and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars; dori & seb On November 06, 2017 at 9:19 AM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

Vhalla had left the city so suddenly she had been unable to say goodbye. The witch had barely anytime to gather her belongings before she was sent off; and still, there was a bit of light in her eyes. The woman had never dared to even think of traveling, though she worked her way through the cities slaughtering at her master’s whim, there was still the awe and wonder that captivated the young woman. Vhal seemed more stable, perhaps a bit more grounded, that edge she always projected outwardly a bit more smooth. Of course, the simmering rage she so held behind those eyes remained, she just managed to control it.

Without having Ivan breathing down her neck, she was able to work that fire affinity as she never could before. She found that anger came in handy when she truly needed to blow off steam. The assassin was pleased she managed to not burn down any buildings in the process. Perhaps set a few fields and trees on fire, but it was progress. It was something she found herself oddly excited about to show Dorian, he had been the only one who had offered to help. The thought of that warm spring day tickles the back of her mind, even bringing forth a simper to her lips as she prowls around the high walls of the estate she found herself at.

Brows arching, she releases a low whistle at the sight of the mansion. It hadn’t been terribly hard to find but she didn’t expect it to be littered with guards and so walled off from the community. Shrugging, she had managed to linger around the estate for several hours, noting the rotation of the guards. Vhalla didn’t expect to waltz up, knock on the door and be welcomed with open arms. She didn’t recognize any of the faces that stood at the entrance. Releasing a heavy sigh, she lingers in the shadows for only a moment more before concealing her stark white hair in her hood.

She thought about waiting until the cover of night but she wanted to surprise them. A half smile tugs at the corner of her lips before she quickly scales the wall and drops into the bushes on the other side. Muttering curses to herself, she hadn’t realized that the bush she now hid in was full of thorns. Wincing as the sharp branches scratch at her leathery suit, she remains there for several breaths before darting towards the mansion. Eyes scanning the wall, she finds a suitable window before pulling herself into the warm interior of the home. Pulling her hair from her hood, she flicks the loose ends over her shoulder before making her way down the lengthy hallways.

The assassin lingers in the hallways, glancing at the portraits and the art that so decorates the walls, careful not to touch anything. Honestly, she’s a bit surprised she hadn’t been discovered yet but then again, the sun was only just setting. Those hallways she dawdles in grow darker by the second and she only moves to the next level when the sun has completely set behind the mountains. The scrabbling sound of claws on the wood floor has Vhalla freezing, her ears straining to hear the sound grow closer. She has hardly any time to move out of the way as a small shape slides into her feet. Brows shooting skyward in astonishment, a grin breaks out across her features as she bends down to inspect the adorably small puppy before her.

“Oh, puppy!” she coos softly, running her hands across the animal, enjoying the softness of his fur between her fingers. Murmuring quietly to it, she gives him a quick scratch behind the ears before scooping him up into her arms. His tags jingle quietly and there’s barely enough light to read the name printed across it but she manages and Vhalla is laughing quietly. Of course, his name would be Maxwell. It was only fitting. Two old farts would manage to come up with a ridiculously old name. She’s assaulted with licks to her face and her arms and she allows it, all the while speaking gently to the puppy. He’s a squirming mess in her arms but he manages to settle down as they move in the direction the puppy came from.

A partially open door catches her attention, her blue eyes darting down to Maxwell in her arms. “So, you’re an escape artist I see,” she states before pushing open the door to reveal two sleeping figures in the bed. Grinning wildly, she flips on the light, casually leaning in the doorframe, stroking the puppy gently, “You guys got a dog and named him Maxell,” she states, “Why am I not surprised?”

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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