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Dark hazel eyes linger on the woman across from him, watching her carefully as she serves herself food, her own eyes a bit wide in astonishment. Smiling to himself, he leans forward and rests his elbows on the table, “I’m honestly astounded at your lack of questions today, Lani darling,” he purrs at her, teasing her, daring her to ask. “I’ll put you out of your misery though, I can see that you’re practically bursting at the seams. I have kitchen workers, all employed by me, they prepare the food elsewhere and this… place is spelled to bring items in and out, such as food, clothing, essential living items,” he explains briefly before finally serving himself as he notes she begins to eat.

The scent of the roast that swirls in the air brings forth that ravenous hunger he had subdued. Using magic always made him hungry; he needed to replace that energy he used the night before. Piling the food onto his plate, he begins to scarf the sustenance down in barely a civilized manner, questioning Lani as to how she feels between bites. A bit of relief has his shoulders slumping slightly, Andras was pleased to hear she was feeling better. “Food and rest will help with that. You may stay here as long as you wish to recover,” he offers, hearing that quiet chuckle of Ida from some floors above that could only be heard on Fae ears. Frowning, he glances up, as if he could see through the ceiling, shaking his head in exasperation.

Returning his attention to the woman across from him, he pauses in his eating when she inquires about how he was feeling. Arching a brow at her, he sets his fork down before sweeping another hand across the table to reveal a two wine glasses and an unmarked bottle of red wine. He’s silent for a moment as he pours Lani a glass and then himself, sliding it towards her, “It’s never too early for a drink; plus, it goes well with the roast,” he winks at her before lifting the delicious liquid to his lips and takes a small sip. “I’m fine, a little more sleep and I’ll be fit as a fiddle again,” he smiles sultrily at her. Setting his wine glass down, “I know you don’t wish to recall what happened to you last night, but I need to know if you remember anything,” he says a bit quietly, an apology dancing in his eyes.

Andras was entirely uncertain if Lani remembered that portal being opened, dropping them into this winter wonderland. There was confusion clearly written on her features yet he was clueless for the moment. He didn’t expect the woman to go tell people about this place… yet, old habits die hard, especially when it came to trusting others. He’s attention is entirely drawn back to Lani, as she spears a carrot and brings it to her lips in a distracting way. His dark eyes go straight to her mouth where they remain briefly, until she begins to speak. It takes a bit of effort to tear his gaze from her luscious lips, but he manages, just barely. Her statement has Andras wincing. Of course, she would think it wasn’t his fault. He should have left it at that, but he couldn’t let the woman believe she had been randomly attacked, perhaps it would finally scare her off by knowing the consequences of remaining by him.

Picking up that wine glass again, he drinks deeply before replying, “Ah, you see Lani, dear, it was my fault you were attacked,” he starts allowing a pause in between words to let it sink in, “The night I brought you back to your apartment, that creature was there, watching you. He probably would have left you alone if I didn’t show up, but I did and… challenged him. From there he most likely believed it to be a game, some undead like to hunt as a sport rather than just sating their hunger. I had hoped he would hunt me rather than you, the undead prefer the taste of faerie blood,” he explains, setting the glass back on the table.

“So, yes. It was my fault. Forgive me,” he says, his eyes darkening at the mention of the vampire. He’s quick to leash that temper this time though as he goes on to ask forgiveness for the lecturing he gave her this morning. Waving a hand at her, “No, you did not deserve it. I was upset and tired which is no excuse for how I acted. There’s no need to apologize, let’s call it even,” he smiles at her before picking up that fork again to resume his eating, “I’m glad I could be of service,” he winks at her just as he finishes the food. The smile that so adorns Lani’s features has Andras arching a brow at her, at the humor that played in her eyes. Her next statement has a midnight chuckle escaping his lips, “Was my gift not enough of an apology, dear? Would you rather I gravel at your feet and beg your forgiveness? Hmm?” he purrs deliciously at her.

Pushing back from his chair, he folds his wings in tightly to his back as he pads bare-footed around the table, his dark eyes locked on her baby blues all the while. Coming to a halt in front of her, he grins wickedly before slowly, bending down so he’s on his knees before her, that devilish grin still adorning his lips as he leans forward and places his calloused hands on her thighs lightly, “Forgive me, Lani?” he asks, those damp locks of his falling into his eyes once more, a sultry gleam to his gaze.

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