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His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy

There was very little that might have inspired the man to want to leave the blissful warmth of that bed and his lover’s arms. Dorian snuggling further into that embrace with little intention of removing himself. Surely they could have another hour? It was far too early for the lights to be on he was sure. The Fae vaguely aware of them starting to flicker behind his eyes. This was terribly obnoxious behaviour for Elizabeth. His mind far too sluggish to truly comprehend the idea that the housekeeper would never dare do such a thing. Dorian assured he could solve that problem all the same, his arm reaching down to grasp those sheets and pull them up and over their heads to bring back that blissful darkness. His sigh of contentment surely matching Sebastian’s own in that moment. That voice however, finally seemed to manage to pierce that haze of sleep. That was not at all Elizabeth’s voice. In fact, that was a voice he had not heard in several months and yet he was almost not terribly surprised to hear it within his bedroom. Vhalla had a terrible habit of trying to get one or both of them out of bed by barging into their room.

Dorian shifted at last from his place within that dark little cave of sorts, the man gently crawling over Sebastian to lay across him, that feeling of skin on skin entirely delightful even despite that current situation. The Fae King lifting those blankets from the side to allow his head and just a little of those bare shoulders to be seen. His hair decidedly mused in all directions and not at all presentable as those near bleary silver eyes finally eyed the woman whom had caused such disruption of their ‘day’. That series of questions finally seeming to compile within the Monarch’s mind as his gaze settled upon Maxwell within her arms. This was all highly unusual. What a strange woman she was. Vhalla announcing that the sun had only just set before proceeding to attempt to make some sort of mockery off his accent! Dorian staring at her near blankly. In all the years he had lived no one had ever dared to do such a thing. The Monarch frowning slightly and with perhaps a touch of indignation.

“I am rather assured I do not sound like that.”

Perhaps he did? Dorian momentarily contemplating just that as Vhalla fell into a fit of laughter. The man inquiring then to whether or not she was alright. After all, surely only an emergency of some sort might prompt her presence here so early. The woman promptly announcing she was entirely well and why shouldn’t she be? The Sebastian incident aside. Dorian making some effort to prompt his lover awake only to be met with a grunt. His own eyes rolling lightly, his lip lifting just so in that touch of amusement before that sudden….vulnerability to the young woman’s voice drew his gaze back to her. Vhalla crossing the room to sit upon their bed. Maxwell proceeding to bounce amongest those sheets in delight at being closer to Sebastian and himself. She had missed them? She just wanted to see them? Dorian momentarily contemplating just those words. His own voice taking that softer tone then if only because it was, quite simply, within the mans nature to be as such. Dorian a distinctly personable being when he chose to be- the man terribly observant all the same. That insecurity upon her features hardly missed even if he did not address it directly.

“Darling, if you quite missed us you only needed to call. We might have been a little more prepared for your arrival had we been aware you were coming.”

It was perhaps, his decidedly polite effort to attempt the encourage her to make an appointment next time. The girl abruptly changing that subject only to declare that Maxwell was an ‘old mans’ name. That singular questioning of that name choice seeming to be enough to stir Sebastian from his stubborn state of sleep. The vampire defending that choice with insistence of it’s Scottish heritage. Dorian nodding in simple agreement. No dog of theirs would ever be subject to a plain name. Not when he was destined to spend his life mingling amongest nobility and royalty. Anything less than a proper name might surely distress the poor puppy. Dorian dreading to think of Maxwell feeling left out. Another yawn upon his lips then before it seemed Vhalla had quite had enough. The Monarch hardly anticipated the way the woman stood, placing the puppy back on the floor before yanking those blankets from the pair of them to reveal Sebastian’s entirely naked figure and his own dressed in nothing but boxer shorts.


His own form shifted to position himself more fully over those more intimate areas off his lovers figure to shield them from her view. The woman all but running from that room then with Maxwell in tow. That door slamming before that assurance she was marked for life echoed through. Dorian sighing near in time with his fiancé then. Sebastian’s query on whether or not she understood visiting hours met with a shake off his own head as the Monarch shifted to allow his lover to get up. Sebastian seating himself on the edge of the bed to run his fingers through his hair. Dorian glancing briefly upward to assure himself Vhalla was still outside before shifting to kneel behind his lover then. Dorian quite content to gently tilt the man’s head backward and against him. Dorian leaning down to steal that kiss from him. That near impish grin dancing across his features as he softly pulled away, head resting on Sebastian shoulder with affection before his gaze shifted deliberately downward to eye those very parts of the man’s physique that had so horrified Vhalla.

“It looks rather splendid to me. I think I quite adore those parts of you. Perhaps, after she has visited I might show you just how much.”

One eye lifted just slightly as the Monarch leaned away with that soft chuckle. His lips pressed teasingly to his lovers forehead as he did. Sebastian’s promise to fetch his clothing met with that word of thanks. Dorian assured such perfect nakedness was being utterly wasted when it might so have been enjoyed and yet he so hardly favoured the idea of Vhalla disturbing such things. The Italian taking those clothes from his companion then to see about dressing himself. Dorian hardly rushing that process in any sense. It was only when they were both suitably attired that the Fae moved to that bedroom door, opening it at last to eye the woman seated upon the other side of it with Maxwell in her arms.

“Good morning, Vhalla.”

He offered, shifting to step around her, leaving that door open behind him for Sebastian to make his way out when he was ready. Dorian suddenly frowning, a clear look of confusion touching his features, his gaze lifting to Sebastian before dropping back to that young woman.

“How did you get in here?”


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