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The Sun Also Rises

Andras’ lightly offered comment at his newly formal attire prompted that soft, near playful roll of his own eyes, that smile dancing upon his features all the same as he took that moment to straighten his tie and so complete that look. Dorian nothing if not well dressed for each and every occasion. That pride in his appearance reminiscent of those near age-old values that had so been indoctrinated within the man when he had been a mere Prince in that Palace of Caserta. It was unseemly for any member of the royal house to wander about in a state of disarray. Such observations capable of casting the house into disrepute. Dorian not quite yet having grasped that far more casual concept of modern society. Those age-old values well and truly alive in that near six hundred year old Fae. Such values the very sought Sebastian and himself had taken to imparting to Maxwell in turn- even if the creature was a canine. That puppy having become a near surrogate child for the pair, even if neither willingly admitted to it. Maxwell gently lifted up then and placed into Andras’ arms to be fitted for his tie. That query from the other man prompting that look of curiosity from the Monarch in turn before his head softly nodded.

“I am sure I shall enjoy seeing you lodge and whatever it is you should care to show me.”

That intrigue of sorts clinging to him all the same as he readily accepted that invitation, the man near oblivious to any hesitancy upon his companion. Maxwell was gently returned to the floor now that Dorian had deemed him suitably dressed. His silver gaze cast briefly back to that tea table that Charles and Elizabeth had nearly finished preparing before that announcement that Beylani had arrived saw that simper return to his lips. The man having looked decidedly forward to indulging his newest company for that afternoon. The addition of Andras only further delighting him. After all it was decidedly rare either Sebastian or himself were given to have guests outside of those involved in their work. Dorian rather pleased that he had somehow managed to…..make friends. The man having learned rather quickly that the vast majority of beings had little interest in befriending him, rather, they were interested purely in what association with Sebastian and himself might afford them either socially or politically. Andras and Beylani, he was sure, holding no such desires.

That young woman strode into the room a moment later, Dorian’s slate-hued gaze near widening in surprise at such a dress. How curios it was! The Fae King quite assured he had never seen anything like it. Dorian having only just come to accept that more modern dress of women these days and yet he could hardly deny such an outfit suited the woman all the same. That dress only further highlighting that shade of her eyes. Any greeting he might have afforded her however was abruptly cut short by Maxwell’s excitement at yet another guest in their home. Beylani bending down to afford that puppy her attention and yet truly Dorian so hardly found himself concerned. His head nodded politely in greeting the moment her attention shifted to him. The girl assuring him she had found that home successfully before he turned to offer those introductions between Andras and Beylani in turn. That the pair so clearly already knew one another taking him entirely by surprise. That grin Andras offered her and too- those pleasant words were almost…affectionate. Dorian near assured the other Fae’s gaze lingered perhaps a little longer then it should have upon the woman’s figure. That near knowing simper finding him all the same and yet, for now, Dorian hardly choose to comment upon it. Whom Andras might choose to court was his own business and yet how unusual that he should take interest in a human. That query upon how Lani and himself had met readily distracting his thoughts.

“We met in the park one afternoon, she was taking photographs and I assisted her in finding some further subjects. She explained drinking fountains to me. Have you seen them Andras? One presses a button and water shoots from the spout. Apparently they are for drinking when one finds oneself struck down by thirst.”

That this was still apparently baffling to the man was surely clear, Dorian seeking to assure that Andras knew about drinking fountains as well, the man prone to forgetting that other people were far more in touch with the modern world then he himself and yet- so miraculous had that discovery of the fountain been that, truly, Dorian was assured others should know of it. His head shaking ever so slightly as if to remove some afterthought before continuing. His attention return to Lani then.

“I let her take several photographs of me to sell to those newspapers- did you manage to find someone willing to buy them, Lani?”

He knew readily that such a thing should surely have been no trouble and yet a part of the Monarch simply desired to assure himself that young woman had managed to be paid for that work. Andras’ suggestion of retiring to that tea table stirring that grin once more as Dorian nodded, his hand patting against his leg to draw Maxwell’s attention as the puppy hurried along at his heels. That tea table, as always, was exquisitely set. The fine china trimmed in gold neatly laid out. Those cup and saucers matching that teapot that sat within the centre, a series of teaspoons resting beside each plate while the centre of that table was decorated with an assortment of cakes, slices and small sandwiches neatly layered atop those gold cake stands. That polished mahogany wood table covered with that fine white lace table cloth. Dorian content to lead his guests into that room then.

“Please, make yourselves at home. It is unfortunately too early for Sebastian to be awake to join us just yet. I fear, as most vampires, he will not be up until the sun sets and we may be quite done by then. Though I should like very much for you both to meet him eventually.”

He moved to his own seat then, Dorian waiting for Lani to take hers before he moved to seat himself. It was, after all, decidedly impolite to sit before a woman had made herself comfortable. That near ancient etiquette effortlessly performed with near no thought. Elizabeth appearing readily then with that fresh pot of tea, the housekeeper moving to Beylani first. How would you like your tea, Miss? That woman content to make it just however Lani might like it before Andras was afforded that same question. Elizabeth moving lastly to himself before returning to that kitchen. Dorian paused only to take a mint slice and lemon tart from those cake stands to place on his plate before neatly lifting that fine china cup to his lips. How perfect that tea was! The Fae so rarely given to eat or drink and yet, tea and cake was surely an exception. His gaze briefly shifting to Andras only to near widen in surprise. Dorian very near choking on that tea.

“Ah, Andras…”

That disbelief was surely clear in his words then, Dorian staring near incredulous at the other Fae then as if he could not quite comprehend just what he was seeing. Dorian often prone to forgetting that few beings in the world understood that fine art of cutlery as they once had.

“That is not a teaspoon, I fear you are stirring your tea with a cake spoon.”

This, was apparently a crime, Dorian glancing briefly to Beylani to make sure she had gotten the right spoon in the least before gesturing to that spoon Andras surely required, that faint amusement tugging at his lips all the same before he took another sip of that tea. His words offered to the pair then.

“How is it so that you two were given to meet?”

Dorian Aragona