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Would it be hard to believed that as a little girl, her mother had always referred to Elain as her bright little ray of sunshine? Even her father who always seemed to be so solemn and stern could not deny the growing girl with bright blonde locks a loving smile as he called her his candle in the dark. She'd always had a talent for earning the trust of others, and perhaps if she had grown up wanting to carry the tradiitons of the Darays, such a gift to appear as nothing more than a bright and friendly stranger among an ever shifting sea of faces might have proven to he her best weapon against those that were marked as targets. Perhaps if Lazarus was as adamant as their father had been to continue the family matters, he might have tried to use her as a means to obtain information that almost seemed to be made effortlessly available to the young woman with long hair the color of wild honey and eyes of early morning frost. Luckily for Elain, her brother had no intentions of trying to pursue the same footsteps that their father had left for the young man that follow. Even if one day he did decide to pick up from where their father had left off, Elain trusted him and she knew that he would do anything and everything he could to keep her as far away from danger or harm as possible - even if it meant laying his one and only life down for her. If only the he would let the rest of the world see past that sociopathic nature of his to find the fiercely loyal and protective heart that very much beat there in his strong chest. Maybe then, he would be able to find happiness... find peace that the young woman so dearly wanted for him more than anything.

Elain was well aware of the look that Vhalla had given her, having grown up earning such puzzled or unsure stares from those she greeted so warmly even when they were the farthest thing from friends to her. It was a look that she knew to speak wordlessly the question of how it was she could be the way that she was with that ready warmth and gentleness to a complete stranger she'd only just met. The world needed so much more kindness, so much more light than there was and she was happy to give all that she could when she could. She was that warm soul on a cold winter's day, happy to offer her scarf to a poor cold vagabond on the street with his cardboard sign asking for any spare change anyone might have to give away. Elain would give them some money and a warm meal, all accompanied by a gentle smile so full of compassion that her brother so often told her it was enough to make him throw up. It bothered her though, seeing those poor people huddled up under torn and worn clothes or thin blankets as they fought to stay warm. It pulled at her heartstrings to see anyone suffering and so she would extend that kind hand to any that might take it. There was such a thing as giving too much, she knew this to be true. She also knew that there were people out there that feigned being homeless or broken simply to get those free handouts, but if she gave to them it was for them to do as they pleased. While she was kind and willing to trust a near stranger, she also inwardly prepared herself to be disappointed when she saw those homeless people using those handouts to buy liquor or cigarettes instead of warmer clothes or food. Her father had always told her that it was best to teach a man to fish so that he could eat for himself instead of bringing him a fish, that sometimes hardened compassion was the best thing any could offer. She believed in those words just as she believed there was kindness in the world still, but that didn't stop her from helping in any way she could, even if it meant only helping for a day. Something was better than nothing.

She doesn't notice the look of near disbelief at the compliment she had spoken in regard to the white-haired woman's name, but what she does notice is that as they walk past those stores, those brighter blue hues are drawn to the windows filled with fine jewelry or something that catches the cold autumn sunlight. What woman didnt enjoy those shiny things? Ellie knew that she very much appreciated an elegant diamond necklace or golden bracelet adorned either rubies or emeralds. Precious stones and jewels were things that she also enjoyed collecting, but before she can speak on the noted interest that seems to draw Vhalla's attention just as they reach those wooden stands ladder with locally grown goods, the older woman speaks in reply to the remedies that Elain offered her. Perhaps it was just the healing nature that resonated deeply in the honey blonde woman, but she was eager to do whatever she could to help the woman. She raises a curious brow as Vhalla goes on to say that either water or more alcohol would help cure the headache, though she was able to see that the pained expression was slowly subsiding."Water I can believe, but I don't think more liquor would prove to be very helpful, silly", she says brightly as she retrieves a few ears of corn and several zucchini, her voice almost waving away the notion that Vhalla should remedy her headache with the very thing that caused it to begin with. She'd seen Lazarus in a very similar state, heard him give her the same excuse that he only needed a shot of that red cherry whisky he so enjoyed, but Elain was always quick to swat at her brother and tell him to sit his ass on the couch while she fixed him up some tea or else she'd shove the fresh basil leaves in that dirty mouth of his. Yes, while she was indeed very sweet and gentle, she hardly took no for an answer when another was in obvious pain - especially Lazarus.

Vhalla seems to stop in her place, in her train of thought even when the honey blonde offers the simple use of her healing to help vanquish the remains of the lingering headache that bothered the white-haired woman, those cold yet brighter blue eyes snapping to focus wholly on Elain, her words reflecting the very look of what she guessed was surprise or something not too unlike it as the older woman studies her from head to toe in hopes of trying to decide exactly what the honey blonde was though Elain hardly flinches or shifts uncomfortably from that sharpened look she was given. As she reached into the other pocket to pay the gentleman for his goods, she turns to offer that ever bright smile to Vhalla."Well, technically speaking, I'm a dark hunter", she answers honest with a nonchalant shrug."Not that I actually do dark hunter things. I'd much rather help those in need rather than actually, you know. It's just not my thing, but becoming one also wasn't really much of a choice for me either", Elain continues on in her explanation as though it was just as common as talking about if it would rain over the weekend. Lazarus wasn't too happy that she would readily make her race known, but the young woman saw no harm in it. If anything, she never got looked at any differently back home. Her attention is quick to move from the topic of race as the woman explains she was here for dinner, eyes of early morning frost nearly sparkling like that delicate ice that would cover the earth in winter's cold embrace."Me, too! Hey, why don't you join my brother and I for dinner? I'm sure he won't mind the company. Besides, we're both pretty new to Sacrosanct and it'd be wonderful to talk with someone more familiar with this big city than ourselves", she suggested excitedly, hope burning brightly in her gaze as it lingered over Vhalla. Little did she know that the woman before her was the very reason that Lazarus had been in such a bitter mood last night and this morning, but there was a happiness to be found in that blissful obliviousness. As far as Elain was concerned, she wanted to become friends with Vhalla so her brother's likely reaction to an unexpected guest would be met with her own defiant response. He could be a recluse all he wanted, but there was something about this woman that Elain felt drawn to, and she'd be damned if she let her moody brother get in the way of making friends.
Elain Chase Daray
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