I don't want to feel it all [Frost] On October 22, 2017 at 5:43 PM by NADYA

Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

Nadya’s request for Frost to sign a document stating they’d stay out of the West and for her brother’s pack not to come near their home in return had been simple enough. Frost had done so without complaint but with advice that Nadya knew was right; her brother wouldn’t accept it. She had never expected her brother to sign the contract. It had simply been a statement in writing on the Chimera’s intentions. They had no intention of bothering the Nightshade and for the Nightshade not to bother them. However, it was her brother’s outright demand that there had to be a face-to-face with Frost that bothered her. As much as her brother kept saying he had no care about Frost and the Chimera pack anymore, he surely didn’t show it by demanding a personal meeting to talk. If he truly didn’t care then it would have left it at that with the document she gave him.

It had been late when Nadya returned back to the Chimera pack home…her home. The twins were beginning to get cranky and Nadya was on her last nerve emotionally. For once she was glad that the house was empty; the rest of the girls were out having fun and Frost was conducting his business. Just like her brother’s side business, Nadya didn’t question Frost about what he did to make money. Nadya seated herself on the living couch with the twins, soothing and singing to them in a strained voice. It was hard to comfort them when her chest was on fire with raw emotion. Eventually though Micah fell asleep with his head on her lap and Izzy behind him squished against the couch with her head on his side.

Only then did Nadya allow the nights emotional rollercoaster to show. She never broke down in front of the twins; never wanting them to see her hurt over something from their family. There was no stopping the tears this time from rolling down her face. All the hurt, anger, sorrow, and fear too much to bare any longer. Tonight she had finally severed a tie that her brother seemed to have been severing for a long time. She had given the twins one last time to see their uncle and father as she couldn’t go on caring and trying to protect those who had little care to standing up for her in the past.

Nadya Tetradore


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