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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

He knew what his nearness, his scent, that wickedly sultry looks he openly allowed to caress those gentle curves of her feminine frame did to her. He had to, or else that delight smile would not be etched so daringly into those lips the lingers so very, very close to the blush-colored lips of the young woman's own, and the bolder and more defiant spark in her spirit dared to accuse him of enjoying the effects that he knew his presence had on her. She is urged by something unexplainable to close that frighteningly small space between them and press those lips to his, but she doesn't. How could she? Better yet, why would she? This was all just a game to him and nothing more... right? After all, if he was royalty, why in this world and the worlds beyond would he ever even find the slightest bit of interest in her like that? This wasn't some fairytale novel where a prince falls in love with that pretty little peasant girl living modestly in some little cottage hidden in a quiet forest. She wasn't Belle and he certainly wasn't The Beast, there wasn't soft and romantic music playing in the background to encourage intimacy, so the very thought that he saw her as anything more than his friend was a very unlikely possibility - maybe even only considering her as some girl with an awful habit of finding herself in troublesome situations. Yet she just could not shake those feelings, couldn't help wondering just what it was she meant to him, how he saw her. The very last thing she wanted to do was read into things wrong, and that pull in her body that seemed to want his touch was doing the exact and absolute opposite of helping her put herself back together after shivering involuntarily beneath that touch of his that still lingers where those strong hands had been, like they were still there when her mind insisted that they were very much on the mahogany table, the heat of his handsomely muscled frame only making things that much harder to defy the way that he made her feel.

Silently relieved when the sweet older fae woman makes her silent entrance into the room dissolves the heated moment that she would very much like to blame the red wine on though she'd hardly had enough to get that warm feeling she'd always been told had a tendency of weakening any inhibitions one might have that often helped keep things from happening when they really shouldn't so that figurative scapegoat wasn't a possibility. You're going to have to accept what you know you're feeling eventually. You can only deny them for so long, Lani. She forces that voice in the back of her mind away from her as she moved to stand near Ida and Andras, baby blues bright with excitement as she admires the winter clothes on the table. How long had it been since she'd last been able to play in the snow? Too long for the blue-eyed blonde, though in actuality she and her family had gone to the mountains last winter. That had been months and months ago, and for the young woman who very much enjoyed the beauty and the cold of a snowy winter day, that much time since last she'd felt the frozen rainwater in her hands had felt almost like an eternity. Besides, it would also be a welcomed distraction from the occurrences of the past hour that she was sure she would end up thinking back on later anyway, so she would eagerly seize any opportunity to put it off when those hazel eyes might not be so keenly observant of her. Her attention is turned to Ida as the fae woman speaks and Beylani smiles warmly to her and she is about to thank her when suddenly Andras decides to insert his own satin smooth words and again that boldness which seemed bound and determined to get her into trouble dances through those baby blue eyes that turn to him while she inwardly fights against the warmth that sought to color her cheeks again, a playful smile playing across her lips."I'll keep that in mind", she answers him in playfully false thoughtfulness as she denies the subtle stirrings that sought to rise.

Unable to withhold the chiming note of laughter that tumbles from her lips, baby blue eyes alive with fond amusement as she watched Andras laughing in entertainment at the smack Ida gave the sun-kissed skin of his toned forearm, joined quickly by words that still Beylani's laughter and instead she glancing with a soft yet silent curiosity at the mention of the dark fae man's mother, again reminding her just how little she knew of him. So far, of the questions she'd been able to ask him, they were not entirely directed at Andras. She wanted to know what else was behind those suggestive comments and almost frustratingly electrifying gestures that had a way of making her forget everything else around her. She would have to remedy that, and since she was feeling much better since last night and Andras seemed to as well, she looked forward to a walk through that winter wonderland outside where they could talk again, just the two of them in that white wilderness beyond those floor-to-ceiling windows of the mystifying lodge. With a soft scoff, Ida leaves the room and Andras turns those hazel eyes back to the blue-eyed blonde and at his reply she was almost unable to refrain from squeaking in that childless excitement that illuminated her gaze. He gives a wave of his hand and the remains of their dinner vanishes before he moves to stand at the bottom f the staircase, only pausing to inform her that she was free to continue using his room if she so desired - which she certainly did even if she wouldn't admit it to him, Ida, or herself for that matter - and watches as he disappears up the stairs. Not wanting to waste any time, she gathers those clothes up into her arms and nearly runs up the stairs and into his bedroom where she quickly slips out of the loose leggings and cream-colored sweater before dressing herself in the provided undergarments that strangely fit perfectly, followed by those thick winter leggings lined warmly with fleece and a warm white long-sleeved turtleneck. She then slips another thick sweater over that turtleneck before wrapping the blue and green plaid scarf around her neck and lastly slides her feet into those winter boots also lined with faux fur. Warmly if not cozily dressed and ready for the winer exploration awaiting her, she departs from the room and descends down those stairs again, blonde locks tinged with milk chocolate still fashioned in that braid and draped over her shoulder.

Andras is waiting for her in the dining room as she reached the bottom of those stairs and she takes a moment to admire his own winter attire , those wings of his becoming nothing but natural now as they remained sprouted from his defined shoulders. He stands as she walks over to him, an eager smile on those blush-colored lips as he asks her if she was ready before offering his hand to her like he had the night they'd walked back to her apartment. There is no hesitancy this time however as she happily accepts his gesture, placing her hand gently on his arm."More than ready", she answers brightly. They move towards the front door that swings open and the cold winter air kisses her warm skin. At least this way if he decided to try and make her blush again it would be less noticeable she muses quietly to herself as they step out onto the cobblestone path, the freshly fallen snow sparkling beneath the bright winter sunshine."So where exactly are we? And how did we get here?", she asks as baby blue eyes look up to those familiar hazels, curiosity glittering even brighter than the snow around them. She remembers then the smartphone the remained on the table in Andras' room and she hopes that her parents hadn't tried calling or texting her..."Is there a way to communicate to others here? Like radios or cell phone service?", she continued to ask as they continue to walk side by side. She doubts that her phone carrier would receive any service her out here simply from her past experiences when being up in the mountains with her family every winter. If it didn't work there, she had a feeling it wouldn't here but surely there was some form of communication? Maybe, maybe not. He had been so concerned about her lack of questions but now he might just take back that worry he'd had previously because now the young woman was bursting with them.

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