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There was such male satisfaction in knowing that Lani was undeniably single and had no lovers in the world of humans. Andras had meant his remark as a teasing comment and yet, he had held his breath as he awaited her answer. The blush that had so crept into her cheeks, nearly hidden by the freezing air, was answer enough. A coy smile had toyed at the corner of his lips when she mumbled through an answer. Clearly, Lani was not used to being asked such personal questions. How he delighted in pushing her boundaries, daring her to be bold and brash; and she was. Little by little the human girl he had met in the park all those weeks ago was beginning to come out of her shell, to experience her life at a level in which she never had before. Of course, there had been certain things that man wished to shield her from: the rest of the supernatural world and attacks from creatures he wished him harm. That right there should have been enough to keep him away and yet he remained, continuing to come back to her as if he were nothing more than a puppy. It was such an absurd notion that even Andras wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Sighing, he continues to sit on his sofa within his townhome, a glass of amber liquid hanging lackadaisical in his hand, mostly untouched. His brows are furrowed in a brooding manner as he stares at the wall, determined to get rip roaring drunk so he might have a slim chance at getting Lani out of his mind. He very much doubted that would happen as she had managed to fill every dark corner of his very being; impossible to forget and even more impossible to ignore. That sweet and gentle smile of hers had been seared into his mind so completely. Lifting that glass to his lips, he pauses, inhaling the liquid before he sets it down on the coffee table in front of him. Groaning, he pushes himself to a standing position and glances at the clock on the wall; she had said it was her birthday, hadn’t she? The Fae was convinced he needed to stay away, he knew that with her being around him would put her safety in jeopardy. And still, as he paces that room for a moment, he finds himself moving up the stairs and changing into those dark slacks he favored accompanied by a matching jacket and a lighter undershirt. He glances at the ties hanging within that closet but decides against it and instead dons those polished shoes.

He’s changed in a matter of minutes before he’s descending the stairs and exiting out the front door, wondering where Navi had run off to briefly before locking his house behind him. Stepping out into the sunlight, he relishes the weak rays of warmth that try to force their way through the cold. Shifting, he sighs inwardly wishing they were back in Somnia so he could have those wings out. Shrugging, he adjusts his jacket casually as he wanders down the street, his hands shoved into his pockets to ward off the chill, his steps slow and casual. Andras was hoping he would convince himself on his walk, prior to arriving at Lani’s house, to turn around and go home. And that internal struggle continued to wage a war the likes his mind had never seen before. And yet, he finds himself at the base of the stairs leading up to her apartment sooner than he would have liked. He pauses, staring at the door before taking the few steps leading up the the apartment entryway and opening the door. Moving inside, it’s instantly warmer as he removes the other hand from his pocket.

A new scent immediately assaults his senses as his eyes narrow, focusing on it. He pauses, brows drawn inward in contemplation; he wouldn’t be able to leave without Lani noticing as he could hear her bright voice murmuring with another as they begin to descend. So, he stands there in the stairwell, allowing that mask of calm to fall onto his features as the two women come into view. His dark hazel eyes snap to Lani quickly, inspecting her from head to toe, looking for any signs of harm before his gaze focuses on the stranger. She was the most... gentle looking Dark Hunter he had ever come across. She was either untrained or didn’t know about her abilities; either or, it was enough to put Andras on his guard as they continue on the next flight of stairs, Andras now coming into view. Allowing that wicked smirk to you at the corner of his mouth, he tilts his head and regards Lani with that predatory gaze, “If I had known you had plans, Lani darling, I wouldn’t have come,” he says in way of greeting, “Happy Birthday,” he murmurs.

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