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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Dangerous. She knew that her decision had been nothing short of this single word, likely even accompanied by "foolish" or "nonsensical". Material things were easy to replace if ever they were beyond repair, or so would have been through thought of any sane person in the same position as the blue-eyed blonde woman. Then again, any sane person also would surely not have gone venturing around a city still so strange to them through the darkness of nightfall as well, especially after her life-changing experience that she had the tall, dark fae man to thank for. A part of her - the more logical and cautious part of her that truly did exist somewhere beneath all that bright curiosity that often times had a tendency to drown out the sensible thoughts - knew that she should have really listened to the warning that Andras had not only given her that day as he'd ushered her into her car and bid her a farewell with a simple gesture that still danced through her thoughts whenever they wandered of him, knew she should have listened to his fresher warning written elegantly on that note tucked carefully into the little brown box she'd left on her coffee table at the apartment. Yet as was with those moments filled to the brims with whatever strong feelings flitted through her breast in conjunction with need and curiosity, that stubbornness was stirred in the young woman with those flickering flames of defiant courage and she had set off into the night with little more than the need to find him and thank him. Perhaps had she taken just another moment to think things through a bit better, she might have opted to wait until morning but there and been a sense of urgency instilled in Beylani as slender fingers caressed the frightfully expensive gift that he'd left for her - and perhaps if common sense would have been a stronger inner voice with her when she'd been putting her trench coat on, she would have left the treasure safely behind should she end up getting mugged. Ah, but that was just one more thing she hadn't truly thought through too well when she'd set off on her nocturnal mission..

For a moment, she'd almost thought she had imagined the fleeting touch of his hand on her arm as he steadied her while the disorientation of his sudden presence and midnight voice raced through her at lightning speed and a subconsciously caused the young woman to hold her breath. When she had found her center (partly thanks to him), his hand returns to its place at his side, that signature lazy smile of his that was a welcomed commodity compared to the dangerous grin and glittering gaze he'd given her through narrowed eyes in those first near life-ending moments. Lazy though it may be with perhaps a ever so subtly devilish tinge to it, something about it seemed so right for the man that towers over her. His satin tenor tones interrupt her thoughts, confirming that it was indeed him and she has to stop herself from asking if it had been him that had caused that eerie sensation to creep along her spine and up the back of her neck only minutes ago. She wasn't so sure that she truly wanted to know the answer however, and so she remains silent as she settles her rapidly beating heart that has since slowed and no longer pounced loudly within her eardrums. She was safe now. Some would dare to ask her just how she could be so sure that she was not still in any sort of danger but what they wouldn't be prepared for would be Beylani's bold and certain answer that she knew she was safe because of Andras. In spite of the fact that he certainly could have ended her life the night that he destroyed her camera and it would take who knows how long for the story to reach Willowhaven, in spite of the fact that he could have easily done so tonight as he appeared so suddenly behind her, he had chosen only to be there. Even in just two encounters the fae man had been given ample opportunity to do as he pleased with her and she knew fully that had he ever chosen to become aggressive with her, there would be little she could have done to defend herself against any sort of assault. That was how she knew that she was safe with him.

She pays little mind to the direction in which those hazel eyes had diverted to but they are quickly back upon her and as the camera is removed from its safe place tucked within her coat baby blues do not miss the sudden shift of exasperation in his features as he mumbled almost under his breath to her and those embers serving as a testament to her stubborn nature begin to illuminate her gaze in a subtle and slight defiance that was only fleeting when she reminds herself that he was right. She almost detested just how right he was to scold her for ignoring his clear warnings of hidden danger that perhaps as a human she could not see, but she knew in the end that it was just that; he was right and there was no other way around that. Besides, in the end she wanted to believe that perhaps he did care about her safety and that in a strange way him finding her hadn't been pure chance or coincidence at all, but this she would keep to herself. The odds that he would deny any such thing was fairly high, or so she thought while they began to walk beside one another along the sidewalk back to the apartment. He poses a question now and she is quiet for a moment as she thinks of just why it was that the feeling of urgency to find her had overcome the rational choice to stay in the safety of her apartment until the sun had risen. She finds her answer, the only answer however good or bad it was, and she turns to lift baby blues up towards those questioning hazels."I guess I had hoped that maybe you hadn't gotten very far or perhaps you lived nearby and I could find you without wandering too far. Besides, I wouldn't even have been able to guess where you might frequent during daylight hours", she answers truthfully, knowing that these weren't the most solid arguments against why she shouldn't have just waited like he suggested, like she'd thought to only briefly before overriding that thought and daring the darkened streets of Sacrosant with only the spread out street lights to light her way.

