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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

A part of her had tried to convince the blue-eyed blonde that it wouldn't really matter what she had chosen to attend the afternoon tea party in and yet in that very same moment she had to remind herself of what she had come to discover about the charming and kind man she had befriended that afternoon in the beautiful landscape of Hyde Park. While he may not have particularly made it know to her just what sort of high status he wielded here in Sacrosanct, she should have guessed that he would be nothing short of a refined pedigree from those mannerisms and his accented words which had made Beylani feel as though she were in a time long ago when women wore those extravagant dresses, carrying parasols over their shoulders while strolling throw elegant rose gardens on such afternoons. There were certainly no men like Dorian to be found within the borders of Willowhaven and if anything he had been a very refreshing and invigorating change of pace. Besides, that had been part of her reasoning to move so far away from home; to experience things she'd never find in her small rural hometown and meet people that she otherwise would never have met. A majority of the people back home were kind and neighborly as one might expect from such a small yet close knit community where everyone seemed to know everyone, where part of living that came effortlessly was to help ones neighbors whenever there was a need. Be kind to thy neighbor, as her father had always told the young girl who'd looked up to him with an affectionate and bright admiration, and always would. If not for the nurturing ways of her mother and father, there was no telling how she would have turned out and so for every strict rule and every reprimand, Beylani now found herself thankful whenever she looked back on those days.

However, never in her lifetime had the young woman thought she might find herself in the presence of royalty. Royalty. When that man from the magazine stand had almost instantly jumped at the photograph she showed him, he had explained to her just who it was that she had spent the day with. She had assumed Dorian to be of a much higher class than herself that fall afternoon, but never a king... It had left her surprised and perhaps even a touch intimidated but then she remembers how kind he had been to her, reminds herself of the fun that they'd had talking and walking beneath that crisp and clear baby blue sky. It didn't matter that he was an important man. Not to Beylani. She would never for a single fleeting moment hesitate in saying that she enjoyed the man from who he was, for the heart that surely beat within his chest and not from the status that he held. It was hard though not to feel some sort of obligation to ensure that she did everything she could to live up to whatever internal expectation he might hold for her. One might say that such thinking was silly and that a friend would never hold an expectation, but if he were a king then she wanted to at least look like she truly wanted to do what she could to dress decently for the occasion at hand. She'd been caught between wondering if a floor length dress would have been more appropriate, if perhaps light colors were better than brighter hues or if it should be plain. When baby blues had found this dress that she now stood before the two men in, she had been hesitant at first. Was it too loud? Was it not long enough? There was little question in her mind that they both likely would have found some sort of amusement out of watching Beylani sifting so thoroughly through those dresses, picking one up and holding it against her slender frame while turning this way and that in front of a mirror to ensure it would not show too much. Then of course she'd been hopeful not to look like an old woman with how some of those dresses appeared, but finally she was able to settle herself on this very dress that she liked quite a bit and deemed appropriate (or at least held high hopes it would be acceptable) for the invitation to something she'd never been to.

Relief rushes softly over her now as Dorian does not look upon her in shock or dictate - that she could see - though she does not miss the ever so subtle widening of those stormy gray eyes as he observes her for a moment. She does her best not to allow that warmth to color her cheeks, hoping that she really had made a good choice in attire and noting how properly dressed he was himself. An invitation to her own home was certainly out of the question she thought, knowing completely well that her small apartment was even smaller now that she were standing in perhaps the largest of mansions though she can't help wondering if this was something the king man would even consider spacious at all. She is oblivious to the astonishment that only fleetingly appeared upon Andras' own chiseled features but she found it hard not to offer him a smile that was perhaps a bit more tender than radiant as it was when turned to Dorian. She watches the host of this occasion as surprise dances over his own features, missing with something else that she couldn't quite place but she speaks nothing of it. Instead, baby blues glance briefly over to the delightful displace of golden cake stands and the beautiful tea cups, plates, and tableware so intricately placed on that fine white lace table clothe. It was fascinating that such luxuries from another century could be found in the big city of Sacrosanct. Her gaze shifts to rest upon the mysterious hazels, a small yet wicked smile appearing on the handsome face of the dark fae man as his midnight tenor tones usher smoothly to her and she nearly grows bashful beneath those words of his. He continues on, asking of how she and Dorian had met and it was the kind man who tells their story. What Beylani wanted to know was how the two men knew each other. For one reason or another, she dared to look at those ears and to her own surprise she noticed that they were pointed much like Andras'. How had she not noticed in the park? So he was also a faierie? She remains politely quiet as Dorian continues on and when he turns back to her, she smiles sweetly at the man as she gives him a small nod."Yes, I did. I couldn't thank you enough for allowing me to capture a few photos of you and Maxwell. The man certainly seemed to like them quite a bit and offered a fair amount of money for them. I truly appreciate you for that, Dorian", she answers brightly with genuine gratitude lacing each syllable that fell lightly from blush-colored lips then. She decides not to mention how the man had asked her for more and how she had explained that she may have others in the future but could not guarantee it. After all, she would never wish to exploit her friend in such a way, respecting his privacy far more than the surprising price she'd earned for that photo she's sold to the man at that magazine stand. Also hence why, while she would not deny how tempted she had been to bring that amazing gift Andras had given her so that she could capture this moment in time, she had refrained from doing so. Some things were best left to one's memory.

It is Andras who suggested that it was time to begin with the tea party and Beylani nods in agreement, still trying to ensure that she was not out of line or anything of the sort. She follows Dorian and Andras to the beautiful set table and looking to both of them as they remain standing, looking almost expectantly at the young woman, she seats herself gracefully into the chair on the side of table, certain that the two men would sit on each end. There is a clear surprise that brightens her baby blues at Dorian's next string of words and she cannot help but look over to Andras. Dorian's fiancé was a vampire!? Andras hadn't told her about those beings but then again their night back at her apartment had ended rather quickly, much quicker than she had wanted. She says nothing, again feeling certain that now was not the time for such silly questions that would likely earn her a curious look or two from both Dorian and Andras. Only when she sits do they join her and then a woman comes over to her and asks her how she would like her tea."A lump of sugar would be wonderful, thank you", she answers and in only moments the woman prepares her tea and places it carefully before the blue-eyed blonde. She now observes the silverware and for a moment she grows uncertain as to exactly which one was meant for what. Curious, she glances fleetingly over the Dorian and watches he takes the smallest spoon on the table beside the teacup and small plate to stir his own tea that was quickly provided to him. The best way to learn was to watch, and so she quickly follows suit, imitating him though she does not take anything from those cake trays just yet while he seems to help himself to a couple things placed there. It all looked so delicious, she didn't really know where to start. She finally decides on retrieving a powered sugar scone as well as one of those lemon tarts Dorian had chosen, placing them neatly on her own small plate. She goes to lift that tea cup to her own lips when she hears Dorian's words ushered towards Andras and Beylani can't help but turn to look at the dark fae man as Dorian corrects him on which spoon should be used. She refrains from letting that gentle note of laughter slip past her lips, her smile only blossoming a little more as she watches Andras curiously for a moment, baby blues glittering before they turn back to Dorian who poses a similar question previously asked by Andras himself. She could never forget that night... nor the promise she'd made despite her wondering on if Dorian also knew about Andras, but such thoughts were neither her business or her place and so she smiles gently, glancing to Andras for a moment before looking back to Dorian."We found each other a few nights ago in Hyde Park, actually. It had been an... unexpected encounter, but I am glad for it all the same", she replies with gently spoken words carefully chosen to ensure that she kept that promise she'd made to Andras while remaining genuine and honest in her reply.

Beylani Rose~
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