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Amelia only smirked when Troy told her that her choice of dress for the evening looked splendid on her and that he believed it would look far better on the floor later. “You’re your hormones, Troy. We have to be door dinner hosts first.” Truthfully, she couldn’t wait to get out of this dress and her heels…and honestly, fucking Troy sounded downright awesome right about now. He sure knew how to relieve her stress, even if she didn’t think it could be relieved.

Amelia had assumed that Troy hadn’t seen her little wince of pain, so when he commented, she simply smiled at him. “I think I’m just nervous and she knows it.” She stressed the word she because honestly, this baby could be either a boy or a girl. Since diagnosing her pregnancy, Dr. Greene had been unable to see the gender at follow up scans. It hadn’t bothered Amelia. She knew that both she and Troy would love their baby regardless of its gender.

Once joining their guests in the parlor, Amelia had all but forgotten the small little twinges of pain that she had felt. She was far too engrossed in ensuring that their guests had a grant dinning experience. She asked the two men what they wanted to drink and Dorian’s answer had her smiling softly. “Yes, Amelia it is. I do apologize for not introducing myself.” If she could blush, she was sure she would have at this very moment. “Red wine it is.” She turned her attention to the bar, pulling out three glasses and filling them each with her finest wine.

As she began to distribute the wine amongst her guests and Troy, she heard Dorian congratulate her on her pregnancy. She offered him a warm smile. “Excited…nervous…shocked. Definitely wasn’t something I expected.” It was no secret that vampires could not have children. So why she was pregnant with one was a question no one seemed to have the answer to. He asked about the baby’s due date and she shrugged lightly. “I’m afraid I’m not quite sure. The pregnancy is advancing rather rapidly. Troy and I met only five months ago…” She would let Dorian do the math. Their child had been conceived shortly after meeting Troy. There had been no one before him…not for hundred’s of years. So Troy was the only one who could have fathered her baby.

She looked up at Sebastian who remained quiet at his own fiancé’s side. “And Sebastian, how have you been?” It had not been long ago that he had helped to keep her on her feet outside the baby store. Already in the two week since that date, it seemed as though her own stomach had doubled in size. Perhaps he had not noticed…but perhaps he had.


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