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in a moment we're lost in passion

dancing with this chemical attraction

The sheer brightness of that overhead light caused his eyes to squint ever so slightly, even as he tried to bury his head further into his lover's flesh and that welcoming embrace of that pillow. He relished in the sheer warmth of Dorian's figure against him, even as the Italian fae muttered some sort of response that even he could hardly make sense of. Turn the lights off? As if he was prepared to pull himself from the warmth of that bed to fiddle with that unwanted luminosity. That sudden flicker of those lights out was almost welcomed, prompting a soft sigh of relief from his lips before they were abruptly turned back on...and then off...and then back on. "Bloody hell." He muttered with a hint of annoyance and yet it was hardly enough to coax him from that bed. Rather, it was that sudden pull of those sheets over their head that finally prompted a soft sigh of relief from the vampire's lps. "Thank God." He grumbled in response to his lover, the vampire entirely content with that 'fix' of sorts to block out the annoyance of that young, white haired witch. He was certain the woman had no regards to how to properly wake someone up.

He was grateful, truly, in those moments after, that Dorian had taken to handling that young woman. The vampire was entirely content to remain nestled under those blankets, even despite those questioned that left the fae Monarch's lips. In fact, it wasn't until Dorian's insistence that Sebastian found himself grunting in an almost muted fashion in response. He could feel that heat as Dorian's form lay against those more intimate parts of his figure, that warmth surely enough to coax him back to that restful haze for at least another hour. He quite purposefully ignored that conversation between the witch and his fiancé, that laughter hardly coaxed little more than a small peek of his head over those blankets. It took him a moment for those eyes to adjust to that sudden brightness and yet, that look of discontent remained upon his features all the same, at least until Vhalla saw fit to admit with a touch of vulnerability that she had missed them, in some way or another. That was almost enough to prompt him to forgive her for that early intrusion - almost. A yawn crossed his lips, the vampire gave into that level of wakefulness that was near demanded of him and yet, he hardly saw fit to move, not yet, anyways.

In fact, it wasn't until that insult to Maxwell's name that Sebastian saw fit to join in on that conversation, that huff left his lips in an almost indignant fashion. It seemed that usual gallant demeanor was nearly lacking this early to rising. "It is not old, it's Scottish." He protested, entirely assured that the puppy needed a formal name to have a true hope of developing into a dog fit for the gentry. Sebastian could hardly help that hint of smugness as Vhalla accepted that such a name was rather fitting for their own little puppy, that contentment enough to prompt him to settle back against his lover's figure. That near demand from the girl's lips was whole heartedly ignored. Though he knew it was hardly proper for the pair to ignore that guest that had near barged in on them, he was equally as aware of that state of undress he was currently in. Maybe if he stayed in bed long enough she'd simply….go away. It was likely a feeble hope, not that Sebastian was particularly shy of an individual.

He was, however, hardly prepared for the way the young woman positioned herself at the feet of that bed, the man ignorant of the way her fingers gripped at the edge of those sheets. He hardly reacted, truly, to the way those sheets were pulled off of their figures, exposing that skin to the cold nipping of the air. It was almost natural, the way that his body seemed to retreat further beneath the fae King in an effort to steal what heat he could, that sudden screaming slowly coaxed the man's eyes open and towards the young witch as she near gagged at the sight of him. A small frown crossed his lips, his own gaze briefly glanced down the length of his figure only to fail to see anything nearly as horrific as she seemed to react to. Should he be surprised? Probably not. She had a tendency to be over dramatic. An almost audible sigh left his lips as the woman quite suddenly departed from that room with the puppy in tow. "Does she not know when acceptable visiting hours are?" He commented in a vague sort of complaint. It was with a sort of sluggishness that Sebastian made his way towards the edge of that bed, briefly running his hands through his hair. "Ugh…" He muttered, more to himself before slowly pulling himself from that mattress. "I'll get you some clothes." The vampire muttered over his shoulder towards his lover as he made his way towards that closet with the intention of wearing something 'suitable', even if it was Vhalla's fault for intruding in the first place.

Sebastian Ellington


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