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i'm not ashamed of my scars, i'm ashamed of the world for not understanding.

Luckily the holiday season had arrived. A few weeks ago they celebrated Halloween at the Ark. Of course she and her mate had to sneak away, because the man demanded candy. He was not a child and apparently that didn’t bother him at all. Taking him to the seedy neighborhood that bordered the West District wasn’t the best place to take him, she thought originally, and yet apparently it was a great fit. Her leopard did a very good job interacting with the children all dressed in their costumes. He was unable to make up his mind on what sort of costume he wanted, but luckily with his ears and tail he appeared like an anime character. Even though she wasn’t able to partially shift like him, she could wear wolfish ears and pin a tail to the back of her shirt. It amused her greatly when he attempted to say the ‘magic words,’ always delighted to show off that he was getting the candy...all the candy. Of course there were a little bit of hiccups. Like telling him politely not to try to steal and steal other kids candy, or, try to take at least two...maybe three pieces from a bowl left out on the porch. Not to mention how she had to constantly show him that she wasn’t taking any of his candy, because heaven forbid she ever do such a thing. It was a very fun night for the two of them, and when they made it to the Ark, that was where they really had fun. But Halloween couldn’t last forever, because whether they liked it or not, Christmas was coming. For whatever reason Thanksgiving kept being looked over again and again, but not within their family. She always prepared their meals every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, Thanksgiving was like...the big day. It was her chance to prepare a wonderful meal for them to sit as family. They would possibly have Henry and his mate with them, and she wasn’t sure if Serafina and Azrael would accept the invitation, but Raven was ecstatic and a bit anxious.

The kitchen was well stocked and ready for her to go in and prepare their scrumptious meal. Truly she should be in there double checking the food, just in case something was missing, because she wouldn’t put it pass Tetradore or Tobi for using, or ordering kitchen staff, to use those ingredients to make a meal. Instead of being in the Ark she was in the back of a taxi looking out her window. It didn’t take long for them to leave the dirt and grime of the West District. As they transitioned into the Residence area she noticed how familiar it all was, knowing the way to Serafina’s home. Though that’s not where she was doing. Instead she would be seeing the Fae King himself. Now she was aware that he was quite famous. After all, not everyone gets to say a royal lives within their city. The woman with the high strung voice had specific instructions on what she was allowed to do and not allowed to do. It was rather shocking and a bit, well worrisome. Nervously her fingers wrapped over one another. She was eager to see her friend, excited to tell him the good news, but she was uncertain as to why she needed to go to his place. She doubted she belonged in a place like his, just like he wasn’t meant to be inside the Ark. It was obvious that they were now on the Northern side of the city. Just seeing the first mansion made her skin crawl. She was way out of her comfort zone, but sadly her anxiety was only going to get worse. As the taxi came to a slow halt she couldn’t help, but gasp as she saw the house locked away behind the gates. There along the entrance were a few people dressed a bit shabby with cameras, and they were already making a beeline in her direction.

Hearing the taxi driver ask her to leave, she quickly gave him her money, and pulled the hood to her jacket upwards to hide her face. Keeping her head down and allowing the hood and her golden-brown curls to help cover her face. Staying focused she headed for the gate as the paparazzi began to crowd in on her personal space. She could hardly focus on the questions they were throwing her way. All she could hear was her heart thumping. When she made it to the gate her voice cracked, as she spoke her name. It took a few tries, but eventually the gates would open up and she would slip in, using her telekinesis to make the gates shut faster behind her. Putting her hood down she looked in awe and that immaculate garden, impressed how everything continued to look so green when it was Fall, and plant life should be decaying by now. Knocking on the door she was greeted by a very kind-eyed older man. Murmuring her name she followed after him as he let her in, inquiring for her jacket. As she slipped it off and handed it to him she looked in awe, quite amazed to see this was where he lived. Well, of course he would live in an elegant home, but this was impressive, completely different from where she lived. As he gestured for her to leave the foyer and enter what appears to be the lounge area, she stood in the room, uncertain if she was even allowed to sit or not. Nervously she wringed her fingers together as simply just looked around with her eyes. It was the familiar pitter patter of paws smacking on the floor that caught her attention. With a wide grin she immediately crouched down to the pup’s level. As the creature sniffed her she waited until the pup wagged his tail looking up at her. Gently she rubbed him behind his ear taking note that it was wearing...a bow tie...why. A bit of her anxiety seeped out as she continued to quietly pet the pup wondering when Dorian would be coming down.

Raven Clocksworth.
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