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Dorian AragonaHis Royal Majesty, The King of Italy

He had quite expected Raven that evening. Emma having assured him she had made those preparations with that young woman from the West. Raven one of the very first beings in the city to have befriended him and as such he found he quite looked forward to that visit. After all, it had been some time since they had last seen one another. Dorian entirely curious as to just how that proposal had gone, after all, his very first meeting with her mate had been a distinctly curious one. The Monarch not at all assured of just what he thought of the man other than that he was a rather…..unique fellow to say the least. That request Tobias had brought him to assist in the creation of that scrapbook of sorts had been one he had been willing to oblige. The manner in which the young man had near proceeded to chase him down the streets in the interim however had been an unfortunately unpleasant experience. His own security team having acted rather swiftly to all but tackle the boy to the ground before several hours of questioning had at last revealed his intention. Dorian so having commanded those guards to release the poor boy. After all, regardless of his rather obscure mental state the fellow was still Raven’s boyfriend or mate, or whatever word it was that was deemed appropriate. Dorian so refusing to allow any harm to come to him on that basis alone. The pair so finally managing to understand one another enough for Dorian to add his own artwork to that delightful book.

It was that soft knock at his bedroom door that saw the man turn then, Dorian uttering that request to come in, Charles promptly stepping into that room to assure him Raven had arrived and was waiting within the lounge. Dorian assuring him he would be down in a moment before he finished dressing. The Fae King folding that collar neatly before adding those touches of cologne. Sebastian had already departed some half an hour earlier to see about finding himself something to eat with that promise he would be home a little later, affording that house to Raven and Dorian alone. Sebastian’s attempts to feed, of late, on anyone other than Dorian himself had proven decidedly difficult. Leaving their home unseen when they were so surrounded by the Press was no simple task and, more so, Sebastian’s attempts to find a meal that did not recognise him was becoming nearly impossible. Dorian readily having considered that the time had finally come in which they might need to see about organising a series of….selected beings, as was the case within his own palace within Italy, to provide his lover with that blood when Dorian himself could simply not offer him anymore. The Fae King rarely choosing to think on just how his very fiancé went about finding his meals, Dorian knowing quite exactly what he did and yet it was perhaps that singular thing within their relationship they simply did not discuss- the both of them entirely content in that arrangement. Yet too, for all Dorian chose simply not to think of it, he disliked to be the reason to deprive his lover of that…hunting of sorts all the same. That fame largely his own doing. Still, that arrangement in Italy had worked well, they might yet have to see about a similar thing here.

Such thoughts were put to the back of his mind then. The Fae King making his way downstairs with a ready eagerness of sorts to see that young woman again. His footsteps were hardly loud and yet, as always, that bow-tied puppy was entirely exuberant at his arrival. Maxwell racing across that floor to leap up at him, his entire body wiggling with excitement as Dorian bent to effortlessly lift the puppy up and into his arms. Maxwell proceeding to try to lick his chin as his features wrinkled in response. Dorian commenting readily that he was surely getting far too big for this before striding into that room- only to find Raven standing near nervously in the centre as if she feared the very furniture itself. Did she not like leather lounges? Dorian quite assured he had not had a Were within his home before- outside of Charles. Perhaps the setting was not to her liking in some fashion. The Monarch allowing such curiosities to pass all the same as that ready grin adorned his features.

“Raven! It is good to see you.”

The simple delight in that greeting was surely clear. Dorian gently placing Max back upon the floor as he ran back to Raven in the simple joy that so came with having a guest. Dorian stepping forward then to afford the woman that truly European greeting, the Monarch kissing either side of her cheeks before stepping back to gestures to those comfortable chairs that surrounded them.

“Please, sit, I do not require my friends stand in my presence.”

That ready grin adorned his features still, Dorian chuckling softly then before moving to take his own seat across from her. Maxwell making a bold effort to climb onto the lounge beside Raven then, his legs far too short, just yet, to reach it despite his sincere efforts. Dorian so allowing his silver eyes to roll before stepping forward to gently lift the dog up and onto the space he desired beside Raven before returning to his own seat. Those words upon his lips were readily halted then by the appearance of Elizabeth, the house keeper carrying that finely polished wooden tray into the room to place it upon the coffee table. Those fine china and gold tea cups and saucers neatly arranged upon its surface before she turned readily to Raven. Miss Raven? How would you care to take your tea? Dorian waited for Raven to decide just how she might like the tea served before offering Elizabeth his own choice, the man taking that offered tea cup and saucer. Elizabeth placing that plate of sweet biscuits on the table before departing that room. Dorian largely oblivious to any discomfort the idea of being served may have brought Raven in any sense as he lifted his own tea to his lips. Raven appearing almost bewildered if not entirely nervous.

“Raven? Are you quite alright?"


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