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you were the answer to my dreams

There were precious few within the entirety of Sebastian's life who were ever willing to go to any great lengths for the vampire. Everything he had accumulated had been done through hard work, studying, the utilization of his own affinity, and the use of those few talents the vampire naturally had. His own family had been all but lost to him in the aftermath of his own death. He'd hardly wished to subject him to that curse, much less the fear that his fraying control might be lost on those he loved most. That relationship with his wife had been nothing short of rift with strife, at least until it found it's tragic end. His first manservant and the beginning of Charles own line had near abhorred him, and yet that sense of loyalty within the man had been enough to prompt his continued servitude all the same. Over time, he had created a small family of sorts within that lineage of manservants. Prior to Dorian, they were all Sebastian had. Suffice to say, that Dorian would go against those traditions to take up his own last name of his own volition was nothing short of astounding for the vampire.

He could hardly voice just how meaningful it was to him, that Dorian wished to add his name to the Monarch's own. He had little doubt, truly, in the benevolence or the generosity or even the love the Italian King had for him. However, he had seen first hand the sort of things the Kings and Queens of his own monarchy had requested and demanded of their Consorts, and the things they had requested in turn. It was something he had near expected of his lover, in some regard. It was something he had anticipated, something he'd come to terms with before he'd requested the King's hand in marriage. Although Dorian had certainly taken him by surprise in France, with that assurance that their wedding should be a melding of family, he had not truly anticipated to just the extent Dorian had meant those words. That explanation the King afforded him of just why he had come to such a decision of their last name quite near beset the vampire was a veritable tsunami of emotion, one that threatened to all but overwhelm him. There was a sort of wetness to those blue eyes at those assurances, one that overrode even those considerations of that new found title of Prince.

He had tried, for so long, to keep everything his family had accomplished, to expand upon that estate in a way that would make them proud, even if they were long since lost to time. It had been of such great importance to him - truly, in those early years, it had been the only thing that had mattered to him. It was the only thing that had caused the vampire to claw back to some level of life when he'd found himself cast to the depravity of his own newfound urges. Giving up all that he'd fought for was a sacrifice he had been almost scared to make - only to be informed that Dorian had every intention of uptaking that mantle with him. God, how something so simple could affect him so much, even if he disliked to show exactly the extent of that emotion. That softly uttered assurance that the melding of those names would be nothing short of an honor was all Sebastian was capable of offering the Monarch, at least, before those tears near threatened to spill over. He reached forward, tugging the fae King against him whilst he so buried his head against his fiance's neck in that fashion he tended to do when attempting to hide from those displays of vulnerability.

That rhetorical inquiry left his lips, those words spoken against his lover's neck as he clutched the man closer to his chest. That soft chuckle prompted an almost weak simper upon his features, though he hardly expecting those almost teasing words Dorian offered him in return. He could hardly help that laughter that fell from his own lips at that simple admission. No truer words had ever been spoken. That evening he had met the man upon the sidewalk of that street had been no different than all the others. He was looking merely for a night of fun and a good meal, not for that undeniable lust that gave into a sort of overarching love. That evening had never meant to turn into this - into a near perfect marriage. There was no doubt that Sebastian would have laughed if told he would ever desire to make such a commitment again. That soft squeeze was wholly reassuring in that moment, though why Sebastian needed such a thing, he could hardly say. That declaration that he was unforgettable brought a simper to his features, much less Dorian's decision that he was equally as lucky, though Sebastian was altogether certain that such was altogether untrue.

It was that mention of that puppy, however, that drew his thoughts back towards that little family they had managed to create, his blue eyes fluttered towards that small dog in the far corner of the room. He was well aware of that shoe within the hound's mouth, the simple presence of it prompted a sigh from his lips. He would have to buy Charles new shoes now as a way of an apology. Perhaps they'd have to get Maxwell toys sooner rather than later. "I think we might have a hard time finding a tag big enough for that." He responded with a warm chuckle, even though it was that very name that was repeated over and over in his thoughts. Sebastian and Dorian Ellington-Aragona. He was fairly certain he couldn't be any happier with the way their evening had ended up, even despite his earlier concerns. His own grip upon his lover tightened ever so slightly at that thought, his chin rested all the same against his lover's shoulder, even as Dorian's head leaned against his own. That soft sound of his name upon Dorian's lips prompted a murmur of acknowledgment from the vampire, that inquiry that came after entirely caught the man off guard.

"Montpellier?" He inquired, his eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly. "South...France, I think? It's one of France's larger cities, isn't it?" He could scarcely remember if he had ever visited the place, much less could he remember anything of true significance of the town, at least, not enough so that it might cause Dorian to mention it. "What of it?" He inquired, that curiosity altogether piqued. After all, he was certain the King wouldn't mention such a place so abruptly without reason. Perhaps he wished to honeymoon there? That, after all, was a prospect of their marriage neither had truly given to consider of yet, not with the wedding itself and all that came before it being so utterly demanding.

Sebastian Ellington


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