before she could make it back. Placing the brown box gently on the ground, he moves to the side of the alley, concealing himself in the shadows, his back leaning against the brick wall as he waits patiently for her return. Head tilted back, he allows his hazel eyes to flutter close, whilst his ears do the work of seeing for him.

It isn’t long before the sound of a car approaches, his dark eyes opening to slits. The moment the car door opens, her scent assaults his nostrils, his eyes flaring wide once more. It was such a peculiar thing, a feeling he had never experienced before, it made the man want to leap from the shadows and whisk her away so no one could find her; just so he could selfishly keep her to himself for an entire week, a month. Clamping down on that thought, he immediately shoves it, aggressively, away. He would not allow himself to get involved with a human. They were far too… breakable.

Pinning himself back against the wall, he folds his arms across his chest moodily, his normal calm façade entirely gone in that moment as he mentally scolds himself. It takes Andras several minutes to convince himself to leave, to not go see the human woman in her apartment. Finally, he persuades himself as he pushes off the wall. The man is just about to exit the alleyway when the sound of a door opening and closing reaches his pointed ears and Lani simply walks right past the alleyway, down the street and into the night. Brows shooting up in exasperation, he couldn’t quite believe, that even with that note, she was still wandering around at night.

He should just leave her to her own devices and he almost does. Andras is ready to let those wings breathe and take off home when that scent of something far more evil than himself raids his senses. Hesitating, he knew that scent well. The scent of an undead. Of course, Andras didn’t entirely know if it was a creature out hunting, or merely out for a night of fun. The faerie didn’t want to find out. Leaving his place in the shadows, he trails after Lani, like some sort of lost puppy, for a while. Noting she brought that new gift along with her, he sighs darkly, she couldn’t wait until the morning to use it?

Shaking his head at the absurd woman, he pulls himself into the shadows as the human girl stops ahead of him. Clearly, she had some sort of instincts. Yet, Andras had been preoccupied with his own thoughts that he didn’t notice until that moment that she was being hunted. A movement across the street catches his attention, merely a dark shape lingering in the shadows. Scowling, he pushes himself into the lights again, quickly approaching Lani from behind. Allowing his calm mask to settle once more on his features, he lets a lazy smile adorn those midnight lips.

“Lani, darling. You don’t listen very well do you?” He purrs in her ear, keeping just far enough out of reach lest she swing an arm to hit him.

His eyes hooded in amusement, he waits for her reply before his hazel eyes travel across the street, noting the danger had passed. Andras didn’t want to chance it. Offering an elbow to her, he gestures his head in the direction she had come, “I did tell you not to go wandering at night alone, didn’t I?” he scolds gently waiting for her to take his arm, “Let’s return to your quarters, it isn’t safe for humans,” not an insult, merely a point-blank comment. “You did have questions, let me enlighten you,” he bribes her with the chance of knowing more.

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