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The Sun Also Rises

That warm simper readily found itself painted upon his features once more at the young woman’s assurance she had easily found a buyer for those photographs as Dorian had so suspected she might. Those paparazzi so rarely abandoned their position at the front gates that photographs of either himself or his Consort outside of their home had become a distinct rarity. Lani’s photograph the very first to ever contain a picture of Maxwell in any sense. That puppy, whom had become very near a child to the pair even if they had hardly intended it, was yet to be formally introduced to the world in any sense. Those photographs the young woman had taken sure to prompt the curiosity of the world at large and help to raise her own status as a photographer. After all, to have photographed a member of the royal house surely spoke highly of her work and as such, those requests from others were like to come in- affording the woman several more steps towards achieving that dream of sorts of becoming a photographer entirely and without the need for other work. The idea of working in itself, for a woman, still utterly baffling to the centuries-old man. Dorian proceeding then to gently wave aside her thanks, his own head shaking softly.

“You are entirely welcome and really I hardly minded. It is a terribly easy thing to do.”

Dorian had become near used to those almost daily photographs now, those cameras he had once been near terrified off having simply fallen into the realms of normalcy and yet there existed still no small amount of wonder in the world for the Fae King. Dorian turning then to Andras to afford the man that tall of the drinking fountain that had so captivated his interest even despite its distinctly mundane use. The manner in which the water had responded to the simple press of that button was nothing short of delightful to him. Andras chuckling softly in much the same way as Sebastian had before declaring that it was quite like magic. Dorian wholly inclined to agree before leading that way to the tea table that had been so lavishly prepared just a short while earlier. Dorian already determined to save several of those treats for Sebastian. His Consort sure to be decidedly displeased were he to miss them all. Sebastian’s sweet tooth a rather well known fact by the world at large. The Monarch shifted easily to his place then, waiting for Lani, as the only woman present, to find her seat first as was the custom of the world before taking his own. Dorian once more admiring that rather striking dress she had chosen for the occasion. How lovely it was! The Monarch entirely enthralled by the changing fashions of the world. Such a dress would be utterly forbidden in his own time if only for how much of her figure it displayed and yet- such was considered modest by today’s standards. The Monarch quit assured he preferred that more modern look. Women looked far more comfortable than they ever had in his own time beneath layers of silk and lace. How curious it was though- that women seemed to take the same amount of time to get ready even despite having shifted to a singular layer or so off clothing. Dorian remembering entirely just how long it had taken Samantha to finish dressing. Baffling creature’s women were.

It is only once Elizabeth had seen to the serving of that tea that Dorian sought to inquire over just how Beylani and Andras had met at all. That Fae King hardly having anticipated that his two guests might well be acquainted. Dorian pausing to select several of those treats from the gold laden cake stand to place upon his plate before lifting that tea to his lips with a clear satisfaction. He had once so distinctly preferred coffee and yet so living in a household comprised of three British individuals had readily seen his conversation to tea all the same. His silver gaze shifting from Beylani then- the woman the very picture of demure and good etiquette- only to eye Andras as he stirred his tea with a cake spoon. Had the man no idea of the difference in cutlery?! Surely a being his age would? Yet, perhaps, Andras had never truly sat at formal afternoon tea before, those different cultures likely to result in a difference in their upbringing. Dorian uttering his name all the same before gesturing to that correct spoon in some effort to gently offer the man that knowledge of just which spoon he should use. The Monarch so hardly prepared for the manner in which Andras proceeded to near lick that spook clean (quite on purpose)- his fingers neat tightening on that china tea cup in some effort to prevent himself chastising his own guest. How fortunate it was that Lani so chose that moment to answer his question.

His attention shifted away from Andras and his poor tea-skills to look towards that young woman once more. Lani speaking off the park again. Andras so apparently the subject for her photography that evening. It was almost fortunate, really, that she surely had met Andras that night. Hyde Park near notorious for its less then pleasant night life, Dorian momentarily given to consider that he surely should have warned her off it that day they had met in turn. The very idea of something happening to such a pleasant young woman entirely abhorrent to him. His lips parted then and yet Andras spoke within the same moment. The other Fae speaking of that night before mentioning the unfortunate loss of that camera. Dorian glancing upward with a clear curiosity then, his features frowning slightly in contemplation. There were few beings within the world quite so sharp as Dorian himself when it came to those observations. That quizzical look persisting. He had, after all, seen Lani handle that camera with distinct care. That she would be, in any sense, reckless with it was decidedly unusual.

“What on earth were you two doing that her camera was broken quite so badly as to require a new one? It must have been a rather energetic photoshoot.”

One eye lifted slightly upward in a clear curiosity and yet that gaze so managed to find but a hint of dubiousness all the same as his eyes found Andras’ own. Dorian so hardly knowing the truth in any sense and yet he wholly suspected he was not being afforded the truth of that tale. The man content to move beyond it all the same if only for simple politeness and the very notion it was largely their business and not his own to be concerned with. His own tea was placed back atop it’s saucer then, Dorian reaching for that two-pronged cake fork that rested beside the cake spoon to neatly cut into that lemon tart. That delectable sweet utterly heaven. The Monarch quite assured he liked that citrus taste. Andras commenting then on how he looked forward to meeting Sebastian before reaching to take a cake- and place it within his mouth. Dorian entirely content to stare once more. Was the devil doing it on purpose? Or did he truly have no idea how to use cutlery? Dorian highly suspecting it was the first. How much Andras reminded him of Matteo in that moment. How he feared for Beylani that this heathen was the man interested in her! Not that, he suspected, she had any idea of that at all, that touch of amusement finding him then. That same polite tone lilting his voice all the same.

“Andras- now would be the time to employ the use of ones cake fork or spoon.”

One eye lifted upward once more. Dorian entirely content to play that game right back if he must. That near subtle simper finding his lips as he reached for his own tea once more, taking yet another satisfying sip before continuing.

“I should very much like you to meet Sebastian before the wedding, Andras. Perhaps you would like to come to, Beylani? We have finally decided on a date- February the tenth next year. It will be in my home city of Naples, Italy. The actual ceremony will be in the Basilica, we are expecting roughly fifteen hundred people- if not more- not including the public whom will show up for the event. The reception will be in my Palace and a far less crowded affair. I could have you two seated together for dinner if you’d like? That way you might have each-others company to enjoy at the reception. Invitations should reach you this week.”

Dorian was nothing if not prompt in near all he did. The man paused to assure himself the pair were content with such an arrangement before taking another sip of his tea, his silver gaze eyeing Andras once more if only to assure the man was not about to attempt any further cutlery based misdemeanours before returning his attention to Lani.

“I think it is fortunate you met Andras that night in the park. It is a perfectly pleasant place in the day but it can be somewhat varied at night. This city is home to all sorts. I met several members of the Nightshade Pack that controls the west recently. Have either of you met them? Raven is a lovely woman- her fiancé is a truly unique man though. Then there is that strange fellow with the white hair. I don’t think he is part of that pack- I hardly know how they work, but I think he is better avoided. I am told he is a horse.”

Dorian Aragona