and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars On November 20, 2017 at 8:13 PM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

This stranger was full of light and spunk and boundless energy; the polar opposite of Vhalla. Perhaps in another world, a different upbringing, Vhalla would be full of giddiness and happiness, yet, this was the real world and it would be best if the woman did not dwell on things that would never happen. So, when Elain introduces herself and grips the assassin’s own hand, the witch is raising a brow in surprise at her comment that her name was beautiful. She almost scoffs, there was nothing beautiful about her, but she doesn’t, realizing quickly that Elain had been entirely serious. Shifting under the woman’s gaze, she mumbles a thank you, uncomfortable with the praise she had just received. It was one thing to be praised by Ivan after doing his dirty work, praised by a stranger… well, that was different.

Releasing her hand, Vhalla shoves her own hand back into her pocket to ward off the cold. When she comments about the girl lowering her voice, the assassin merely glances at Elain, blinking. How very innocent she was. It almost tears a laugh from her throat, almost, but not quite yet. So, she offers the girl a shrug of her shoulders, shaking her head lightly but doesn’t comment just as she turns on a heel and moves down the sidewalk, calling after the girl to come along, noting the way she lowered her voice though there is still that undiminished excitement that so coated her features. She had never met someone so joyful, it was mindboggling for the white-haired woman.

As they finally reach their destination, Vhalla gives Elain a nod as she thanks her before she asks if she can tag along. She needed to get a few things herself for dinner, might as well knock it out while she was out and about for the day. The woman didn’t realize she actually cared whether the girl said yes or not until Elain readily agreed to allow her to join. Another small smile is offered her way, that pounding headache beginning to reside ever so slowly. As Elain begins to rattle of home remedies and natural treatments that would help her headache, Vhalla simply stares at the girl. She really didn’t know, did she? It takes an effort not to raise her slender fingers to her temples and rub at them, the girl was… energetic to say the least.

“Er, Elain,” Vhalla prompts the woman as she trails after her, going from stall to stall, “I’m not sick, not like that,” the assassin explains as her eyes are drawn to a particularly beautiful necklace on display by one of the vendors. It takes a moment before she can draw her eyes away to return to the honey blonde beside her, “I just have a hangover, water will fix it or more alcohol will,” she shrugs nonchalantly before she halts entirely, her icy gaze snapping to the woman beside her. “Wait, did you just say heal me?” Vhal questions, her voice lowering an octave, her gaze sharpening on the woman beside her. “What are you?” she breathes quietly, perhaps if she had been a bit more wary of whom she was taking to the market, she might not have readily agreed to go with her.

The assassin quickly scans the woman, from her ears to the rest of her body. She was soft, and untrained. It was too hard to tell as to what species she was, clearly not Fae or human. Still, she didn’t feel in any danger around the girl, if she had been out to get the woman, she would’ve known by now. Sighing, she allows her gaze to dim a bit, just so it wasn’t too intense before she heads to a stall and plucks up an apple, fishing out cash from her pocket she pays for it and turns to Elain with a shrug, “Dinner,” she explains before biting into it and trailing after the girl once more. “What are you here for?”

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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