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The days were getting colder and colder as time went on and fall began to surrender to the cold hands of winter that reached out greedily for the city of Sacrosanct. However, the nearly bitter cold was something that the young woman was quite accustomed to and certainly prepared for, such being evident in the attire that she'd chosen for this day of exploring. Long hair the color of wild clover honey are woven intricately into an elegant side-braid that she decided would help keep the strands from out of those eyes of hers the same icy blue as early morning frost in winter. Her neck is wrapped cozily into a fleece scarf to match that glacier gaze that is alive with excitement as they drink in the many buildings and street names. Having selected her favorite pair of faded bootcut jeans and plain emerald green turtleneck hidden beneath the thick duffle coat, the subtle sound of those black calf-high makalu silas boots lined with faux fur against the hard pavement of the sidewalk lost amidst the various sounds of the afternoon rush hour, she strolls leisurely through the sea of faces as makes her way to... well, somewhere.

The young college woman's intention was to find that local farmer's market stand she'd seen on the Internet when she'd searched for some of the best places in this still foreign city with a hope to find some hot spots that she would enjoy visiting on a relatively frequent basis. That was the one good thing about living more or less in the heart of this hustle and bustle world, almost everything was within walking distance. It was drill something that Elain was trying to get used to however, she and Lazarus having been much more accustomed to the wide open spaces of the estate they'd been raised on before their life had been turned upside down that fateful night. Her brother had been adamant that instead of moving into a house in the less crowded part of Sacrosanct, a townhouse with neighbors shoulder to shoulder with them would be the safer way to go. Elain hadn't been too terribly keen on being in the middle of everything, much preferring the quiet and elbow room that came with living on the outskirts of a city as big as this one, but she also knew that arguing with her big brother was pointless and so she'd grudgingly agreed with him on the current location they'd settled into. The living room and bedrooms were still filled with boxed that they had yet to unpack, but today the young woman didn't quite feel like staying trapped inside - even if it was cold and windy outside.

Certain she'd taken a wrong turn at a cross street somewhere, Elain had now taken to simply forgetting about the farmer's market for the time being. Instead, she was content to simply wander the streets of downtown, looking into the many shops and going into a few of them that captured her interest with a cute blouse or seemed to hunt at hidden treasures she could add to her little collection of knickknacks, her favorite things to collect being precious stones and seashells that she could occasionally find in little antique or beading stores. She had acquired a taste for collecting these things because it had been something that her mother had enjoyed and it the young woman feel just that much closer to the kind and soft spoken woman who had given her life and taught her how to stitch and sow and tend a garden. Oh, how Elain longed for a garden one day... A garden full of fruit bushes and vegetables so that just maybe she could make meals that were half as delicious as those her mother would prepare for the the family those years ago. She thinks back to that chicken, rice, and vegetable casserole she'd attempted to make just last after having gotten home from school and how she'd nearly botched the whole thing. How had their mother been so talented at home-cooked meals? She remembers taking it out of the oven when she'd heard the front door open and then shut fiercely from behind her, swearing it had shaken the walls.

Of course she had spun around with eyes of early morning frost wide in surprise, knowing that while Lazarus often wasn't aware of his own strength at times, that had been an undeniably enraged slamming of the front door. She had watched him stagger across the doorway and immediately she'd abandoned her less than satisfying attempt at making dinner and gone over to the man, the awful smell of burned skin filling the living room where he dropped down onto the couch. She'd demanded he tell her what the hell happened and when she's sat on the edge of the couch next to him, her concern had shifted into frustration as she notice the cut on his cheekbone and the fist-sized bruise surrounding it. Just when she'd told him to behave himself, he'd gone and gotten his ass beaten. She'd insisted on helping him with the burn on his chest and the wounds on his chiseled face but he'd been his usual stubborn and proud self, pushing Elain off him and storming up the stairs and slamming the door to his bedroom behind him. Leave it to Lazarus to go and pick a fight at some bar somewhere.

Distracted by the large glass window that revealed more women's clothes as well as her thoughts on the events from the night before, she almost collides with another standing there on the corner. Turning that distracted gaze suddenly from the shops that lined the sidewalk to face the stranger in front of her as she comes to a less than graceful and stumbling stop, astonishment written clearly on her feminine features, she offers an apologetic smile."Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to almost run into you", she says genuinely as she takes a few quick steps back to remove herself from the personal space of the poor woman she'd nearly bumped into. A soft note of laughter falls from her lips as she rubs the back of her neck sheepishly."I was just so distracted with all these little shops that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going I guess. I'm Elain, by the way", she continues on as she explains in an apologetic tone to the woman dressed in a bright crimson scarf and black leather jacket, offering her name at the end of her friendly string of words. It was just like the young woman to be kind to a stranger that could just as easily be quite furious for the sudden invasion of their bubble though of course the blonde woman hoped that she wouldn't be greeted by hostility even after she'd said sorry for the near collision. A thought occurs to her in that moment as the astonishment finally leaves her features, glacier blue eyes meeting the bright blues of the unknown woman before her."Say, you wouldn't happen to know where 180th Avenue is, would you?", she decidedly asks the woman, unintentionally making it very much apparent that she was entirely new to the city and just about as lost as they come though in her mind being lost was just another way of learning the ins and outs of this big - and quite frankly confusing - world she would now be calling home.
Elain Chase Daray
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