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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

He found her in nearly everything she did, no matter how hard she tried to busy herself. The day after they'd returned to the limits of Sacrosanct, she'd even gone to Hyde Park with the intention of trying to chase away that memory of him straddled over her with the warm light of the fire kissing that sun-kissed skin so softly, tries to forget about the way that his hands had caressed her thighs through those leggings when she'd dared to try and challenge the dark fae man at his own game only to be far outdone. There was no getting that sultry smile out her head, no forgetting how close they had been and how her own slender frame had felt a hunger for his skin against her own. It was a feeling the blue-eyed blonde was so very new to, and it had left such an impression on her that even sitting completely and entirely alone in her small apartment she could almost imagine that he were there with her, kneeling between her legs with those defined forearms resting over her skin as those strong hands so startlingly capable of being gentle daring to brush against her thighs all over again. She would push away those thoughts, those suddenly new fantasies that afternoon and snatched up that camera he'd given her, wanting to bury herself in the late autumn day and the beauty that she was so sure called out to her, beckoning for her to seek out those moments just waiting to be captured by the aspiring photographer. Before Andras, before that night when she'd almost lost her life, everything had been so simple and so easy. She would wake up, enjoy her mornings either in the close yet comforting quarters of her apartment with her feline companion or drive down to Inner Sanctum and watch the outside world through the window of the café and daydream of places she hoped to one day see with her own baby blues. Now, even when she would lift that precious gift to her face and press that shutter button to capture the image of a lone blue jay sitting on a branch scarcely covered in brightly colored fall leaves or perhaps a dog playing a game of fetch with its human in her attempt to elude those ever-looming thoughts, those hazel eyes would find her. She would imagine capturing moments with him against the stark white backdrop of Somnia, imagine how he might look peacefully asleep under the light of that fireplace in his room... and then those eyes would soften and that fond smile would find blush-colored lips, heart fluttering in her breast, taking her back to those same feelings she couldn't seem to ignore.

It seemed silly to miss him. After all, they were only friends (right?) and he had mentioned before that he had an occupation where he had to be ready to meet important clients - for what she still did not know, reminding herself then that she should ask - so he surely had his own matters that needed tending to that were part of his life long before she had been, but no matter how she tried to distract herself, she could never keep the handsome fae man from her thoughts... although just maybe she didn't fight against them as hard as she truly could have. She would ponder silently to herself what he was doing as she washed those dinner dishes, staring out to the moon just barely seen behind those tall skyscrapers of the concrete jungle through her kitchen window. She would wonder if he was thinking of her only to quickly tell herself that she was being foolish, that there was no chance she frequented his thoughts as he did hers. She wasn’t royalty, not even descended from royalty. As far as she knew, her ancestors had been simple immigrants that found their way to this new world and began cultivating a home for the generations to come. He, however, was royalty. A High Lord at that, and though she didn’t necessarily know what that meant, Ida had told her that plainly put, he was a ruler. The fae man could have any woman he so desired. Someone stronger, more beautiful, more well off.... more aware of the world that they all lived in. How in all the worlds beyond her own and his could he ever even possibly feel the same things that she felt stirring with every fond memory they’ve made together, every teasing smile or comment he’s made that brought that flush to those fair-skinned cheeks? The answer seemed straight-forward to the young woman; it wasn’t possible. She would think back to that winter wonderland as they walked down the paved pathway, her hands on his arm. She recalls all the amazing things she'd told him about that world he'd taken her to, revealed to the ever-curious young woman what was surely only a glimpse of what he was truly capable of. The bewilderment that had seized her in that moment when she discovered that Andras had made that world, that small village tucked protectively away from unwanted eyes, it had left her stricken in silent awe as he explained so much to her that afternoon. She remembers how he had teased her when she’d asked if he would really and truly be able to create some form of communication between that world and her own, remembers how he’d said he wouldn’t want her boyfriend or family worrying for her, remembers how she had felt those cheeks of hers grow warm again only to admit that there was no one special in her life like that. What she hadn’t told him though, was that she did…. And it was him.

