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At first, Elain was certain that the two strangeds were going to collide with another, but a sigh of relief ushers from Elain as the woman dressed in that black leatger jacket, crimson scarf, and knee high boots around those slender yet seemingly well toned legs proves to be much more sware of her own surroundings. She takes a quick ams graceful step away from the not-so-obvservant young college woman and due to the stumbling and abrupt stop in those leisurely forward strides, the honey blonde woman feels herself becoming off balance for a moment before she is finally able to recover her sense of balance and saves herself from looking even more foolish than she probably already did. It was unwise to lose herself so intently in those little department stores standing alongside local "mom and pop" shops harmoniously, but in her defense she was still quite new to Sacrosanct and what the big city had to offer her, so she didn't feel entirely too out of place. It wasn't as though Elain and Lazarus weren't used to the sounds of the city, the bodies coming and going on the sides of the streets as they went about their own lives without much concern for those either in front of or behind them. The place that their parents would often take them to was a decent sized city, but Sacrosanct easily dwarfed the familiar stomping grounds. Brannis had been a large city to the young woman then, but standing there on that corner and casting a curious glance to the towering buildings overhead, she realizes that it was nothing compared to this city.

The crowd seems to flow effortlessly around them like a river would two stones lodged securely into place, the woman with locks of wild clover honey takes a moment to observe the woman that she'd nearly run into. It didn't take someone with an overabundance to see that the woman with snow-white hair longer than Elain's own was not feeling too well, burying her pretty face into the warmth of the fabric though not before lifting defined brows up in wordless question, brilliant blue eyes faintly studying the honey blonde woman before she goes to turn her back to the one nearly responsible for unwanted physical contact. Perhaps Elain should have been taken aback or maybe she should have taken the hint and guessed that this woman warding off the cold of the late fall day clearly wasn't feeling obligated to being social, but the dark hunter was never good at leaving one enough alone. Not when this woman seemed so... drained. The silent stranger gives winced beneath the light and airy voice of to social butterfly, blue gaze darting back to meet those of early morning frost while her nose remained nestled into the scarf. If that look had been one intended to make the young woman flinch - she doubted it, but she couldn't really say for sure since she didn't know a single thing about this silent woman - she is entirely oblivious as she simply continues to smile warmly. At the offer of her own name, she is somewhat surprised (though pleasantly so) when the other woman extends her hand and introduced herself at last, Elain hardly missing the dullness in the woman's voice. She eagerly accepts Vhalla's gesture and reaches out to shake it in that age old human greeting."It's nice to meet you, Vhalla. That's a beautiful name, by the way", she says brightly but again she watches as those bright blues narrow slightly and the white-haired woman seems to flinch beneath the cheerful notes of those cheerfully spoken words.

It is when the crosswalk sign changes that the seemingly pained woman goes to move away but is stilled when those bright words fall from the plush lips of the friendly woman and when she replies to Elain in an almost irritable tone, which does nothing to phase her considering who it was that she lived with and loved dearly despite his terrible attitude issues, she now understands what had been hurting the woman and eyed widen for a moment before softening while an apologetic smile dances across her features."Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know you had a migraine. Those are the worst", the dark hunter exclaims in a hushed tone as she adjusts her voice to a lower note in hopes that it would be more comfortable to Vhalla who closes her eyes for a moment before opening them again and begins walking the opposite direction of the crosswalk they'd both been waiting at, stopping only to call to the honey blonde over her shoulder."Oh, thank you!", she answers, again being careful not to speak up too loud as she hurries to walk beside the woman nestled into that crimson scarf. Glacier blues regard the woman gently as they walk on in silence, hardly bothered by the silence as she also peers onto those store windows and around at the various street signs to ensure she remembered how to get to where it was they were going.

After a few left turns and a handful of right turns, they arrive at 180th avenue and almost as soon as they round the street corner pale blue eyes are greeted by the wooden stands full of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs only a short distance away now. Those eyes sparkle with delight at just how fragrant the gala apples smelled even from hear and she couldn't wait to fill up a few bags of delicious things to make with the chicken that was thawing in the sink back home at Hawthorne."Thank you so much for helping me, Vhalla. I'm sure I could have wandered the streets all day and still not found it", she ushers thankfully with a gentle note of laughter dancing into her voice. Then suddenly, a small and almost shy smile finds those lips of her companion and when the white-haired woman asks if she could come along, Elain answers with a wide and warm grin of her own."Not at all. The more the merrier I always say", she eagerly answers while reminding herself to keep that excitement under wraps so that her voice did not reach a higher note and bring back the pained expression that seemed to slowly be ebbing away from Vhalla's features."We should get some ginger root and fresh lemon to make into a tea, that'll help with your headacbe. Oh, or if you don't like tea my mother always used to make me lay in bed with crushed peppermint leaves pressed into my forehead and that seemed to help a bit", she speaks happily as they make their way ever closer and when they are standing in front of those wooden stands organized and displaying all the fresh produce, vibrant green catches her eyes for a moment."Oh, and fresh basil will help too! You just need to chew on a few fresh leaves or boil them into a tea with honey. Or if you want we can always stop by another shop and see about just getting some pain killer. Or I can simply heal you - whatever you prefer", she carries on with a smile, entirely oblivious to her own excited rambling before turning to examine the gala apples and places the best ones into the tote bag she pulls from her jacket pocket, hardly concerned about offering her own help to Vhalla.
Elain Chase Daray
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