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The Sun Also Rises

It was entirely bold of him, in some fashion, to continue to press on with those veritable surprises of sorts this evening and yet- Dorian saw little need to avoid it when his Lover was perhaps already in some state of shock over those last names and that recent decision on just what theirs would be. After all, were he to leave the revelation of that city he so intended to give Sebastian for another night the vampire would surely be forced to suffer that state of shock all over again. Surely it was far better to merely persist now that Sebastian was already in some state of unexpected emotion? Dorian quite assured that this was yet another of those small things he had so put off speaking to the vampire about if only for fear of some distress it might cause him, foolish though it was. His fiancé was distinctly sure to be caused a rather significantly increased amount of stress were that city and title of Lord of Montpellier to be bestowed upon him within the middle of that wedding ceremony or some moments after. Thusly, such was a discussion surly better addressed now and yet, Dorian was distinctly careful in his choice of words all the same if only for some attempt to slowly introduce the idea to his fiancé. The Fae querying whether or not Sebastian had ever heard of that city, the man appearing momentarily pensive before offering some vague indication of it’s location within France. Dorian smiling warmly then as his head nodded. How relieving it was that Sebastian, in the least, had not had anything poor to say of that city! Dorian assured any such mention would have seen him abandon that idea of presenting it to him here and now altogether. After all, that presentation of a city, in any fashion, was a distinctly difficult task.

The Monarch paused once more then, considering his words further before continuing with those assurances of several of those curious facts of that city, Dorian content to mention it’s history and too- that rather splendid architecture. As if perhaps those very facts might somehow further prompt his lovers intrigue in that metropolis. Sebastian, for his part, appearing merely perplexed by the entire affair. Dorian sighing softly before admitting to his ownership of that city. One his lover had once teased him about if only for the absurdity of that name and its distinct similarity to caterpillars. Wretched being he was! The man hardly choosing to mention as such now before so finally affording his lover that knowledge of that near ancient Italian tradition of Rule by Marriage. Montpellier, by right and law, traditionally gifted to the spouse of the ruling Monarch to fall beneath their leadership. Such a gift, once, a token of goodwill of sorts between that royal family and the family of the being so marrying into the fold. Montpellier a near perfect example of the wealth of that Italian crown and- while gifted in good faith- so designed to display that very wealth and power and influence to those in-laws in turn if only to further assure them of that distinctly good match. Such ostentatious aims surely no longer required. After all, Sebastian surely had no family to admire that gift and yet it was for that age-old tradition that Dorian so sought to offer it still in turn. That city having been without it’s Lord or Lady in centuries! Surely Montpellier deserved to have its rightful ruler returned?

Sebastian, it seemed, continued to eye him near blankly. Such ancient traditions so unfortunately pre-dating even the vampire himself. Dorian making a further effort to explain just that idea behind that law and too- just what was being offered to his lover along with that newfound title. That very silence that seemed to encompass the vampire so saw that flutter of nervousness dance within his own chest all over again. That Sebastian might simply refuse that gift was altogether possible, Dorian long since having decided that he would hardly force it upon the man and, if his lover should choose not to uptake it, surely that city would still continue to function as it had those past five centuries with his own government watching over it. Sebastian shifted from that place upon his shoulder then, his grip loosening as Dorian too shifted in turn to face the man more fully now, that near sheepish look upon his features entirely present as the very significance off that singular offering seemed, at last, to find his lover in full. That incredulous tone prompting the softest of chuckles from the Monarch himself, Dorian wholly oblivious to any notion of returning such a gesture that seemed to have struck his fiancé then. The Fae King so hardly anticipating any such gift in return before his own head softly bobbed.

“Yes, I am. As a wedding gift.”

He offered simply, that warm simper finding his lips once more even despite that assurance he hardly need accept it if the idea of it was simply too much altogether. Sebastian’s head shaking then as his silver gaze once more found his lovers own. That simple mention of ‘Caterpillar Land’ seeing his own eyes roll playfully then. Sebastian too, it seemed, remembering well that evening in which he had so purposely renamed several of those cities Dorian preceded over. That amusement finding his own features in turn if only for the fashion in which one of those very places had now become his lovers own. That sudden query as to the governing requires of that city seeing his own head shake slightly, the man offering that simple reassurance then.

“It will require very nearly no effort from you at all. It is a peaceful city, with a stable local government that largely manages itself. You might be required to sign something two or three times a year but that will be all it shall ever need.”

How poor a gift such a city would be were it to require significant governing! Dorian hardly inclined to afford his lover any such thing that might so take that attention away from those evenings they spent with one another in any sense. Dorian, perhaps, entirely inclined to admit to his own selfishness in this. Sebastian’s acceptance of that gift delighting him entirely before that soft query as to whether or not they might visit it saw his head nod once more.

“I think that is quite a splendid idea. I should very much like to see it myself. The Lord’s Château has been absent of its lord for several centuries now. I am assured it has been well maintained all this time, but, I fear-“

He allowed his own words to so purposely trail off, his features frowning into a look of falsified contemplation, that near impish grin tugging at his lips then despite the effort Dorian had so placed in attempting to conceal it.

“-that the poor Chateau has not been truly loved in some years. We might surely be required to holiday to it so you might afford it some affection and it can meet you.”

Those words were entirely teasing then. Dorian so delighting in teasing his lover over that simple adoration the vampire seemed to find for those inanimate objects. His fiancé so inclined to think of them as near akin to living beings that so required his attention. Dorian assured such a trait was dreadfully endearing even despite those teases he afforded it. That soft chuckle falling from him then before he shifted in place upon that couch once more to face the vampire entirely, that simper upon his lips again.

“I am pleased you like your gift, Bastian.”

It was easy to lean forward then, closing that short distance between them, his lips pressing sweetly to the vampires own to steal that single, soft kiss and yet- Dorian was so hardly done just yet. His hand lifted upward then, pressing to his Consorts chest, the man entirely content to coax Sebastian backwards on that couch only to rest himself atop the vampire’s chest. His lips finding his fiancés again, this time, with far more ardency and that singular, clear want. Dorian pulling back just so as to press his lips to his lover’s neck, just below his jaw, working his way delicately downward if only for the sheer pleasure he knew his lover took from attention to that sensitive skin. The Monarch resting his head softly upon the vampire’s chest then, that grin near boyish in its playful intent as his gaze met his lovers.

“For now though, Mon Cher, I quite think I am not nearly so tired as I should be and I shall quite need you to assist.”

Dorian Aragona


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