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He knew he would have to get used to seeing the look of utter bewilderment in someone's eyes when they see Amelia walk into a room. It was hard not to notice her pregnancy now. She was all glowing skin and devastating beauty but she was also very much all stomach. He could see Dorian was keeping himself rather composed throughout it all and he silently thanked him for that. Sebastian of course was rather expectant but then he'd already met her once so he knew what to expect. Curiosity practically danced in Dorian's eyes yet he hoped this would still be a rather quiet night with just the light questions. He didn't want Amelia or the baby getting too stressed. He liked the playful banter between the other fae and vampire. It was obvious how they felt about each other, so open with their emotions. He was sure they were probably getting pretty varied opinions on their upcoming marriage but he was happy to see them remaining strong and united.

AFter you survive as long as Troy had, you tend to become quiet observant of others and so even as he kept his attention mostly on Amelia, he could still sense something else going on with Dorian. He didn't know exactly what he was doing but it was just a sense. He trusted the other fae so he remained poised and relaxed at Amelia's side, and yet something changed Dorian's features to surprise and in that moment, Troy raised a brow in his direction but didn't say anything. He watched Dorian raise a glass and drink a little more than is considered the usual, his own curiosity only growing at the gesture. Then Dorian commented on how fast the baby was growing. Troy wondered if somewhere along the line, they were wondering if there was a possibility he wasn't the father. The very idea hurt but Amelia had already assured him that there was no one so recent before him and he believed her. Then Dorian asked if she knew what she was having and he turned his head expectantly to Amelia, his lips twitching. She sure did have her ideas on gender for sure.

He asked about named and Troy scowled a bit thoughtfully. They hadn't really discussed it out loud, had they? That needed to be rectified soon. Dorian seemed completely attentive to whatever answer Amelia might give, his eyes practically burning. He continued to nurse his drink which only made Troy watch him all the more. What wasn't he telling them? When he suddenly mentioned that he and Sebastian had adopted, Troy raised a brow and smiled. "Oh? Color me curious." He nudged for more information, the surprise obvious in the light of his gaze as he looked between the two. Finally Dorian produced his phone and handed it over and Troy chuckled as he looked at the picture of the adorable puppy. He listened to the question Dorian posed to his fiance before he looked up. "I'm sure he'll get tons bigger than this. I hope you're ready for slobber baths and teething time." He smirked teasingly. He let the couple have their silent moment before Dorian commented on dinner and Troy smiled at Amelia. "She always makes the best meals. I lucked out since I'm such a horrible cook."

Sebastian seemed easygoing enough, shaking his hand comfortably before he rested it on Dorian's waist so easily, as if that's where it belonged. He politely took the glass of wine and took a sip, the surprise a little more obvious on his features when Amelia admitted how long they'd been together. Troy knew most would probably be doubtful of his claim on the child but he also knew they would have to admit there was absolutely nothing normal about this pregnancy to begin with. Sebastian listened politely as they talked about the baby and he mentioned the wedding as Amelia asked how he was doing. Troy smirked. "I bet the press are knocking down your doors for photo ops and juicy gossip. Makes me glad my name isn't as well known as some." His eyes skirted to Dorian playfully. Sebastian chuckled when Dorian mentioned the adoption of their own, making a comment about them growing up so fast. Troy could see the genuine affection in his eyes for the pup in question. It was enough to make him smile, reminding him of a time when he wanted a puppy so badly. He had stared at those puppies in that pet store for hours until his dad came back to fetch him, assuring him that there was no place for a dog in their life. It was too dangerous.

Troy knew his father was right but it didn't make it any easier to walk away that day. Amelia was at least being gracious with him. He allowed her to take the lead on this whole dinner party thing, knowing she was much more experienced at being a hostess than he was. He chuckled with she teased him back about their time together, saying most don't move in and have a kid. "Hey, you were the one who asked me to move in, remember? The baby was a surprise to us both. A welcome surprise." He added with a warm smile, his eyes glittering with happiness as he stroked the small of her back lovingly. She took everything in good stride, even when they asked about the baby being as far along as it was and whether they knew what it was. When that next contraction came, Troy could feel it ripple through her body through his constant contact on her back, his brows furrowing instantly in worry as she tightened her grip on the bar. She was putting on a brave face but he wasn't going to make her work through this, dinner party guests or no.

"Do you need to sit down? Tell me what to do." He almost pleaded with his eyes, waiting for direction. He just wanted to know how he could help her. But after a few seconds, she straightened up and seemed to be over it. He wasn't completely convinced, his hand gently stroking her back, his gaze never diverting from her completely even as she answered them that they didn't know the gender. She laughed if off lightly as she admitted they would be terrible parents and he smirked along with her but the worry never completely left his face. She said that she was pretty sure the baby was a vampire because it craved blood and he thought on it. Yes, it did make sense. She was craving blood much more with the pregnancy, more specifically, his blood. He didn't know whether to blame it on the pregnancy itself but it made sense that the baby itself might be the one wanting it. She had done good to control her thirst, at least the best she could. He was always willing to give for her but she knew how not to take too much at any one time.

As Dorian showed the picture of the puppy, Amelia exclaimed how adorable it was and Troy smiled, glad to see her happy. The cook came to announce dinner was ready and Amelia ushered them all toward the dining room. He held his arm out, smiling at her as she hooked her arm through his and they started toward the table. But just as soon as they entered the room, he felt her grip tighten ten fold and it was all he could do not to curse in pain as he spun around to hold her in case she fell over. His eyes were wide, concerned. "Honey, I don't think this is normal. Please, let me take you to the hospital. Let's just have the doctor check. Our guests are welcome to stay here and enjoy the dinner. Let me take care of you, please."


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