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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras was delighted to see he had managed to push several of Dorian’s buttons by merely using the wrong spoon and then licking it clean. Of course, he hadn’t known how to use the spread before him, his gatherings in his home were never formal, they were merely gatherings of loved ones and family. He hides a knowing smile, as he can see that burning sensation to reprimand him in Dorian’s eyes. He’s saved by such discipline when Lani begins to speak, his eyes traveling to her, inspecting that devilishly low cut dress of hers. It was awfully hard not to stare, he had yet to see… so much skin but he manages to return to his tea, sipping at the delicious liquid. He’s entirely aware of the curiosity that so burns in Dorian’s features and instead of keeping it bottled up, questions the two of them as to how the camera was broken.

When Lani answers, he’s surprised at her statement, his brows flicking up as she regards her carefully, his head tilted to the side. Yet, she hadn’t really answered Dorian’s question and he was astonished that she had managed to keep their dealings so vague. Allowing a wicked smile to adorn those lips of his, he crosses on leg over the other, “We were shooting in the nude, Dorian. I would say it was very energetic indeed,” he purrs delightedly, merely taking another sip of his tea, curious to see what type of reactions he could get out of the two of them. As their conversation shifts subtly, everyone begins to work on the pastries that so littered the table, while Andras merely snatches one of the small cakes off the plate and pops it into his mouth, wiping his fingers on a napkin.

Dorian’s remark has his dark hazel eyes traveling to the faerie King, a lazy smile so adorning his features, “Dorian, I think I need to teach you the meaning of living a little,” he responds in kind, before retrieving another pastry and eating it in the same manner, though, this time he licks his fingers rather than using the napkin. Gaze darting to Lani, he winks at her as he continues to play with the man. Perhaps it was a bit childish, yet, he rather enjoyed it. When the talk of wedding finally comes around, Andras turns to Dorian, brows arched in surprise. He was delighted the men had finally set a date, it was wonderful and he hadn’t been to the palace in centuries. It would be a good to see Italy again, see how much it had changed over the years. Allowing Lani to answer first, his dark gaze lingers on her as he listens to her delicate voice dancing in his ears.

Dipping his head in agreement, “I look forward to attending, though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen royal wedding,” he admits with a faint smile, “As for the seating arrangements, I would be delighted to sit with Lani. I suspect she might get lost in the crowd if we leave her unattended,” he teases the woman gently and in good nature. Dorian’s statement has Andras’s gaze drawn back to him, his eyes widening slightly and before he can stop the Fae man, Dorian begins to talk about the packs that so prowled through Sacrosanct. Eyes flashing towards Lani, he can see the look of surprise in her eyes as her own gaze widens in astonishment. Sighing, he places his tea on the table before turning back to the King. “Dorian, our new friend here was not aware of other creatures besides us faeries,” he explains before turning back to Lani.

Not sure where to begin, he decides on the were-creatures, “Ah, there is a lot to take in Lani, darling. Bear with us as we try to explain as best as we can. There are two different packs here in Sacrosanct and while you asked about wolves, well, there is one but they aren’t feral animals. They’re shifters, they can hold a human form and an animal form. You know about faeries, but there are vampires, Sebastian being one, witches and dark hunters,” he explains as gently as he can before turning back to Dorian, an exasperated look crossing his features. He had hoped to ease Lani into the explanation or perhaps not explain anything at all. Yet, there was hardly a choice now. “As for meeting them, I’ve heard of a few of them but I have yet to meet them. I try to keep tabs on the shifters who hold a bit more power within the packs, just in case I would like to meet with them one day,” he states to Dorian, inclining his head.

Leaning forward, he grasps his teacup once more, and continues to sip on the cooling liquid. It doesn’t take long until he’s polished it off, setting the empty cup on the table before leaning back in the chair. “Lani, darling, I’m awfully curious. What do you think of us faeries?” he muses, a wicked gleam twinkling in his eyes.

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