and the sun also rises (Andras and Lani) On November 04, 2017 at 3:14 PM by Dorian Aragona

The Sun Also Rises

It had, so far, been a perfectly pleasant afternoon even despite his having to wake up several hours earlier then he truly deemed acceptably by any standards. How curious it was to be awake in the day time! Dorian given to blink at that sun almost warily in those few moments in which he had paused beside the hall window to examine it, his hand lifted to feel that warmth as it radiated within that simple light. How easy the sun was to forget and yet how readily too he had given it up for that man he adored. Dorian so hardly regretting such a choice in any sense. The sun, as lovely as it was, was not near so captivating to him as his own fiancé. The Monarch stepped easily away from that window then to make his way down that marble staircase and onto the landing below. His footsteps entirely quiet even despite his lovers inability to wake, those acts of politeness so deeply ingrained within the man that he was simply incapable of forgoing them in any sense. It hardly took the man long to reach that kitchen, the Fae King paused upon it outskirts to peer in, Charles and Elizabeth already bustling about in preparation for that afternoon tea he had scheduled with his newfound companion.

How much he enjoyed watching the preparation of those cakes and sweet biscuits! Dorian content to marvel still at modern kitchen machinery. Those beaters and mixers holding a fascination of sorts for the decidedly ancient man and yet that curiosity remained tainted with a decided concern of sorts all the same. Dorian unwilling to approach any of those household appliances after the disaster that had been the tea and Anna-Marie. That night still very much ingrained within his mind. Dorian having settled for remaining outside the kitchen on most occasions- even despite Sebastian’s assurance those appliances were unlikely to assault him unless he bothered him. His presence, it seemed, was briefly given to attract Elizabeth’s attention, the house keeper assuring him that tea was well on its way to being complete and would surely be ready by the time Lani arrived within that hour or so. The ready nod of satisfaction was afforded to the pair before the Monarch moved to progress out and into that living room then, that scrape of claws atop those polished wood floors stirring a simper onto his lips as that ever-delighted puppy released his chew toy to race towards him in exuberant delight. It was decidedly easy for the Monarch to crouch down, scooping that wiggling ball of happiness up and into his arms. Maxwell’s entire body given to waggle with the force of his tail as his tongue ran along Dorian’s chin.

“Come along, we are to have a guest and you are not at all dressed.”

The sudden sound of that doorbell however, near saw the Monarch freeze in place. Lani was several hours early and neither Maxwell nor himself were appropriately attired! It took several moments of hurried straightening of his clothes before Dorian moved to answer that front door, that Rottweiler puppy still held within his arms as he did. The Fae King hardly having expected to find Andras upon his doorstep rather than the woman he had anticipated. Dorian having listed the other Fae several days ago as one of the few those guards at the gate could permit entry too at any time and yet the Italian had hardly anticipated it would be so soon. He stepped easily back from the door in that moment, inviting the other man into that entirely lavish mansion all the same before directing his companion to that sitting room with that query of just what had brought Andras here today. Dorian entirely willing to hear his thoughts upon that Monarchy he had formed and that cabin within the woods he had been working so diligently upon. The Italian Fae decidedly unused to unexpected visitors and yet how decidedly pleasant it was all the same. That conversation so finding its natural end before Dorian himself became aware of that time.

“We are expecting a guest for afternoon tea within the next half hour or so, would you care to stay too, Andras? There is more than enough for an extra guest and I quite think you would like my companion, she is entirely lovely.”

That warm grin found his lips at that ready assurance, Dorian briefly excusing himself from his companions company to finish getting ready. The Fae King returning several moments later adorned in those finer pants, button shirt and tie. The Monarch nothing if not well-dressed for every occasion, formal or otherwise. Charles and Elizabeth, it seemed, had finished readying that tea table in his absence. Those cakes and slices so freshly baked had been placed upon those golden cake stands, that fine and exquisite bone china tea set laid out with each cup and saucer and spoon placed perfectly so, linen napkins arranged neatly about the table so dressed in its perfectly white lace table cloth. Dorian’s version of tea so evidently that of a distinctly higher class. His head nodded in satisfaction at those preparations, his gaze glancing briefly back out and into the hall, the man held anticipating to see Sebastian hurrying down those stairs daylight be dammed at the smell of cake. His attention returned to Andras then, the other Fae looking mildly…..taken aback. Had he not ever had tea before? Dorian hardly inquiring further on it now.

“Andras, could you hold Maxwell a moment? He needs his tea time tie. Oh- that is a terribly difficult sentence to say.”

His head shook slightly as that amusement found him all the same. Dorian handing that puppy to Andras with some hope the other Fae might be able to hold him at least mildly still as that tie was fitted neatly about his neck. Dorian returning that puppy to his own arms before gently releasing him to the floor to promptly proceed to attempt to eat his tie. Well- he would learn. Eventually. Whatever words the Fae had so been about to offer Andras then were interrupted. Charles appearing within the doorway then, the manservant clearing his throat. Your Majesty, your guest has arrived.

“Ah, excellent, show her in.”

He commented warmly. Charles returned to that door then, the manservant offering to take Beylani’s coat before requesting she followed him through that mansion and into that living room where Dorian and Andras waited. Maxwell, in all his exuberance, was clearly unable to contain himself as he dashed forward to greet the young woman as she was ushered in. That smile finding Dorian’s lips once more at her arrival.

“Beylani, I am pleased you have arrived. Did you find it quite alright?”

That such a large mansion was not particularly easy to miss had hardly occurred to him. Let alone one surrounded by guards and often the paparazzi at large. Lani herself sure to appear in every magazine across the world over the next week for simply having arrived at his home. The papers so adoring to photograph those ‘mystery women’ as if Sebastian and himself were inclined to some sort of scandal.

“Lani, this is Andras, another friend of mine- I have asked him if he might join us for tea as well. I hope you shouldn’t mind. Andras, this is Beylani.”

That the pair had already met had not, in any sense, occurred to the Monarch at all.

Dorian Aragona