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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras is entirely ignorant to the sudden blush that so creeps up the woman’s cheeks, instead, he’s still attempting to blink away the confusion from his sleep addled mind. As he mutters out his first set of words, his hazel eyes lock on Lani beneath him, the hammering of her heart sounding in his ears. Fixing his gaze on hers, the woman’s response gives Andras a pause before a small smile quirks at the corner of his mouth, eyes hooded in amusement as that weariness and confusion finally vanishes from his features, “I see that,” he murmurs quietly, biting back that chuckle that so threatens to escape him. “It’s not very polite to intrude on someone while they’re sleeping,” he arches a suggestive brow at her.

Nostrils flaring slightly as he takes in her scent, noting the way it subtly changes whilst she is pinned beneath him; Andras is careful to keep that astonishment from dancing across his features. As he plies her with questions, the utter honesty that so is emitted from her lips has that wicked smile only growing in size, his brows raising as he listens to the way she stumbles over her words. The blush he misses from before is more apparent in the dim lighting, his dark eyes traveling their way down her petite frame. “I’m glad you found what you were looking for,” he simpers down at her, his hands carefully releasing her wrists.

He takes that brief moment to draw calloused fingers across her neck, inspecting any remaining damaged. Finding none, he had to remind himself to thank Ida for healing her. The older woman did what she wanted, being her High Lord meant nothing, not really, it was nothing but semantics. Still, Andras was grateful as he pulls his long fingers away from the girl. As he suggests she join him in the shower, he can’t help but allow another midnight chuckle to fall form his lips as the embarrassment from Lani only grows. Slipping from the bed, he hauls his slacks back on, announcing he would meet her in the dining room.

He glances back briefly, a sultry smile adorning his features before he exits the room. It doesn’t take long before he finds himself wandering up those stairs and entering his private bathing room, the scent of Lani clinging to practically everything. It was distracting to say the least, but he forces himself to cross the tiled floor, remove his clothing and step into the shower on the far side. Turning the shower head on, Andras is relieved when the water comes out freezing cold at first. Though it was rather shocking, he needed to cool the fire that so lingered in his blood and chase away the rest of the fatigue that danced within him.

He forces himself to remain under that cold jet stream for several moments before changing the temperature to something much more suitable. It doesn’t take him long to finish in the shower; he’s careful to avoid his wings getting snagged on anything as he exits, towel drying himself and moving into the bedroom. Fishing through the drawers, he finds himself a set of sweats that hang low on his waist and a dark gray v-shirt with slits in the back to accommodate those wings. He briefly vanishes those wings prior to pulling on that shirt and allows them to reappear, the appendages carefully making their way through the slits.

Andras remains bare-footed as he exits his room, descending the staircase and into the dining room. He’s true to his word and is in front of Lani only ten minutes later, his hair still wet from the shower. He was practically an entirely person, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, rather than those classy slacks and jackets he allows wore. Smiling wickedly at her as he enters the room, he takes a seat across from her, adjusting his wings around the back of the chair. Waving a hand across the table, steaming food appears before them, an assortment of pot roast, potatoes, vegetables and rolls. Gesturing towards Lani to serve herself first, he waits patiently before there is food piled on her own plate.

“How are you feeling?” he questions casually, though there’s a bit of worry still buried in those eyes of his. “Forgive me for putting you through something like that,” he winces as he finishes serving himself, that apology of his so rare to be announce to the world, “And, I’m sorry for last night. My exhaustion got the better of me, I’m not normally so… temperamental,” he offers a wry grin tinged with an apology.

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