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I probably shouldn’t be so worried about blood. Not after all this time and yet it was a fairly unfortunately coloured substance. Red stained everything. It was hard to get off once it was dry and honestly with the amount of times Kat had managed to injure herself and bleed all over my bathroom floor- or living room- I was honestly beginning to re-think the entire colour scheme of the house. Then again, a lot of red would be kinda….glaring. That unfortunately obsessive compulsive part of myself seeing that scowl touch my features then as the idea of colours that didn’t match. I was no interior designer by any means and yet it was hardly difficult to pick colours that at least went vaguely together like the charcoal, white and grey that decorated most of my house. They were good, clean colours. Alright, so I liked neatness, was that a crime? Was it a crime to like clean things? According to Kat’s blood it apparently was. Since it seemed to have taken it upon itself to fling itself everywhere on most occasion. My hand paused on the outside of that bathroom door for fear of what I might find on the inside.

Even despite her assurance a moment later that it was clean I found myself hesitating, long fingers drumming against the door in contemplation- as if I had to steel myself against the potential disaster zone that might be waiting. Her idea of clean and my idea of clean vastly different things. That door easily gave way beneath my fingers then, the blue gold of my gaze glancing almost critically around that room. Not that I had any intention of cleaning it myself, I mean, honestly I wouldn’t even really know how. The cleaning lady had taken care of those sorts of things for years and I saw little need to deprive her of her job. I suppose realistically I didn’t need her to come in every day. Maybe I was here all day but I hardly made any mess and yet there was something satisfying in the knowledge she was removing potentially unseen colonies of bacteria- I was likely also putting her four children through college. I probably paid her way to much for the work she did. How much were cleaners supposed to get paid? Really I was probably getting off track here.

My eyes lifted from that floor to fall on Kat herself then, searching her figure for any hint of those injures I already knew existed, the vast majority of them having already started to heal over. That Hunter ‘healing’ well in effect. If there was anything good to come from this whole Hunter business it was surely that. That far more, well, sexual part of myself entirely content to admit those holes in her pants were almost enticing if only for just those bits of skin that showed through along her legs and thighs. My gaze lingering on them for longer then was probably needed before I slowly dragged my eyes upward to meet her own. That near subtle simper touching my lips all the same, that familiar ache of sorts tugging lower down and yet one I ignored for now in favour of that comment I was afforded. That soft snort was pulled from me as my arms crossed over my bare chest, that raise of her eyes seeing my own lift just slightly before rolling in that playful fashion. For all that worry, for all those sleepless nights, for all that shit I knew the council put her through I was almost willing to forget it, almost- for those moments like these. When we somehow found our way back to being just the way we always had before the worry. It was moments like these when I knew those words were true, terrifying as they were. I did love her. Tonight however I was entirely inclined to be at least a little surprising. My shoulders lifting in that near non-committal shrug as if I was hardly aware of that desire she seemed to have after every successful hunt. If I didn’t worry about her hunting so much I’d almost encourage it a little more.

“Do you know, darling, I’ve quite begun to wonder about this bathroom.”

It was easy then to let that power I had for desire, for lust, to tug at her just a little- just enough to further encourage those feelings I already knew she had and to let her know I was doing it entirely. It would have been easy, on those nights she came home late and exhausted to do the same thing and simply…take what I wanted sometimes and yet the idea of that was so abhorrent I frankly couldn’t consider it. Using that power to tease her though- with her knowledge I was doing just that- was something entirely different. I was careful to use just a little of it all the same. Honestly I had no idea what a full dose of it would do. I’d never been bold enough to try. I pushed easily away form that doorframe then, letting that power tug at her again as I wandered absentmindedly across the room, peering at those shelves for nothing in particular- asking whether or not that was her last shift for the week. God I hoped it was.

That soft sound of something hitting the floor drew my gaze. I was almost sure I could hear a bra being removed at thirty paces. It was talent. Kat left entirely bare from the waist up. God she was glorious, no part of me capable of looking anywhere other than her body in that moment. It was a miracle that I’d managed to find loose jeans tonight, anything tighter would have surely given away exactly how much attention I was paying to her and even these were starting to feel a little tight. Her words goading all at once. Some part of me relishing that boldness she seemed to have found in the wake of that loss of her virginity those few years ago. I shifted again then, letting another wave of that power wash over her, that near teasing simper on my features all the same, letting her know I was entirely aware of just what I was doing. My form swinging abruptly to turn and sit on the edge of that bathroom sink and right beside her- my hands kept entirely to myself even despite how much I’d rather they were exploring that body I knew so well and yet never seemed to get enough off. That grin near boyish then. Those earlier words continued.

“I thought about changing the décor and yet for whatever reason every time we are in here together…”

I simply let the words trail off, leaning toward her then, letting my lips press to her shoulder in that light, teasing kiss designed to merely sensitise that skin of her shoulder before working my way along and to the base of her neck. Those words uttered near into her skin then.

“We seem to….fuck.”

It was decidedly rare in any sense for that word to so bluntly leave my lips and yet, sometimes, I don’t see any need why we can’t be a little more…roguish. My lips pressing to her neck then, tailing up to her ear, my teeth finding that lobe to draw it between my lips and steal whatever reaction I could from her before ceasing that action too, exhaling softly against her as I lent away.

“Of course- it could be the adrenaline you seem to have after you’ve been hunting- rather than the bathroom. I’ve considered that. Maybe you need a little more of that hmm? Shall we see?”

Those words were entirely teasing once more, my form slipping easily from that sink then to return to my feet and face her, my arms suddenly reaching effortlessly to wrap about her waist and lift her upward, setting her on the edge of the sink where I myself had sat only a few moments ago- bringing her to my height as my lips found her own with that same suddenness. There was little about that kiss that was gentle, that singular want for her echoing that gesture as my tongue brushed across her lips seeking to deepen it and find her own in that far more passionate, sensual kiss. My hands lifted from where they sat either side of her to rest on her thighs, my thumbs finding each and every one of those scorched holes, circling over that flesh and fabric to offer just those exposed parts of her thighs that attention as my chest brushed against those ever glorious breasts. My lips reluctantly parting from her own. My teeth dragging along her lower lip as I did. That dare in those words then. I had promised to a little extra excitement after all hadn’t I?

“I have an idea- but we might need a headboard, which means we might have to leave this bathroom. Tempting though it is to stay.”

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