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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras listens to Lani weave a tale of her night and the man merely pinches the bridge of his nose without answering. He wouldn’t deal with this now, he could feel that exhaustion tugging at him every moment he lingered within the bedroom. He wasn’t mad at Lani, not really. Perhaps a bit disappointed that she didn’t take his advice seriously; but not upset with the woman. He had been utterly terrified when he found her, he wasn’t sure if she was going to survive the night. Between the door he opened into this realm and remaining awake for the entirety of the night, he needed to fall face first into bed; which he was on his way to do just that.

After the brief introductions and making sure Ida was well on her way to taking care of Lani, he exits the room quietly, his wings sagging in exhaustion as he begins to descend several flights of stairs. Making quick work of the hallway, he enters a room towards the end of the hall, shutting the door he wearily closes all of the blinds, the fireplace roaring to life; the only light source in the room, giving it a cozy feel. Kicking his shoes off, he discards his pants and undergarments on the floor before crawling into that large four poster bed, naked, drawing a blanket over his waist. He barely has time to roll over on his stomach and adjust his wings before sleep claims him; he would manage a shower later, now – now he needed the powers of what a few hours of rest would do for him.

Meanwhile, Ida is just helping Lani from the bed as the girl starts to respond to the coos of the older woman. Clucking her tongue at the girl, Ida gives Lani a small shake of her head, “Don’t worry, dearie, he has a big heart and always worries about the smallest of things; he’s good at hiding it, just not from me,” she winks delightedly at Lani as she pulls the girl to a standing position and carefully walks her into the bathroom. Ida is aware of every painful step for the human girl and attempts to alleviate as much weight as she possibly can. The wonder that so adorns the human’s face has Ida smiling warmly at her, “You’re the only person besides me to have seen Andras’s private quarters, I was surprised myself when he brought you here rather than another room,” Ida muses as she lowers Lani to the ground, removing that clothing.

Helping her carefully into the bathing pool, Ida stands and gathers the clothing in her arms, her nose wrinkling in distaste, “I’ll be right back, dearie. I’m going to… dispose of these,” she pauses mid-sentence as she sniffs the clothing, another snort following shortly after. She’s gone for only a moment as she quickly throws the costume away, returning to settle herself behind Lani’s head. Reaching for Andras’s shampoo, she gently begins to knead the liquid into her blond locks, washing away the blood as she lathers it graciously. She hums to herself to fill the silence, allowing her long fingers massage her scalp before she begins to gentle rinse her hair. Lani’s question has Ida merely pausing in her work to fetch a cloth, dipping it into the water and beginning to work the caked blood off the girl’s neck.

“I see he hasn’t told you much,” she chortles brightly as she continues to run the cloth over the woman’s neck, “He’s the High Lord of the Shadow Court – in human terms he would be equivalent to a Monarch or a King, he’s our ruler,” she states fondly as she dips the cloth back into the water to rinse away the blood. The growling of Lani’s stomach has Ida laughing quietly as she folds the cloth and sets it on the counter next to them. “This might itch a bit, dearie,” she says suddenly as she places her hand on the girl’s neck, her eyes glowing fiercely as she calls upon that healing power within her ancient frame. Lani’s skin begins to stitch together, the bruising from the bite slowly beginning to disappear and it takes all of a few seconds before she’s done, “Ah, that will do! Unfortunately, I can’t put blood back into your body,” Ida winks at her before pulling her hand away and pushing herself to a standing position.

Traveling to the far side of the bathing room, she digs through a closet before she pulls a plush white robe out, moving gracefully back to Lani still soaking in the pool. “As much as you want to linger in that pool, you’re turning into a prune. Plus, I suspect you’re hungry,” Ida smiles before reaching down and helping Lani from the tub, quickly wrapping her in the robe to ward off any chill that might seek out the girl. “I healed your wound but you’ll probably feel dizzy and weak until you get some food and a good night’s rest in your system,” she comments before linking her arm with Lani’s and leading her from the bathroom.

Crossing the room, she plants the girl in a chair and begins to towel dry her hair, finger combing those ringlets until it was suitable to style. Quickly braiding her hair, Ida steps back and looks at her handy work, “Let me see if I can find you something to wear,” Ida states before exiting the room entirely. She’s gone for only a few minutes before she returns with a soft cream colored, chunky sweater and black comfortable leggings along with extra thick socks to ward off the cold. “Here, let’s get you dressed.” Ida makes quick work of the robe, dressing Lani swiftly before the girl can deny her. “If you want a tour later I can give you one, but I suggest food and sleep first, then I can show you around our home,” Ida says warmly before linking arms with Lani once more and leading her out the room and down several flights of stairs.

Finding themselves in the kitchen, Ida plants Lani in a chair at the table and takes a step back, waving her hand out across the table where food simply appears. A knowing smile adorns Ida’s features, her eyes crinkling, “This is a very special place, a human has never been invited within these walls nor within this realm,” she raises a hand to stop any questions from the girl, “I know you have a lot of questions and we will answer as many as we can in due time. For now, eat and return to bed. Don’t worry about cleaning anything up, the lodge is spelled to clean up after the residences. If you need anything just give a holler, I’ll be around.”

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