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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Beylani only wished that her dear friend Dorian had known just how much it had meant to her, his readiness to allow for his picture to be taken. Surely after having hardly any time to himself without the following of flashing cameras from the popperazzi, even the kind man would tire quickly of such things that people selfishly indulged themselves in at his expense? While she was fairly certain that if she had such an opportunity to take another of Dorian, perhaps even with his fiancé she would nearly be surrounded by many who would want to buy it from her, the young woman was not about to as him for another photoshoot. He was her friend, and she would never even dream of taking advantage of him in such a wicked fashion. She was eternally grateful that he had been content to let her take her fair share of photos that afternoon, but once was all that would be needed. There were many other things that she would be able to capture that would help her reach that dream of being able to make her career of choice a reality. Nothing worth working hard for was ever earned in a single day, but rather a long string of days spanning as far as years and she was content to do whatever she would need to - within reason - to accomplish that which she had yearned to for so many years of her young life. That being said, she also knew that if she were given an opportunity to capture more moments of the kind fae man whenever he saw fit, she certainly wouldn't argue with him. For a moment, baby blue eyes shift to the dark fae man on the opposite side of the finely dressed and set table to Dorian and she wonders if he might give her such an opportunity as to take a few of him, but this time under the right circumstances. There was no denying that he was handsome, with sun-kissed skin and dark locks neatly groomed, that devilish smile, those dark and mysterious hazels eyes.... He'd make a great model for a few photos, she thought.

Dorian's silver gaze shifts towards her once more and she smile sweetly to him, observing his gaze as he seemed to admire her dress she is almost compelled to ask if she had chosen well or not. There was something akin to fascination that danced freely in those stormy hues, not anything like the saucy wink the dark fae man had given her a time or two. Nothing about Dorian's curious gaze felt anywhere near similar to the way she did beneath those hazels that belonged to Andras, yet still she is not quite able to push away the quiet anxiety that she should have picked a more formal dress, wondering if perhaps it would have been better that she overdressed instead of underdressed. Nothing is said by either men about the brilliant baby blue dress she'd chosen and admittedly liked fairly well, and so she pushes aside those likely silly worries. If had been deemed unacceptable, she hoped that their kind host would have spoken up. Just as he does when Andras selects the wrong spoon to stir the amber liquid in his porcelain teacup. It was hard for the young woman not to find amusement in the sudden correction from Dorian as he directed the dark fae on the proper way to stir the tea. Beylani herself was quite unused to such formal gatherings, but she found herself thoroughly enjoying this afternoon, watching two of the very first faces she'd come across in the big city since having moved here not that long ago with glittering and curious baby blues. It still tickled the forethought of the young woman just how it was the two of them met, and she almost feels driven to ask such a question but she is distracted from those words that had started to form on the tip of her tongue when the dark fae man speaks on their encounter now. She turns those baby blues to him now, amusement dancing within their depths though this time there is the slightest flicker of that boldness that so often goes unnoticed when he speaks of the unfortunate fate her beloved nikon has suffered, though in truth she still blamed herself for having allowed things that have happened that way even if it was something that could have still been avoided despite her brash action that night."Yes, it was quite unfortunate indeed", she says in response to Andras' velvet tenor tones almost pointedly, a playful yet knowing smile of her own dancing across blush-colored lips to answer the wicked smile he gave her.

