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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Yes, she had once been fearful of the dark fae man, but that fear had only lasted moments. She remembers well the way that they had come across one another, and it was a memory that she would certain she would never be able to forget – and she hoped that it would remain with her always. Ever since that night, beneath the hidden stars and what little light the ever so weak glow of the universe provided them then, she had been fascinated… captivated by him. At first, it had been a startled intrigue as she saw him there, sitting within the arms of that old tree just as the sun was beginning to rise on the horizon, those bat-like appendages hanging almost lazily to either side of him. She had been foolish then to think that she might be able to capture that very first moment, her very first known encounter with something that she had always been told was nothing more than lore passed down through the centuries to explain that which had been, at one point in time, difficult. Looking back to that night, she knew that she could have saved herself so much grief had she not lifted that camera to her face and dared to snap that picture for it had been the ever so subtle sound of the shutter that had alarmed him and resulted in the sudden and fearsome reaction that befell the blue-eyed blonde. Then again, had it not been for her clear lack of common sense in the presence of that which even now she still understood so little of, there was also that chance that they would never have met, that they might never had been put in a position where the opportunity to learn about the other had found them. Perhaps in that moment, when her heart had pounded so frightfully against her breast and drummed so loudly in her ears that she was certain she would be cut down then and there, she had wished that she would have been wiser in the choice that she had made. Now though, she was grateful for that brash action and his own that answered in turn. As crazy as it might sound to others, she now looked back to that night with a fondness that she hadn’t felt before.

She is standing there at his bedside and it is hard for her not to look over his strong frame that dwarfed her so drastically. The way that his breathing came slow and steady, the way that his bare skin glowed in the warm light of the fire that crackled and snapped quietly against the dark silence of the room, she only feels those cheeks take on a familiar warmth when those baby blues caress the curves and crevices of those defined shoulders that melted into his strong back accented by those large wings one from Willowhaven might think should belong only to a being borne of hellfire and despair. She knew perfectly well now that Andras couldn’t be farther from such a creature – at least, that was what she believed. She was still very much aware of just how little she knew of the fae man, but she was also very much aware of just how she truly wanted to know all that he would share with her. There was an unmistakable fondness that she felt for the man, and some might dare to challenge that fondness by simply stating it was merely the fact that she had saved her from an untimely demise that she was only further drawn to him, but there was more to it than that. There was more to it than even she herself was aware at this point in time, but all the same she would not deny that she cared for him… As she brushes those soft fingertips faintly along the bone of that wing, she can’t help the gentle smile that dances across her features. They did not feel quite like she had imagined, but that truly wasn’t much of a surprise to her. In fact, the felt a lot like the same on a human. She realizes in this moment that she hadn’t felt more than those strong hands of his as they had taken her own so carefully into his own. Those hands of his, they were rougher than her own, but their gentleness had taken her wholly by surprise – pleasant surprise. She never would have thought that someone so strong could be so gentle…. What are you dreaming of, I wonder…

Her heart quickens as those wings seem to shift ever so slightly beneath her gentle caresses, a quiet moan escaping the sleeping man that stills her in that place beside the bed. It was a sound that almost sounded like… like he enjoyed it. Or perhaps it was a sound of discomfort? She had never before provoked such a sound from another before and so while her heart begins to flutter in her breast, she tilts her head to one side curiously. Suddenly, quicker than her mind is able to follow and almost faster than it is able to register, the once sleeping form of Andras is sprung to life in a flurry of sheets, those bat-like wings snapping open suddenly and nearly colliding with the young woman. She is only able to manage a single step back when those fingers that had been so gentle once now grip firmly upon her wrist, causing those baby blues to widen in surprise rather than fear. She doesn’t even have a chance to fight back (not that she would have really stood a chance if she had) and suddenly she is pulled onto the soft bed, hands pinned into place above her head, hazel eyes meeting her own with that familiar predatory nature. Those large wings are flared above them, but when she tries to struggle reflexively beneath him, she comes to realize exactly what she’d found herself in. Those fair-skinned cheeks grow fiercely warm as she dares to glance down, realizing that he was naked. She looks back up to that rippling chest, heart now racing wildly within her breast as she drags those baby blues along up to those hazels again when that smooth midnight voice whispers her name. Confusion flickers across those hazel eyes of the dark fae man, but that soon fades as he asks her how it was she got there.”Umm… the door?”, she answers almost shyly as she remains straddled, suddenly furiously conflicted by the fact that she was both startled and strangely electrified by his touch as he looms over her, braided blonde hair flung over her left breast. Andras seems to finally shake the sleep from his mind and as he glances only briefly towards the windows with curtains drawn over them, she is still trying to decide exactly what it was she was feeling in this moment.

Some might have struggled or protested, even become defiant and yet she was…. Content. Startled and embarrassed at the fact she’d seen all of him, but she did not feel compelled to try and free herself….. So distracted with this very moment and those churning emotions, she doesn’t even register the flaked blood that falls over the cream-colored sweater that hangs loosely over her slender frame. When baby blues collide once more with those hazels, she feels his hands release her wrists and yet he remains there over her and while she could have wriggled her way from beneath him, she makes no move to. Why? She doesn’t have time to explore that question she poses for herself before he is speaking again, those satin baritones making it impossible for her to find any words at all as those dark locks fall before now sultry hazels.”Umm, yes – Well, I mean I was just -”, she begins to say, cutting off at of course the most suggestive part in her sentence as his weight over her shifts and she can see the muscles flexing which only bring more warm to her cheeks, wondering how her eyes even managed to look away from his in that moment, returning to those hazels as he brushes those strong fingers ever so gently, almost tenderly, against her neck. His touch was…. She doesn’t even finish that thought, everything seeming to move in a whirl, stomach alive with butterflies that ebb as quickly as they’d come when his molasses-smooth laughter falls from the dark fae man’s lips. She felt like melted ice cream beneath him, but in an unusually good way, if that made any sense. Then that familiar wicked smile etches itself into his features when he looks back to her after inspecting those defined forearms, he folds those wings along his back as he nearly whispers to her now and she finds that she is still blushing fiercely at his next string of intricately woven words that practically make her heart stop. Join him!? Just the sheer fact that such an image dared to flicker across her thoughts only makes her cheeks grow warmer yet and she wants to bury her face in those wrinkled sheets to hide it. He finally slides from his position over her with a quiet chuckle and now he’s standing there in all his natural bareness. Forcing herself to stand, ensuring that her gaze did not go wandering as her mind did as he covers his manhood. He glances over his shoulder at the young woman, and for a only a moment longer she is still."Okay", she ushers timidly and she quickly moves to the door, escapes into the hallway and down the flight of stairs until at last she seats herself on the ivory couch, face still flushed as she stares into the dancing flames within the fireplace. What is wrong with me? She waits there for him now, taking longer than one would consider necessary to calm herself although something told her that when he appeared at the bottom of those stairs, that flush would find those cheeks again. A part of her dared to whisper what it was that caused those thoughts to race and time to slow as she is unable to see the glow of the fire on his skin, the way that he looked at her with those hazel eyes… but she decides not to listen, not now. It was just an accident and he was just teasing like he seemed to enjoy doing…. right?

Beylani Rose~
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