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Andras had been ridden with guilt as of late. He had mentioned quarters for Sebastian and Dorian and yet, the man had yet to give the Italian King a tour of his home, let alone shared his most treasured secret with his friend. Hence, the reason for his visit. Standing upon that doorstep he was faintly surprised at just how many guards there were surrounding the estate though when he announced as to who he was, he was granted almost immediate access. Interesting. Dorian hadn’t mentioned he had access to his home now, a thought that distinctly pleased the Fae. Reaching up, he rings the doorbell, adjusting his black jacket before shoving a hand casually into those matching black slacks and polished shoes.

When Dorian answers the door, Andras merely gives a grin, sketching a bow before the monarch as he is invited inside. Their banter is light and carefree as they chat over his hidden home briefly and the Fae would have left it at that but the King invited him to attend afternoon tea. There was no hesitation when Andras readily agreed though it wasn’t his… cup of tea. When Dorian excuses himself, he amuses himself with the puppy that so scampered around his feet until the fellow faerie returns. His dark hazel eyes linger on the room as the tea is beginning to get set up, Andras’s brows arching in surprise.

He hadn’t realized just how far Dorian was behind as far as the modern world went.

When Dorian returns, Andras turns towards him, matching grin for grin, “Well, aren’t you always the dashing king,” he chuckles before Dorian picked up his dog and shoved the animal promptly into his arms. Eyes widening, he doesn’t remark on it as he attempts to hold the squirming bundle of energy still. As he finishes attaching the tie to the dog, Andras smiles at the absurd situation he had found himself in, “Ah, Dorian,” he starts as he lowers the dog to the ground, “Perhaps you will indulge me with a visit to my lodge? I have something I would like to show you,” he questions a bit hesitantly just as Charles enters the room and announces that his guest is here.

Dark eyes travel to the butler, Andras taking in the man briefly before Dorian states he let her in. Perhaps there was a bit of curiosity within Andras as he wondered just who Dorian had invited for tea, he couldn’t imagine what type of woman could captivate the king’s interest. Watching the small animal hurtle its way towards the newcomer, the instant she enters the room his entire body stiffens as her familiar scent wraps around him. Hazel eyes dart to find Lani walking into the room, her attention entirely fixed on the puppy at her feet as she murmurs quietly to him. Astonishment blooms on his features for only a moment before he quickly hides it behind that mask of his. Listening to the introduction Dorian gives him, he allows that faint wicked smile to adorn his features as Lani finally realizes just who was standing next to the monarch.

What a small world it was.

“Hello, Lani darling, it’s always a pleasure running into you,” he purrs at her remembering their last encounter hadn’t gone entirely smooth. “I think I would very much like to know how the two of you met,” Andras gestures between Dorian and Lani moving a step away as the puppy barrels back towards Dorian. At the distraction from the dog, he allows his hazel eyes to travel Lani’s figure noting the way the baby blue dress so hugged her body. It was quite distracting. Snapping his attention away before either of the two could notice his lingering gaze, he takes a step towards the seating surrounding the tea set up. “Well, Dorian, this is your… tea party, shall we begin?”

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