Little though she knew of the dark fae man who now seems to go on attempting to fluster poor Dorian as he dares to lick the misused cake spook before placing it back on the tablecloth and in its proper place next to the two pronged fork, she knew from the other night that he seemed to enjoy teasing. Oh goodness, did she know... She could never forget how his predatory gaze had pierced right through her when she'd spoken on the way that he'd dressed, how her cheeks had grown fiercely warm as he has asked her what she would rather he wear only for her to stumble over her words like a lovestruck schoolgirl for whatever reason. He certainly had a charm and a way about him that she was not accustomed to being around, so she simply blamed her easily flustered disposotion on that - even if somewhere deep down, farther than even she knew, that wasn't the case at all. Her attention is torn from Andras and she turns her gaze back to Dorian, lifting her teacup back to her lips to take another sip, noticing then his lifted brow in clear curiosity bordering on the side of perhaps suspicion as he comments on what Andras had added to her explanation of their original encounter. She lowers her cup slowly down the its saucer again, those few seconds giving her a moment on how best to reply."Energetic would be a suitable way of putting it, I think. I really should have been more mindful of the poor thing truthfully, but I still do have it and now it serves as a memento that I intend to keep", she replies thoughtfully, her last string of words returning to their usually sweet demeanor as she gives Andras a side glance. She wasn't exactly lying to Dorian, the encounter had been energetic to say the very least and ultimately the demise of that camera had been at her own fault in the end, but she also knew that being so vague would not help the fae man in understanding the nature of how the blue-eyed blonde met the tall and handsome once-stranger.

She is thankful for the attention to be drawn from her for at least a few moments as now Dorian is quick to focus on Andras who so boldly moves to pluck a baked good from the golden cake tray at the center of the threesome, bringing the pastry to his lips and devouring it in a single bite before moving to wipe his fingers on the cloth napkin provided. Again she is unable to hide the amusement from her baby blues that watch the dark fae as Dorian instructs him on using the cake fork or spook, an ever so subtle glimmer of amusement on the kind man's own features. So, Dorian was aware of Andras' antics as well then? She was glad to know that it wasn't just her that the dark fae man took pleasure in trying to get a reaction from. Andras then changes the subject, mentioning Dorian's fiancé Sebastian and Beylani nods on wordless agreement. To meet a vampire! She would surely be wanting to ask many questions about such a being, hopeful that Andras might muse her seeing as she wasn't quite sure how to go about asking Dorian for fear of seeming like she were prying or something along those lines when she simply didn't know much of anything about what else existed aside from fae folk. Baby blues widen in surprise as Dorian asks if she would like to attend the wedding and for a moment she almost doesn't know what to say, listening both intently as well as excitedly as the kind fae man explains the arrangements. This would be a once in a lifetime chance for her to see a part of the world she never thought she would be able to see and she offers Dorian a radiant smile."I would very much love to come! I've never been to such a big wedding, or outside of the country for that matter", she answers, pausing for a moment as she regards the seating arrangements."And the seating arrangements sounds just fine. It would be nice to be near someone familiar", she says before looking curiously to Andras, wondering of his own answer to such an arrangement. It wasn't as though they haven't been in closer quarter before.

Dorian lifts that teacup to his lips again, casting his silver gaze to Andras keenly before suddenly his attention is return3d to the blue-eyed blonde who has no taken her own cake fork and lifted a bite of the lemon tart the her mouth. He has full attention now as he speaks of the park's nocturnal activity, causing her to stop nearly mid-chew. It wasn't like she hadn't believed Andras when he'd warned her, but he also hadn't explained why. She listens intently, almost forgetting to swallow the treat on her tongue."Pack? Like, wolves?", she inquires curiously. He mentions names and the bewildered look on her features remains. He couldn't possibly be talking about wolves in such a way as thoug they were humans? Could faeiries speak to animals? Or was he implying that were wolves were the beings he'd encountered there at night? After all, if fae folk and vampires were as alive and real as she was, then why not werewolves? Why would all the lore she'd grown up hearing of suddenly be as real as her own existence was only to exclude werewolves? There were so many questions bubbling just beneath the surface of those baby blue eyes as they shifted between Dorian and Andras, hoping that perhaps one of them might offer her more without further prying for fear that she might not be able to stop herself from rattling on rudely. It was unlikely that either of them wanted to spend the afternoon educating her when there were lighter and more relaxed conversations to be had.

Beylani Rose~
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