The two woman make their way down the stairs, and Beylani is suddenly aware of those eyes of early morning frost watching her, almost keenly.”Hey, are you feeling okay? You kinda spaced out on me for a moment there”, said the honey-blonde younger woman, her gaze bright with a mixture of curiosity and concern.”If you’re not feeling up to going out tonight, just say so! I can always bug Vhalla and see if she wants to go out or something”, Elain goes on to reassure the blue-eyed blonde as they reach the halfway point of their descent. Beylani offers her friend an apologetic smile, feeling her cheeks become tinged with familiar warmth as baby blues meet glacier hues. She really needed to not be so caught up in those thoughts, those feelings before she ended up getting herself into some kind of trouble bumping into someone or tripping over her own feet.”No, I’m perfectly fine. Sorry, I was just thinking about something. Did you say something?”, she answers the younger woman, who at those kindly spoken words seems to give a knowing smile as amusement flickers across her pale gaze. A light chuckle slips from her lips.”If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were thinking about someone, not something”, teases the honey-blonde woman and for a moment Beylani can feel the warmth in her cheeks growing, which draws from the younger woman a soft gasp, icy blue eyes suddenly glittering with excitement.”Oh… my… goodness! You ARE thinking about a someone!”, she exclaims quietly while placing her hand over her mouth for a moment in false astonishment - or real, Beylani wasn’t entirely sure at this point -, a strange delight and fascination suddenly overwhelming Elain’s features as her eyes remain wholly focused on Beylani’s face.”N-No, that’s not it at all!”, the young woman denies, giving a swift shake of her head as if to add emphasis to her assurance that didn’t even sound halfway convincing to herself, elegantly curled locks of bright gold tinged with milk chocolate undertones swirling lightly around her shoulders before they settled. For a fleeting moment, she is taken back to that night when she and the dark fae man had first met, remembering that she had promised she would never speak of what she had seen then, beneath that mystifying and almost ethereal silver moonlight. Even when they’d encountered one another at the tea party her friend, their friend, Dorian invited her to attend, she had avoided providing any intimate details when Andras had mentioned that her own camera had been broken during their “photoshoot” and warranted him replacing it. There was no way that she would tell Elain, even if she adored the younger woman despite their short time knowing one another.

Certainly appearing like she may very well burst with curiosity that could almost rival Beylani’s, the younger woman’s gaze doesn’t even falter as they draw ever closer to the bottom level.”What’s he like? He must be someone pretty special to make you totally space out like that. Does he go to the college? Is he really cute?”, queries the younger woman, clearly hoping to pry more details about this mysterious man that so captivated her newfound companion. Naturally, the blue-eyed blonde grows almost shy as her thoughts drift towards the suave and ever-teasing fae man that did indeed hold a special place within the young woman’s thoughts. She almost isn’t used to being around someone with just about as many questions to ask as Elain and she takes a moment to try and gather her thoughts then.”Umm, well let me see. I’m not really quite –“, she begins hesitantly, not really sure where a proper starting place would have been, but just as they’re nearly at the bottom of the last flight of stairs, she just happens to see a figure in her peripherals and suddenly her heart goes from only slightly fluttering in her chest to racing wildly, her breath catching in her throat for a moment. There he was, just like magic, like the very thought of him had called him here, but then she remembers that she’d told him today was her birthday. Elain is quick to see what’s going on and only ushers a nearly inaudible “oh” when the two women reach the bottom of the stairs. Those hazel eyes hone quickly onto the blue-eyed blonde, studying her for a moment with an unreadable emotion before flickering over to Elain who offers him a warm smile and gentle wave of greeting only to turn to Beylani and give her a knowing and almost impish grin. Beylani isn’t able to look away from Andras however, so the look goes unnoticed by her.”Andras”, is all that manages to fall over her tongue before he gives her that wicked grin that was always just enough to keep that warmth on her cheeks. Midnight tenor tones and predatory gaze have her inwardly trying to collect herself again and she offers that soft yet shy smile.”Thank you. It’s good to see you”, she ushers sweetly. She only turns to Elain when she feels the younger woman place a hand on her shoulder.”Let’s just plan for next weekend, okay? I wouldn’t be any kind of friend to keep you from that, she says cheekily, a lilted note of laughter dancing over her lips before turning back to Andras.”It was nice meeting you!”, she says warmly in farewell before quickly moving out of the entryway and disappears around the corner before Beylani can even say good-bye. So, baby blues turn back to meet those hazel depths, that shy smile changing to something softer, gentler.”It’s really thoughtful that you wanted to come and wish me a happy birthday. Were you out on business?”, she says warmly and ever-curiously as she looks up at him, taking a step closer to him so that she is out of the walkway should anyone else come down the stairs while they were there.

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