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He knew that Amelia craved company, some form of normalcy since their lives were thrown upside down. He didn't mind at all sharing her with others when he knew she would be his at the end of the night. He trusted Dorian and though he didn't know this Sebastian character, he was sure if Dorian loved him that he couldn't be that bad of a guy. He worried about Amelia the closer it got to being time. She was getting big but that didn't bother him. He only worried about the actual labor part. Would it be too rough on her? Would she need a C-section? Would pain meds work on her if she needed them? He worried more about her than anything, though of course he wanted the baby to be healthy too. He watched Amelia dress from the doorway, sighing in contentment as he straightened his tie. He was wearing a nice three piece suit, wanting to look worthy enough to be at her side tonight as they welcomed Dorian and Sebastian into their home for dinner.

The back cocktail dress couldn't have looked sexier on her if it tried. He tilted his head, admiring her from head to toe. "I bet that'll look even better on the floor later." He smirked as he came over to wrap his arms around her stomach protectively, planting a soft kiss on the side of her neck. He knew she'd worked hard on the menu for tonight, making it perfect for both himself and Dorian while also providing blood for her and Sebastian. She thought of everything. He moved to watch her move around the kitchen, not wanting to get in the way but the closer it got to being time, the more protective he felt himself get over her. He saw the twinge on her face at one point and his brow furrowed. "Everything okay? Did he kick?" He reached out as if to grab her if she needed it. But then she looked around before asking about the dinner and he heard himself chuckle as he stepped closer, taking her hands in his. He brought them up to brush against his lips before he looked at her. "It won't be." He assured her.

The doorbell rang and she moved to go to it but he saw another look on her face that could only be pain. He scowled thoughtfully, moving closer to her. "You sure you're okay?" He knew he probably sounded naggy but he couldn't help himself. At her sudden question about her hair, he couldn't help but chuckle and nod. "It looks great, love." He followed her into the foyer, waving his hand at Dorian and who he could only assume was Sebastian as he stopped at Amelia's side. He let her ask about drinks before he stepped forward, holding out his hand to Dorian and then Sebastian. "Good to see you again, Dorian. And an honor to meet you, Sebastian. I've heard a lot about you." He smirked teasingly.


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