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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras has to keep the anger at bay that so unbidden rises from the depth of him as she begins to explain what she remembered. Her tone seems clipped as she travels back into her mind, the scent of fear tickling his nostrils as he watches her, those eyes narrowing slightly. Though there is a faint smile dancing upon her lips by the end of her explanation, Andras looks at her sadly. He didn’t wish for her to be caught up in the supernatural world and yet here she was, practically in the middle of it. Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair, “He’s gone now, you won’t ever have to worry about him again,” he murmurs soothing tones leaving his mouth. There’s a moment of silence before he launches into his own explanation about how he was the reason she was hunted.

He expected anger, tears, fear, something along those lines and instead, he gets… he’s not sure what he gets. Assurance, possibly? Andras hides his confusion well; she was by far the most interesting human he had ever met in his entire existence. Instead of pursuing his apology, he merely dips his head towards her in acceptance. As their conversation shifts to that of lighter talk, he’s pleased to see that flush creep up her cheeks, the thundering of her heart pounding in his ears. He almost chuckles again until he sees that subtle shift in her smile. Brows arching, he watches her carefully, his features infinitely amused as he stands, purring at her deliciously as he gracefully saunters around the table, and kneels before her, in between her legs.

His hands find a place on other of her thighs, his thumb on his right hand gently stroking her leg as he begs her for forgiveness, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the cloth beneath his hand. Though, he suspected he would much prefer his calloused hands on her bare skin. That wicked grin stretches across his lips casually as her features take on an even more red flush. He was certain he was going to make Lani combust. And then, there it was again. That hint of confidence twinkling in her eyes as she masters herself just enough. His nostrils flare as he scents her once more, whatever she was thinking of he was assured he would want to know one day.

He doesn’t tear his sultry gaze away from her, even when her pale hand comes to rest on his tan one, even when her fingers brush the corded muscle in his forearm. Her words have him blinking in delighted surprise, eyes narrowing as he smiles at her, that predatory gleam so coating those Fae features once more. His hands grip her thighs a touch harder as he holds her gaze, those dark hazel eyes boring into her as he slowly begins to stand. His hands leaving her thighs only to situate them on either side of her, successfully pinning her between the table and his body. Andras is close, mere inches from brushing his muscled frame against her, his eyes traveling down Lani so very slowly before he draws them back up to her face.

“And what would you have me do, Lani darling?” he breathes, quietly, the fire thrumming in his veins, screaming at him to take what is his. But he refrains, aware that Ida was now silently descending the stairs. And even when his maid comes into the dining room he does not move away from Lani, he simply allows that wicked gaze to linger on her lips a touch longer than necessary. ”Andras, is this really necessary? The poor girl is trying to eat,” she trills as she enters the room, a bundle of clothing in her arms. So very slowly, his gaze travels to Ida, amusement adorning his features before he pushes off the table and takes a step away from the woman.

“Forgive me, lady,” he murmurs quietly, sketching a bow to Lani revealing such an old-fashioned gesture, before he walks towards Ida, pausing as she drops the clothes onto the table. He takes a moment to rifle through them, nodding his approval before he bends down and plants a kiss of gratitude on Ida’s cheek. “Thank you for deciding to heal her,” he laughs, his eyes warm once more as Ida slaps him away. ”Of course, I was going to heal her you buffoon. If you ever just asked for something for once you would know it would get done,” she sniffs at him though there is a loving glow about her as she turns to gaze at Lani. ”How are you feeling, dearie? I hope Andras isn’t harassing you too much,” she pauses briefly, ”These are for you, I suspect you’ll be staying awhile so I scrounged up some warm clothes for you.”

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