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you were the answer to my dreams

It was certainly no secret how utterly breathtaking the Englishman found his fiancé. A singular look from the Monarch had the ability to bring Sebastian to his knees. He was often prone to simply finding a sort of contentment in watching his lover, the movements of that fit physique surely as graceful and tantalizing as any risque dance. That sheer promise to tempt the undead man was enough to prompt even the beginnings of that arousal. It certainly was hardly helped by Dorian's assurances that tomorrow would not only include far more temptations, but too that a new idea had already begun to form within his lover's mind. That more sensual part of their relationship had hardly diminished in the slightest, even despite the time the pair had spent together. Those never ending ideas had a habit of keeping that part of their lives filled with a certain newness both men seemed altogether keen to explore with one another. Sebastian could hardly help that grin that crossed his features, the vampire leaned down closer towards his lover, his lips pressed against the fae King's lips, that glimpse of affection hardly as innocent or fleeting as the previous one had been. He pulled back ever so slightly, only to mutter softly against his lover's lips. "You know I never say no to you."

It was fortunate, perhaps, that Dorian was content to distract him with details of their upcoming wedding - the mention of that very date entirely eclipsed those more carnal desires. The corners of his lips tilted downwards in a small frown as he considered those 'ideal' dates and yet, before a word could leave his lips, that silence was interrupted by the sound of those paws upon the floor. His gaze shifted near immediately towards that door as that puppy near dashed into the room with that prize, the vampire entirely unable to help that roll of his eyes as his sock was tossed with such glee into the air, Maxwell entirely determined to show them that pilfered garment as if it were a prize. He watched as Dorian snatched up the other end of that sock, the puppy pleased to tug at his side in a fashion that near threatened to rip the very threads. Although he cared particularly little for the fate of that sock, Sebastian could hardly help the consideration that surely more of their wardrobe would suffer the same fate if Maxwell was not given his own toys to play with. That very suggestion was upon his lips only for Dorian to inform him the poor puppy was likely teething, just like those books had said.

He supposed, really, he shouldn't be surprised that the fae King had taken it upon himself to learn as much as he could about the welfare of their puppy, much less how to ensure his upbringing was entirely proper. He could hardly help that soft chuckle upon his lips as the vampire nodded ever so slightly. "I am sure we will raise him just fine, Ma Bichette. Fear not." He hadn't anticipated, that moment that he had met Maxwell in the hands of that young man that certainly didn't appreciate him, that the dog would become their child in quite the way he had. It was an idea he found himself liking far more than he should admit, even to himself. His gaze slowly shifted towards the canine, all the while the man saw fit to consider that very special date, one he entirely wished to experience the full length of. It was with that in mind that Sebastian was inclined to suggest those longer, colder seasons, even if they were rarely chosen for events such as this. Though Dorian himself seemed more then willing to oblige him, Sebastian could hardly help the way in which he so fretted over the very public that would certainly too be present - outside and in the cold.

He was grateful, truly, of Dorian's ability to simply understand those concerns, unvoiced though they were. Those points the King made to defend that winter wedding were entirely valid, the more he considered them, eventually prompting an agreement from the Englishman. "I know, I know." He uttered with a soft sigh, the vampire wholly unable to voice why he suddenly cared for complete strangers who would choose to line the streets of their own volition. It was only once Dorian had released that edge of the sock that Maxwell saw fit to turn towards him with a clear victory. Sebastian reached down, his own fingers gingerly ruffled that short fur on the canine's head in a small sort of congratulations for that little game. It was only the mention of those dates, however, that saw him glance upwards and yet, this was a choice Sebastian was entirely willing to leave within the Monarch's hands. He was almost surprised, really, that Dorian should prefer a date sooner rather than later, though why he could scarcely say. After all, though society had a habit of viewing weddings with such a mixed reaction, Dorian had been nothing but near excited for that day. It was touching, really, that he should want that commitment of eternity sooner rather than later.

"February tenth sounds wonderful, love." Sebastian spoke, that warm simper fluttering across his features. Slowly he placed his own mug besides Dorian's, his hand fitted into his fiance's fully willing to lead the man from that office for his own decidedly selfish desires. That living room was certainly far more welcoming, that warmth permeating even despite the slight chill outside. He hardly protested to that slight tug upon his hand, the vampire settling quite contently upon that leather sofa once again. He watched with a hint of curiosity as Dorian reached into the pocket of those jeans, only to fish out a small black box. Near instantly, the vampire was aware of exactly what reseted within, after all, had he not delivered to Dorian his own little black box? Much less the way the King's heart still seemed to flutter with a hint of anxiety. Sebastian could hardly help that grin upon his features as he reached out for that small box, those apologies easily ignored as Dorian lifted that lid to reveal the ring that rested within - his ring.

"They're beautiful...it's beautiful." The Englishman offered in a hushed tone as Dorian pulled that golden ring from the pillow within. He reached out for that ring ever so gingerly, rotating it with the clear intention to see all of those tiny words etched within that white gold band. He could hardly help that smile that remained ever steady since the mere presence of that box, those blue eyes glanced up at the Monarch as he responded, "I could never forget." Sebastian was fairly certain it was true. In such a short amount of time, Dorian had made such a large mark upon his life, to the point where the Englishman could hardly imagine a life without him. Slowly, he handed that ring back to the fae King, only to present his lover with that left hand. "I believe this is your job." He commented, fully intending to allow Dorian to place that ring right where it surely belonged. February couldn't come fast enough.

Sebastian Ellington


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