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The Sun Also Rises

It was as if that paperwork never stopped. Dorian assured that for each piece he managed to sign and seal another two seemed to take its place until that stack upon his desk remained a never-changing tower of politics he was truly beginning to resent. His gaze lifted from that document that dictated several of the policies that Spain as a nation held right to enforce over its territories only to glance at that computer screen. The man had learned, very slowly, to navigate that machine to a certain extent. He knew know how to open and read emails, largely thanks to the combined efforts of Sebastian, Charles and Elizabeth. One or the other always on hand to assist him when he inevitably forgot how to find his mail or remained unable to bring up those attachments that came with it. Google had been a far simpler task to teach. Dorian having taken great delight in the manner that search engine seemed to provide answers to near any question he ever had, even those Sebastian did not know the answers too. There was a certain manner of caution that existed within the Monarch all the same as his hand reached for the mouse, Dorian guiding it across the screen to that link, the man dutifully clicking before waiting with near baited breath to see if he had performed the task correctly. That image flaring to life a moment later as a grin found his features in response. It was terribly easy, he had learned, to get lost on the internet. Sebastian having spent the better part of several evenings attempting to explain what was safe to click on and what was not. Dorian having taken those lessons with a great seriousness. The man eternally delighted when he managed to achieve what he wanted from that computer. That map of Spain eyed critically now.

It had been centuries since he had been forced to deal with a state seeking independence from his crown. The rebellion of sorts of Catalonia having taken him entirely by surprise and yet, Dorian had largely come to blame his ambassador within the region for such misguided information. The Fae King having promptly dismissed the man from his service in the wake of all that had occurred. Spain, for the most part, largely content to deal with the state and yet it still required a near constant correspondence between himself, there government and its own royal family- his rather distant cousins. The past few days in particular had been draining. That phone never ceased to ring and when it seemed as if one problem had been solved another was content to make itself known until Dorian was assured he had developed a headache! The drama of this particular evening haven proven to be the police force of Catalonia itself. A decidedly large portion of it’s officers announcing they would refuse to take orders from the Spanish government. Those very men charged with keeping peace and order seeking to defy their own commanders in that bid for independence. Dorian truly beginning to feel as if it might be better to merely allow them to have it and yet would such a thing be seen as weakness on his part? A forfeit of his rule? Would it inspire others with any discontent to do the same? How such thoughts might gnaw away at him! For now, in the least, Spain itself was refusing any mention of Catalonia departing from their constitution. Dorian content to leave the Spanish to deal with it tonight as that sigh fell heavily from his own lips. For all he had loathed of that time he had spent concealed within his own palace there had been a decided lack of this….nonsense to deal with. Dorian glancing near longingly towards that half-finished artwork across the room he had been working on for several days now. How much he would like to return to it! More than that, how much he would like to crawl onto that couch downstairs and in to Sebastian’s arms.

It was a foolish notion surely, Dorian given to see his lover every single day and yet for those past few nights that work had largely kept him within his office for the better part of the evening. The Monarch distinctly missing his companion in every sense. Perhaps he might simply turn off that phone tonight, or in the very least inform Emma he did not wished to be disturbed. Surely whatever crisis was occurring could wait one more night? Besides there was at least one terribly important matter he wished to discuss with Sebastian alone that surely warranted time away from that office. Dorian eyeing that desk drawer beside him a moment in that clear contemplation before the sudden knock at the door seemed to startle him. The Monarch so offering that simple ‘come in’ with the clear expectation of Charles or Elizabeth come to bring him more papers. The mere sight of Sebastian alone seeing that near glorious grin adorn his features. How foolish it was, that even after all this time, his heart so managed to near skip that singular beat at the sight of his fiancé alone. His gaze drifted briefly from his lovers own then and to those mugs placed upon his desk with that soft assurance he surely required both treat and distraction. That warm simper spreading only further across his features.

“Do you know, I was beginning to think just the same? Although I am quite sure I would have settled for you alone- the chocolate is a very pleasing addition, thank you.”

That press of Sebastian lips to his own, simple and sweet though it was, so had a habit of spreading that pleasant warmth throughout him. The Fae King assured that kiss was entirely too fleeting as the vampire leaned away to settle against the desk beside him. Dorian reaching almost eagerly for the mug of hot chocolate then. The Monarch daring to allow his finger to sweep across that whipped cream before slipping it between his lips. After all, Sebastian alone was surely the only being so allowed to see Italy’s king lick his own fingers. That soft sound of appreciation of that taste echoing from within him then before that query of Catalonia saw him frown.

“Catalonia and I are not speaking to one another at this present moment. I have grown tired of them and for now, at least, Spain is content to handle the matter. I have dismissed my ambassador in the region though, so I shall have to replace him as soon as possible I fear and yet frankly I think for tonight and perhaps tomorrow too- I care little to think of it or deal with any of it any longer.”

His form shifted within that computer chair, Dorian allowing it to spin back around, one finger reaching to flick off the monitor of that screen before reaching for that golden mobile phone Sebastian had gifted him with all those months ago. The Monarch promptly turning it off in the same moment before tossing it back atop that veritable pile of papers neatly stacked upon the opposite side of him to which Sebastian sat. That near impish grin finding his features then as he regarded his lover once more.

“That, I think, should solve all my problems for this evening.”

That hot chocolate was lifted to his lips then, Dorian savouring that rich, sweet taste. The man quite assured that singular drink, along with Sebastian’s presence, seemed to dissolve near all of the earlier stress of the evening. His silver gaze lifted to his lover once more as that chair was rolled just back from his desk to afford himself that view of his fiancé entirely, his legs pressing against the vampires own now in that simple and yet needed touch all the same. Dorian resting that mug upon his chest as he all but slumped into that chair in a manner decidedly un-royal and yet far more relaxed then he had been all evening.

“How did your guest list go? I think mine is finally complete. Do you know how many people are attending the ceremony? I think you should quite brace yourself for this, Mon Cher. With the extent of my list and Emma’s estimate of your own there is to be over fifteen hundred guests at the wedding itself. Thank heavens that reception will be smaller.”

It was almost astonishing to consider that number and yet, when the world’s royalty and dignitaries were considered along with Sebastian’s business and work colleagues it was perhaps not decidedly difficult to see how that number had come about. Dorian content to offer it to his lover all the same if only to prevent Sebastian being taken by surprise on the day itself. The singular event of their marriage destined to have more people present then his own coronation had held and yet, despite all that had gone into that planning, despite the sheer amount of guests and organization and everything else it was that singular day of their wedding Dorian found he looked decidedly forward too. The man quite unable to prevent himself grinning at even the thought of it. Another sip of that chocolate taken then.

“I am told though that we need finalise a date, the wedding planner is becoming anxious for one. I think- oh, Maxwell!”

Those accented words were readily interrupted by that ever-growing puppy, that door flung the rest of the way open as the exuberant animal proceeded to near race into the room with what Dorian was quite assured was one of Sebastian’s socks between his teeth. Such a treasure so surely having being pilfered from their room to be presented to them now with clear delight. The puppy shaking his head wildly from side to side if only to make that sock fly about. A soft chuckle humming from Dorian’s lips now, his fingers reaching out to catch the end of that sock, Maxwell near immediately beginning to tug upon the end he still held in that tug-of-war game.

“I hope you do not positively adore this sock Sebastian, I fear it has become a prize to be treasured. On this topic of our wedding though, I quite have something to give you, Mon Cher.”

Dorian Aragona


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