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Everything had been going a lot smoother since that rather awkward bathtime conversation, she felt. It was almost like it never happened at all, even though the words haunted her every night. It wasn't exactly in a bad way. She just had a bad habit of overthinking everything and the L word was no different. It was like an anchor holding her down and she didn't know how to broach the subject with Kohl now that it had been brought up. Most girls would be ecstatic at the thought that their boyfriend had said it first but she was internally freaking out. She felt jittery and more self conscious about him than normal, like she was expected to act a new way now that it was out in the open like that. She had only read about moments like these in relationships because she never thought that was in the books for her. She never thought she was lovable to begin with. So why did he have to go and mess with her head like that? She knew he didn't do it on purpose or even for that reason. She knew he loved her and in a way, she guessed she had for a while.

But the simple act of saying it had busted that tranquility bubble inside of her and now it was all she could think about. What was expected of her now? She'd already met friends in Paris and even an angry sister. Would he ask about her family? Or rather lack there of? Would he be popping the question soon? Would she need to change her last name? Her head was all screwy and she blamed Kohl for it but she knew he didn't mean any harm by it. He was only speaking his mind and she knew how hard it must have been for him to say it in the first place. He wasn't any more comfortable about talking about feelings than she was. She often wondered how they ended up together in the first place, sometimes without either really wanting to talk about how they felt. But he had won her over and now look at them. She'd tried to push it to the back of her mind and she thought about it when she was patrolling so she could have a more clear head when she was around him. She didn't want him to know that it bothered her so much.

The council had been on her ass ever since she took time off to go with him to Paris and then took more time when she got bit by the doberman were. She knew it would mean something to Kohl but she also knew there would be consequences. And was she ever right. It was mission after mission and most of them solo when she didn't feel it would have been all that hard to get a partner or two. She usually liked to be on her own on hunts but sending her after a whole vampire coven at night? That was pushing it. She almost didn't make it out intact. She'd been working her ass off and yet the missions kept rolling in. She tried to play it off lightly for Kohl's sake but she knew he was smarter than that. He had to see how much it was taking out of her. Not to mention the new battle wounds he had to see on her every night when she came home. But still they endured. Tonight she was coming back after fighting off a nasty horde of evil fairies in the southern part of Sacrosanct. They had infiltrated a swanky strip club and had turned it into a blood bath. Apparently a human had gotten too handsy with one of the club owner's favorite girls. Fairies and their precious feelings.

She had burn marks on her arms and scorched leather pants but all in all, she didn't feel that she got off too badly this time. Her eyebrows might have gotten singed a little too. Apparently the club owner was very adapt at fire skills. A few cuts and scrapes other than that and a shiny bruise above her left eye where one of the dancers got a lucky shot in when she was distracted by fire balls coming at her. She tried to sneak in, knowing that probably wouldn't work, tip toeing into the bedroom and into the bathroom so she could clean herself up hopefully before he woke up. It didn't always work but sometimes, just sometimes, it did.


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