They don't walk far when she offers her thanks to him and her words are met with a look of disbelief, her own glittering aquamarines wondering just why it was that her gesture had spurred such a swift change in those chiseled - and admittedly handsome - feasted and he is quick to put her wondering to rest on at least this one curiosity as he almost seems to refuse her thanks, going on to explain that it was as simple as the fact that he owed her. A smile curves those blush-colored lips now as she decided to accept this as his way of apology even though he had refused to say it that night and even now. Ah, but actions tended to speak much louder than words, and she dared to think that just maybe he had felt guilty for those brash actions he had taken to safeguard his secret. Which she still kept locked away within her heart and mind just as he had promised him they always would be. Sure, she could have easily decided to be mad with him, but why when ultimately the demise of her camera had been at her own fault?"I suppose you're right - which you seem to have an uncanny knack for", she says nonchalantly despite the thoughts that danced through her mind that she was content to keep to herself, her sterling voice touched by a subtle teasing note before silence falls between them. They draw ever closer to the apartment, the structure now just barely a visible black shadow in the remaining distance ahead for them. It was surprising to her how walking alone in the dark had felt almost like time had slowed but with her hand gently wrapped around the bend of his strong arm that sets her heart to beat a little faster than its normal rested and relaxed state, the moments seem to have flown by. She hadn't really gotten as far as she'd thought it appears and she is almost mournful that this little walk back to her apartment would end so quickly but behind closed doors, she could ask him the things she was practically dying to know about him his kind.

Ascending side by side up the lit stairwell to the second floor where her front door was and he turns his gaze from the path before them to look upon her once more, accepting her offering of coffee. Was he accepting to be polite? Or did he really enjoy the rich and deep notes of the dark beverage as she did? She would soon find out. They come to stand outside the door and he released her arm that had seemed to rest easily there and gestures for her to open the threshold of her dwelling. He speaks again and this time, she feels her cheeks grow warm and to distract herself, she looks down while she reaches into her trench coat pocket and slender fingers quickly find and wrap themselves around her keys. She was about to let him into her apartment... And the words that he had chosen... You're being ridiculous, Lani. Stop thinking such silly things before you make even more of a fool out of yourself and get it together, you know he doesn't mean it that way. Why would that have even been the first thing that came to mind!? Finally she pulls the metal metal pieces from her pocket and unlocks the door, opening it as stepping inside. She moves over to the coffee table where the brown box and note still sat, carefully setting the gift beside them and then removes the coat from her and drapes it over one of the two oak chairs on both ends of a small oak table in the small dining area."I'm sure it's much smaller than you're probably used to but please, make yourself at home. I'll only be a moment", she says as she turns back to him with a sweet smile and she moves into the kitchen, collecting the paper filters and coffee grounds from one of the cupboards while she begins preparing the coffee with the items set on the counter beside the sink while she turns on the faucet to fill the small pot with water. Busying herself, she casts a small glance towards her company and begins to wonder just where she should start."So... Where exactly do you call home?", she inquires while scooping the grounds and placing them into their proper place. That seemed like a fair place to begin instead of just assaulting him with the countless wonderings she had about the world she had once believed to exist only in the minds of children yet now found herself very much in and a part of in more ways than one.

Beylani Rose~
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