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in a moment we're lost in passion

dancing with this chemical attraction

Sebastian was certain that laughter was far more insistent then it should be, as he glanced over those covers at that almost vulnerable appearing girl. A soft sound left his lips and yet, the vampire hardly saw any reason to intervene as his lover attempted to assure the woman she only had to inform them of her wish to visit rather than barge into their room at such an hour. He was hardly surprised by that laugh upon her lips, much less that response she afforded the fae Monarch. The woman eternally seemed to lack that appropriate conduct in any given situation. He was assured she would have become an outcast if she'd existed within his own era, much less Dorian's. It was that rather abrupt insult of that small puppies name, however, that finally coaxed the vampire to join that conversation. A huff left his lips as he informed the woman of the origins of that name and yet that cackle upon her lips only caused his frown to deepen ever so slightly. He was so not ready for this. He shifted within that bed, the vampire turned back towards the fae King, entirely content to ignored the young woman.

He was hardly aware of the way the young woman lifted that puppy onto the floor, only to grip the bottom of those sheets and tug them near completely off the bed. That shriek, much less that nipping coldness that beset his frame, all but chased away that remaining hint of sleep that so clung to the man. That disgruntled glimpse upon his features was altogether present, even as he glanced down at his own figure to deduce exactly what Vhalla had been subjected to. That slam of the door informed him well of her departure and yet, that shout that he had marred her for life prompted little more then a sigh for the vampire's lips. He hardly expected a response to that disgruntled tone, that complaint wholly rhetorical as the Englishman shifted to settle on the edge of that bed. His fingers ran through his hair in an almost subtle display of that discontent mood. That simple touch of the Monarch's fingers against his chin drew his gaze from that silent sulking towards the handsome features of the Italian fae.

His lips pressed ever so gently against his lover's own in a small glimpse of affection. That almost impish grin upon Dorian's features caused his own brows to furrow ever so slightly. Even so, he remained silent as his fiance's head rested ever so gently upon his shoulder, the Englishman oblivious in that moment as Dorian's gaze traveled downwards towards those more intimate areas of the man. A soft snort left his nose at Dorian's insistence that he adored all those bits of the vampire that utterly terrified the young witch and yet, he could hardly deny that allure of all those words promised after Vhalla's visit. "If we even can get through her visit." He commented and yet, though Sebastian was wholly displeased of that morning, he had every intention to be a proper host, even if his guest was anything but. It was with that promise of fetching clothing for them both that saw Sebastian rise from that bed, the vampire easily shifting through that closet for some sort of appropriate attire. It hardly look him long to return to the fae with that clothing in turn, that pair of pants already nestled on his hips.

Unlike his lover, Sebastian was hardly as eager to meet the young woman on the other side of that door, the Englishman almost lagging behind the fae King. He leaned against that doorway, glancing down at the witch as she spoke of that entryway she had gained despite the guards around the perimeter of that fence. Truthfully though, he supposed their security was...lacking if it came truly to the safety of the Italian King. "I'll see about getting an actual security system installed." He commented, those dark blue eyes glanced at his lover in the process, at least until Vhalla's inquiry of whether or not she could keep Maxwell. That puppy had almost become a child of sorts for the two men, doted upon and cared for with the same level of responsibility. "You can come and visit him." Sebastian stated, only to add after a moment's consideration, "Though you better start bringing treats if you want to be a good 'aunt'." After all, Maxwell could certainly benefit from the increased socialization, even if the creature was likely not going to turn into that guard dog he had meant to be with that level of enthusiasm the small bundle of love seemed to eternally have.

Sebastian Ellington


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