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She knew she had a tendency to make a mess on his bathroom floor but it wasn't like she didn't offer to clean it up. he always told her that was what the maids were paid for and told her to leave it. Plus they alwasy seemed to get "busy" rather quickly after she made that mess, unless she was too tired and wanted to sleep, that is. She knew he was OCD and that it drove him crazy but he was so worried about her that he could look past it to see if she was okay. She knew that meant a lot. It meant pretty darn close to those three words he said before. But getting away from that...the way his eyes traveled up and down her body was doing wonders for her adrenaline. She was already getting aroused and he hadn't even touched her yet. She saw the way he seemed to admire her skin through those scorch marks and she felt that familiar touch of power she always seemed to get around him when attraction was in the air. His first words drew her surprise though. The bathroom? He honestly wanted to talk to her about the damn bathroom? Her brow arched as she tilted her head, eying him suspiciously. He was up to something. He had to be.

"Oh yeah? What about it?" She questioned him, holding her ground, waiting to see where this would lead. About that time, she took a deeper breath, her body seeming to heat up. At first, it was gradually, like someone turned on the heat in the house, but it spread through her limbs, her eyes taking on a darker desire as she looked at him. Oh, he was so dead. She knew of his power for attraction. He'd used it on her before, sparingly, of course. He'd also lost control of it and used it on other people too, accidentally. She recognized that sudden draw to him though. It was unnatural, too fast, even for her. They weren't even touching, for god's sake! Her eyes narrowed as she watched him move across the room. He was goading her, teasing her. And she didn't like it. Not one bit. So she used one of her many weapons, throwing her bra to the ground and watching for the reaction she was looking for. Oh, and she got just that. His head whipped around, going from the bra to her, and there, it stayed. The corners of her lip quirked just a little more as his eyes roamed her bare upper torso. Oh yeah, she still had it.

But he did it again, her skin tingling with goose bumps as her hand tightened on the edge of the bathtub. She gritted her teeth, doing her best to hide it behind her lips. What the hell? She had to stop herself from moaning with the sudden onslaught of wanting, her eyse trained on him with a new intensity. Asshole. She glared at him as he sat on the sink, his body so gloriously close and yet out of reach, since he was going to make the torture that much more fulfilling but refusing to touch her at this point. Her glares became daggers. He went on about the bathroom and decor but for all she cared, he could be speaking Greek. Then he leaned in as his voice trailed off, his lips brushing her skin and she hissed through her teeth with passion, her head leaning back of its own accord to give him more access as he worked his way up her neck. A slow moan escaped her lips unbidden this time at the blunt words he used to explain their usual distraction in here. Somehow, it only turned her on more to hear him talk like that. Damn that man.

His lips continued their travel up her neck before he took her ear lobe in his teeth and she gasped with pleasure, her hands balling into fists at her sides as she fought the urge to touch him. She wanted to one-up him, somehow, some way. Even if he was totally winning at this point. Then he went on, something about her adrenaline after a hunt and needing more or some gibberish like that. Really, she couldn't focus on words because he had pulled away from her at this point and now she was more determined than ever to fuck him over. Asshole. He straightened up and she expect him to walk further away or something but then he was lifting her and she couldn't help but gasp at the suddenness of it, bringing her hands down on his arms to steady herself as he put her on the sink. She furrowed her brows at him in puzzlement before his lips touched her own. And then there was nothing but lips. Before she knew it, her hands had tangled in his hair, drawing him in as she deepened the kiss, her tongue tangling with his as she sucked on his bottom lip before her teeth dug in, nibbling. Meanwhile his hands were caressing her thighs, finding those holes and she moaned in his mouth, her body on fire.

As he pulled back, taking her lip with it, her eyes reopened and then her resolve found its way back to her. She was supposed to getting back at him! He said they would need a headboard and though her mind was filled with all sorts of good ideas, she bit her lip and put her hand on his chest. Giving him a sultry look from beneath her lashes, she let her fingers slowly caress down his chest before she dug in and pushed him back to give her space. "Oh yes, very tempting, About as tempting as this bathroom's going to be when you get done with it." Slowly she got off the sink and moved toward him, leaning in to whisper in his ear. "Maybe you should call your interior decorator to tell him about it....cause you're gonna have to catch me before anything happens with that headboard." Smirking, she ran her finger down the front of his pants, stroking just so before she bolted out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her to hide her escape. Giggling, she ran through the house, not caring that she was nude from the waist up. It's not like there would be any staff in there at this hour. As she ran, she stripped, leaving him a trail of bread crumbs, but instead it would be her pants, socks, and then her underwear draped over a lamp.

Take that, pheramone powers. Then she hid....and waited.


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