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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras is so far drawn into the clutches of sleep that the exhausting dragging him so completely under makes him entirely oblivious to the world. Not even those nightmares visit him during this dreamless sleep. A nice reprieve as he doesn’t have to relive that slaughter again; at least for a few hours. The Fae does not so much as shift from the position of laying on his stomach, his arms curled beneath a pillow, his back rising and falling slowly as those wings carefully begin to fold tightly against his back. It was that type of sleep that replenishes the energy within his body, healing him of the fatigue that plagued him from the long night. The crackling of the fire does not wake him, nor the wind that begins to howl against the lodge; not even the opening of that door can rouse him.

Her scent that wafts into the room has Andras stirring, though he remains unaware of her presence, at least, for now. Her quiet footsteps travel across the hardwood floor and fall on deaf ears, even when she’s practically standing over him and watching him he does not move. That gentle touch upon his wings has those appendages shuffling lightly under her touch, as if it tickled. It draws him so very slowly from that sleep, her feather light touches caressing his wings and unbidden, a deep moan of pleasure emits from his throat. It’s with that own noise of his that he makes, does his hazel eyes finally snap open. His wings flare out quickly, narrowly missing Lani as he launches himself to his knees, those covers falling from his frame.

Darting a calloused hand out, he grasps the woman’s wrist and drags her down onto the bed, pinning her arms next to the side of her head. Andras successfully straddles her, those wings snapped out in a threatening manner, darkness swirling in his eyes as his sleep filled mind attempts to make sense of the situation. Brows drawn down in contemplation, the confusion slowly begins to dissipate as he focuses on the woman beneath him, “Lani? What in the hell… how did you get in here?” he questions, shaking his head, a few flakes of blood peeling off of him and landing on that cream-colored sweater.

He’s ignorant of the fact that he has the woman pinned to the bed, his frame entirely naked as he attempts to understand what in the world is happening. “What time is it?” he mutters, glancing towards the windows, though he had forgotten he shut all the blinds prior to falling asleep. Still, he manages to see a bit of sunlight peeking through the curtains. Allowing, his hazel eyes to travel back to Lani, he notes he has her arms pinned to the bed. Blinking at the situation he found himself awoken to, he gently releases her wrists though he makes no move to get off of the woman, instead, that sultry smile of his begins to toy at the corner of his lips.

“You must be feeling better seeing as you went exploring by yourself,” he purrs darkly at her, his dark locks falling into his eyes. “Did you find what you were looking for?” he teases her wickedly, that humor of his so returning in full force. Allowing his gaze to travel to her pale neck, he shifts his weight to one hand so he can brush gentle fingers against her nape, “I’m glad Ida decided to heal you, she’s a fickle one,” he laughs quietly before dropping his hand back to the bed after lingering just a touch too long on her skin. Noting his blood caked limbs, his nose wrinkles in distaste, he couldn’t believe he had actually been able to sleep through that disgusting scent.

Sultry eyes travel back to Lani, his wicked grin adorning his lips once more, “I see that your curiosity got the better of you again,” he murmurs, folding his wings in against his back as if in answer, “You ought to be more careful next time, my family is trained from birth to protect our wings; you’re incredibly lucky I came too before my baser instincts kicked in,” he states, though there’s amusement dancing across his features, “As much as I’ve enjoyed this predicament you’ve found yourself in, I need to shower and unless you plan on joining me, I suggest you meet me downstairs in the dining room so we can eat,” he chuckles quietly before finally releasing her completely, his body sliding off the bed. He doesn’t cover himself as he finds those slacks he wore last night, slipping them on and buttoning them before he looks over his shoulder at the girl.

“I’ll be downstairs in ten minutes.”

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