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death incarnate & night triumphant

As his gaze lingers on Lani, perhaps a touch too long, he can feel Dorian’s knowing look burning in his peripherals. Dark hazel eyes dart to the faerie King, his eyes narrowing slightly as if daring the man to say something. Andras hadn’t meant to be so readable but Dorian was older than most and as many Fae were, they were nothing but observant. Rolling his shoulders slightly to release that tension, he lets his mind travel back to Dorian agreeing to the tour of the lodge, he felt guilt for lying to the man but he needed to know if he could truly trust him first. Pushing the issue from the forefront of his mind, he returns his attention to Lani, petting that puppy so gently. Why Dorian decided to get a dog was beyond him, it was such… a human thing to do. Perhaps the monarch merely wanted a bit of normalcy to return to his life after that spell kept him so locked within that palace. He couldn’t blame him, not really.

As Andras inquires to how the two met, his brows arch in a knowing look. Amusement dances in his eyes that they had met while photographing Dorian. How peculiar that they might have met in a similar way, though their initial meeting was far more… threatening. As Dorian goes on to explain about water fountains, his eyes turn on the fellow Fae, a bit wide with astonishment. Sometimes he truly forgot how far behind the times Dorian was. He needed to introduce him to Navi. Chuckling lightly, he gives his friend a humorous nod, “Almost like magic,” he murmurs, teasing notes so coating those dark lyrics of his. As Dorian begins to question Lani about selling the photographs, Andras turns his dark hazels on the woman, a brow arching. So, she was indeed selling photos. He supposed she would get far more money with portraits of Dorian, he was quite famous within the world.

As he suggests they move towards the dining room, he finds a suitable seat and plops down after Lani is seated, his gaze taking in the assortment of cakes and fancy things. Brows furrowing at the set up; he had never attended tea before, certainly it must be some Italian culture thing. As he picks up his tea, the housekeeper makes her way towards him and he simply declines the sugar but accepts the cream that is offered his way. Offering the woman a small smile of thanks, he leans forward and picks up a spoon to stir the cream in. He almost has the glass raised to his lips before his name falls from Dorian’s lips a bit hesitantly.

Turning his hazels eyes on the fellow Fae, a brow arched in a questioning manner at the incredulity upon the faerie’s face. Setting his cup down gently, Dorian explains to him that he’s using the wrong spoon. That’s what he was shocked about? Looking down at the spread of silverware across the table, he gives a small shrug and picks up that cake spoon and casually puts it in his mouth, savoring the taste of the tea on it. Meanwhile, his gaze locks with Dorian’s just to see if he could push the Fae man over the edge by his lack of etiquette. A knowing smile adorns his lips as he puts it down, his attention snagged by the amusement adorning Lani’s features. Offering her a wink, he picks that cup up again and sips from the warm liquid, enjoying the tea more than he thought he would.

When Dorian questions how the two meet, he merely settles back into his chair, crossing his ankle over a knee, allowing Lani to answer. He was curious to see how she would respond, if she upholds her end of the bargain. He’s pleasantly surprised when she vaguely answers Dorian, an approving look so adorning his features. “I was her subject that night for her photography,” he muses teasingly, his dark hazel eyes darting to Lani briefly before turning on Dorian, “Unfortunately, her camera was damaged in the process so I bought her a new one,” a small shrug, as if he wasn’t the one who had broken the device. Honestly, he wanted to egg her on, see if she would state that he was responsible for it. A wicked smile tugs at the corner of his lip before he reaches forward and snatches an item of food from the stand and bringing it to his mouth, seeing if he could get Dorian to have a meltdown.

Finishing the delectable morsel, he picks up the napkin and dabs his fingers gently with them, “I do look forward to meeting Sebastian, Dorian.”

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