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sebastian ellington

Meeting that young pregnant woman had been nothing short of a sheer chance encounter, one that he had been altogether grateful for if only for the pleasant first impression he might be able to offer one of his fiancé's few friend's significant others. That invitation for dinner was something far greater than he had ever anticipated being given, one he was almost proud to inform the Italian King of on his return to home that night. He knew well of that intrigue that Dorian had over that pregnancy, one that had baffled him as well if only for the impossibility of it all. That evening out was perhaps equally as pleasing in it's own way, if not for only how difficult it had been of late to even escape the public's eye, what with that upcoming wedding that had garnished the attention for every news organization of any size upon their doorstep, once words of their location had eventually been discovered. Tonight's effort to escape was no less elaborate than any of the others, those times they needed a relief from that constant spotlight and yet, soon enough, Sebastian found himself with fingers entertained in Dorian's own as they made their way down that street with the crisp evening air surrounding them.

That gentle lean of Dorian's figure into his own was warmly welcomed, those blue eyes attentively turned towards the fae Monarch as his lips gingerly brushed across his lover's forehead in a small display of affection. His eyebrows rose at the sound of those Italian accented words, that mention of Dorian's father prompted a glimpse of consideration. "I think it might be something nice, maybe we can get him a cake or something?" He inquired, entirely aware that this year was likely the first year in which Matteo was afforded the ability to celebrate that special day with his son. "We could invite Alex and get him some….sort of gift….I don't even know what he doesn't have though." The vampire admitted, a small glimpse of uncertainty on his features. Matteo, he was sure, was notoriously difficult to gift with anything, the man's ability to see in the future certainly ruined any sort of surprise, much less his infinitely long existence. It was, however, a conundrum for a later day as the pair arrived at that address they'd been given.

That lavish home was almost of the same quality of their own, though Sebastian was hardly surprised in the slightest considering the neighborhood. He allowed himself to be led up the the driveway and towards the front door, his finger lightly pressing upon the doorbell. His gaze shifted from that front door to his fiancé, a small shrug settled upon his shoulders. "She seemed nice enough." He commented simply, purposefully glossing over her rather large suspicion of him. Frankly, he still found himself hoping he hadn't gotten Troy in too much trouble for spilling that secret to her in the first place. The presence of that butler but moments later drew his attention back towards the door, the man trailing behind the fae Monarch and into the parlor. They hardly had to wait long at all before the familiar figure of Amelia stepped into that room, her dress wholly lovely upon her pregnant frame. "Good evening, Amelia." He responded warmly, entirely willing to allow Dorian to decide their preferred drink. Rather, his attention turned towards the man following within Amelia's wake, a fae he could only assume was Troy.

His own hand fit easily enough within Troy's own, that warm smile present upon his features. "Hopefully all good things." He commented lightly, his tone almost teasingly directed towards his own fiancé. His blue eyes turned towards the pregnant woman as Amelia joined them once again, happily taking that similarly offered glass, at least until that unexpected hesitation within his lover's voice at that congratulations wholly stole his attention. He was well aware of that subtle shift within the fae King, much less that simple fact of that ability Dorian had wished to utilize upon her. He could only assume that he had been correct, an almost questioning glance give towards the Italian man and yet, he said nothing of that hiccup, much less of his curiousness on what Dorian had uncovered.


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