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Dorian AragonaHis Royal Majesty, The King of Italy

Dorian had been nothing short of surprised that evening Sebastian had returned home to announce he had met Troy’s girlfriend on those city streets. Dorian himself decidedly curious of that vampire woman if only for that singular facet of the pregnancy that Troy had so announced to him that evening several months before within the bar. The pair having shared a drink over that exciting news of Troy’s impending Fatherhood. After all, Fae were near notorious for their failed reproductive efforts and- more so- vampires were utterly unknown to have any success at all. Sebastian so having assured him of such things several times over. How on earth such a child had come to exist in any sense was a distinct curiosity, Dorian so assured he had considered near every possibility and yet still it seemed as if such an event surely should not have occurred at all. The ever-curious Fae King quite unable to hide his intrigue in so having had that invitation for dinner extended to Sebastian and himself. The very idea that he might so be given to meet such a curious vampire as Amelia entirely delightful to him. The simple notion too, that Troy and Amelia were another Vampire and Fae couple surely held an appeal all its own. Dorian quite having lost count of the amount of curious glances he had received from others upon his assurance Sebastian was a vampire rather than another Fae. The world a large having come to accept their union all the same. Their upcoming wedding having decorated every magazine, newspaper and online article for months now. Their home, while still largely under siege from those paparazzi, had slowly begun to become less of a focal point once those photographers had found those walls unyielding and those photo opportunities rather less abundant then they had hoped.

Exiting their home however, even for something as simple as dinner with that other couple, had proven to be something of a task. Charles having left some fifteen minutes earlier with that town car, the manservant content to drive it from the gates of that lavish mansion and into the city- the press content to follow it under the singular impression that Dorian and Sebastian were surely within it. That driveway was then left relatively clear for the pair to simply walk out of those gates, Dorian’s affinity for invisibility readily embraced as his fingers entwined with his fiancés own. The pair making their way easily down the street then, that night decidedly pleasant. It was only once they had progressed several streets away from their own home that the Monarch so allowed his affinity to drop, his hand remaining nestled in Sebastian’s all the same. How pleasant it was to simply walk that evening, Dorian relishing the simple relaxation that came with that very task. With all that had occurred in Catalonia of late, their upcoming wedding, those political matters and Maxwell’s decided assurance that their wardrobe was made for chewing- the Fae King found himself near relieved to simply enjoy his lovers company. Dorian leaning gently into the vampire then with that subtle affection as they walked.

“Do you know, I was speaking to Matteo last week? He is to be two thousand years old next year. Do you think we ought to do something, an event of some sort? Do you think he would even like that?”

He inquired, those silver eyes glancing upward at Sebastian once more as they rounded that corner and into the street Amelia had provided them, his gaze falling onto that rather large home that reminded him distinctly of their own. Dorian so momentarily taken aback at the sight of that lavish house and yet perhaps he should so hardly have been surprised. Troy was older then himself, the man having little idea as to Amelia’s age and yet vampires so had a habit of acquiring that wealth in turn. Dorian content to lead them down that driveway and toward the front door, leaving Sebastian to ring that doorbell. His free hand lifting to straighten his tie and dinner jacket. Dorian quite simply refusing to afford Amelia and Troy anything less than a neat and tidy appearance on his behalf.

“I look forward to seeing Troy again and I am most intrigued to meet this woman.”

That butler arrived at the door within a matter of moments. Dorian thanking him politely before following the man into that parlour. The Italian Fae finding that room rather tastefully decorated, such a comment upon his lips before that lovely vampire woman moved to enter the room. Her clearly pregnant status utterly undeniable, Dorian near quite unable to believe it and yet so many years of life within those royal courts hardly saw his features falter from that warm simper. After all, the man was nothing if not the epitome of polite. His head nodding gently in greeting as the woman moved toward the bar.

“It is a pleasure to meet you too. Amelia, is it not? Troy has spoken most highly off you. Red wine, please, if it should not trouble you.”

The sudden appearance of Troy saw that smile widen once more, Dorian readily returning that handshake then before stepping neatly aside to allow Sebastian and Troy that greeting in turn. That soft chuckle finding his lips at Troy’s assurance he had heard a great deal about Sebastian. Dorian so hardly ashamed to admit the delight he so took in speaking of Sebastian whenever he might be asked. Was it too terrible a thing that he liked to speak so fondly of his lover? Dorian of the opinion that Sebastian looked especially dapper this evening, the Monarch rather distinctly pleased to call such a man as that his own. His attention returned then to Amelia as he moved to take that offered glass from her.

“Congratulations on your pregnancy, you must be terribly excited-“

His own affinity reached silently out in that singular moment, that simple gift for life the Fae possessed so affording him a knowledge quite unlike any other, Dorian having been curious since that first mention of Amelia’s pregnancy as to just how that life had formed at all. That gift so allowing him to see life itself and yet, this was not at all what he had expected to see. Very little so ever having been capable of preparing the man for that which lingered before his eyes alone. Dorian’s words so trailing off in that singular moment as he simply…stared at that woman for several long seconds. Surely it could not be…. Dorian so suddenly aware of that room at large as he hurried to compose himself. Sebastian alone, perhaps, aware of how flustered the man had become in that moment despite that effort he made to return that simper to his lips.

“-I’m terribly sorry, I’ve had a lot on my mind of late. When…when is the child due?”


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