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Andras was entirely pleased at the blush he so got out of the woman sitting next to him. His predatory gaze locked on Lani as she fumbles for her words, stating that she didn’t want him in anything. His grin only broadens as she quickly corrects herself, the sound of her heart fluttering in her chest wildly reaches those delicate ears of his. How he enjoyed taunting the woman. Leaning back into the couch, he gives her a playful smile, “Ah, I’m pleased you don’t see many people dressed like me. I rather enjoy my uniqueness, though if you would rather dress me in something else, please do,” he grins at her, his features infinitely amused in that moment.

And still that humor remains as he goes on to explain about the court and answer the rest of her questions. He noted the subtle widening of her eyes as he explains about his court but there isn’t time for her to question more before the flying ball of terror shoots out and onto the couch. Andras is deft on his feet as he launches himself to the side of the room, snarling at the animal that has the whole apartment rattling. His hazel eyes merely narrow when the animal finally loses its will to fight though he watches Lani hug the creature to her chest, defending it as if he were the one who attacked the cat.

Andras was certain the woman was going to shout at him for snarling at her cat and yet she complies all the same when he asks her to remove the animal from the room. Perhaps he had taken it too far, though, he didn’t particularly like to be taken off guard. How he hated animals. Waving off her apology he doesn’t deign to respond until she locked the cat within her room, his dark hazel eyes watching the woman carefully. After she closes the door, Andras meets her halfway, gently taking her hand and inspecting the scratches along her arms. His eyes are hard as he carefully prods at the wounds just as she says it was nothing. Incredulous, he looks up at her, brows arched before tightening his grip on her hand and leading her to the bathroom.

He doesn’t give her much room for argument as he gestures towards the closed toilet, “Sit,” he commands, his voice tight with anger, though not directed at her. “I have half a mind to murder your cat,” he states bluntly as he begins to rummage through the drawers in search for something. Coming across hydrogen peroxide, he furrows his brows briefly before snatching a towel and turning on the water until its hot enough to cleanse her wound. Reaching out, he grasps her hand again with such gentleness, “This is going to sting,” he says, locking eyes with her but not giving her a chance to object before he dumped the liquid on her scratches.

Watching it work its way through the scratches, the bubbles rising to the surface, he waits patiently until it stops before he wipes it away gently with the warm rag. “I’m sorry about tonight,” he sighs not entirely speaking about the cat incident, rather the target he now put on her back, the girl entirely unaware of what he had done. He wanted to beg the woman for forgiveness though it would just raise questions, questions he wasn’t ready to answer. Straightening to s standing position, he gives her a wicked smile before he takes a step back, “I think that’s been enough excitement for one night, my dear. I must be on my way, I have other duties to attend to tonight. It was a pleasure seeing you again Lani, darling,” he purrs at her as he takes several steps backwards and starts heading towards the door.

“Don’t go wandering around at night again, love,” he calls over his shoulder just as he exits.

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