and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars On November 09, 2017 at 7:51 PM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

The groans that are so emitted through the room has Vhalla’s grin growing ever wider at the noise of discontent. Continuing to pet the adorable puppy within her arms, she coos softly to the animal, using such a gentle voice it almost didn’t sound like the typically angry and brash woman. She’s tempted to flick the light switch on and off until the two were annoyed enough to finally get out of bed but she refrains, only because she’s entirely distracted by the soft ball of fur in her hands, her attention hardly on the men in bed. Though, she does note the way Sebastian rolls over, as if he could hide from her. Sighing loudly, she decides she does want to be rather obnoxious.

Reaching over, she flicks the light switch off and on several times satisfying that annoying need of hers. There is a bit of muttering that she can’t quite discern though she’s pleased when Sebastian finally lifts his head to regard her with a frown before it hits the pillow again. Narrowing her eyes at how he simply brushed her off, she gently sets Maxwell on the ground and crosses her arms over her chest in distaste just as Dorian begins stirring in his sleep. There is some mumbled response to Sebastian that Vhalla can’t hear and then the blankets are pulled over both of their heads. Standing up straight, she uncrosses her arms with a look of incredulity plastered across her features, “Hey! You guys, really?” she grunts at them in surprise.

It’s only a moment more before Dorian throws back the covers realizing that she wasn’t one of the servants within his home. Arching a brow, she crosses her arms grumpily across her chest again watching the faerie monarch rattle off a series of questions. “The sun only just set,” she mutters at the man, “I’ve been gone for months and those are the questions you’re going to ask me? Here, let me help you,” she pauses and clears her throat doing the best imitation of Dorian as possible, though she can’t get her tone to go as deep as his, she hits spot on with his accent, “Ah, Vhalla dear! Where have you been all this time? We thought you were dead and were so very worried about you!” She breaks off the impersonation as she falls into a fit of laughter.

As Dorian begins to wake further, he continues lecturing her that merely has the assassin rolling her eyes at the man, “Of course, I’m alright. When am I not?” There’s a pause before her eyes narrow in on them with seriousness, “The couch incident doesn’t count, that was Sebastian’s fault,” she sniffs before striding into the room and launching herself onto the foot of the bed, settling down on the men’s legs. There’s a bit of commotion on the ground as Maxwell whines so Vhalla leans forward and picks the puppy up, setting him on the bed to wreak havoc on the two lovers. “I just wanted to see you,” she shrugs, looking away from the two men not wanting them to see the vulnerability written on her face.

She had missed them. Of course, she hadn’t said it but it was implied and she was certain they would know without her mentioning it out loud. Sighing, she quickly covers that vulnerability with a broad grin, “Just so you know, Maxwell is an old man’s name,” she pauses briefly, as she watches the puppy scamper across the bed, “But it seems fitting,” she finally concludes, those icy blue eyes traveling up towards her two friends still lounging in bed. “You two are lazy sacks of bones, get up,” she demands before standing up, reaching for Maxwell and placing him on the ground again.

Gripping the edge of the blanket, she yanks it with such force to uncover the two of them, “Let’s go do – jesus Sebastian! Put some god damn clothes on!” She yells, mortified, scrambling she fumbles for the blanket before tossing back over the naked vampire. “God, of course you would sleep in the nude,” making a fake gagging noise, she beckons towards the puppy, “Maxwell, let’s go wait in the hallway,” she mutters, stalking out of the room the puppy following her out. Shutting the door with a little more force than necessary, she slumps against the floor and entertains herself with the puppy, attempting the banish the image of Sebastian from her mind. “I’m forever scarred just so you know,” she raises her voice loud enough to be heard through the door.

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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