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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

For a fleeting moment, as the blue-eyed blonde and fae man walk together, she dared to wonder just what the first impression would be that Andras left with her mother and father should he truly meet them. Still the idea seemed almost... intimate. Like something that a boyfriend would do to try and earn the trust of that special woman's parents so that just maybe he would get their approval to be with her. There wasn't even the smallest chance that such a thing would be a goal for the fae man. At least, she didn't think so. Time and time again, whenever those thoughts of hers would drift to that fantasy world that she'd only just recently discovered and found almost impossible to escape for a prolonged period of time, she told herself that there was no way that they'd ever become real. She tried so many times to convince herself that he was not interested in her like that, not when surely there were so many other women in Sacrosanct, fae women, that he would take a much higher interest in. All her life, she'd grown up considering herself as nothing special. She was just some small-town girl trying to make it in terms big city with baby blues ever eager to see what rested beyond that distention horizon. There was nothing daring or seductive about her, nothing that spoke of otherworldly grace or elegance. She knew without question that nowhere in her ancestral background was there even the smallest drop of royalty or nobility of any kind, very much certain that she came from nothing more than a hard-working family that made their living off the land for the most part, holding nothing above the importance of family. Andras was royalty. Maybe even ancient royalty, she still has yet to know exactly how old the man was and though in the end it wouldn't matter in the least the number of years he'd existed, just the sheer fact that he'd been molding Somnia for centuries as he'd told her that day after the attack, she couldn't help it consider him ancient. After all, centuries were in increments of one-hundred, so just how many have passed the man and how was it that he looked perhaps only ten or so years older than herself? All that considered, how could she even be so foolish as the allow those stirrings within her breast to grow to the depth that they had when she was likely only setting herself up for a heartbreak she'd never forget or fully heal from? Such dangerous things emotions were.

It wasn't her mother that the young woman was worried about. It was her father that concerned her. He'd never been the biggest fan of those past boyfriends of hers, even if they'd hardly been anything serious enough to be of any sort of alarm to the older man. She recalls then the conversation she'd had with her my her only just last night, when she'd called the older woman to ask her about exactly what she should look for as far as knitting materials. Of course this question had risen the interests of her mother in that moment and even though she wasn't able to physically see her face, Beylani could hear the lifted brow in the words that came through the phone."You're making a scarf? I don't remember you being much into knitting, sweetie... So, who's the special guy?", her mother had asked then. She'd immediately insisted that it was just for a friend, that there wasn't anything like that going on as she in the same moment assured the older woman she would have told them by now if she was in a serious relationship."Oh, so you two aren't official yet then? I'll bet he's quite handsome if he has you wanting to make a Christmas gift for him", her mother continued on and Beylani couldn't help but groan a drawn out "mom" even though that familiar warmth had crept steadily over her."Alright, alright, whatever you say dear", came the gentle words of her mother then, though of course there was the subtle note of amusement in the woman's voice clesrly suggesting that she hardly believed the blue-eyed blonde in her insistent denial of a relationship that a part of her wished was real. And so, they'd talked about the materials and the process of making that scarf before moving on to the usual topics of how things were going in the other's life. Distance made her realize just how much she missed her parents, but still even after all the time that had passed since she'd moved away from Willowhaven, there was no regret to be found in the young woman's heart. She is drawn from those memories when that dark chuckle of his enters into her forethoughts and she feels her heartbeat falter for a moment as he tells her that no price was too high for her. The daring in her gaze softens to something gentler then as she walks with him a ways before he makes an amused remark about how she was nothing like her father for her lack of caution and lilted laughter tumbles softly over blush-colored lips."I've always been told I took most after my mother", she answers in her sterling voice, a clear note of fondness to be found for the older woman dancing in each syllable that she spoke. His next string of words only grow that warm smile upon her features then."I'd really like that, Andras", she says sweetly to the fae man. If only to try and prove to herself just what she might mean to him.

Wasting little time, Andras is quick to give her that look that was enough to bring that flush easily to her cheeks no matter how fiercely she fought against it and as he purrs down to her, again that rush of fantasized imagery finds her unbidden as they summon again those images of the fae man straddling her slender frame as the flames of the fireplace kiss his bare skin and their lips find the other's... Quickly forcing them again, she is happy to take that sip of her chai and depart though again he makes her metaphorically stumble. He was just full of teasing comments, so quick to hone in on any opportunity she unknowingly left open for those teasing remarks or suggestive mentions that would follow her friends days to come, if not weeks. She welcomes the ever changing flow in conversation and listens with eager fascination as he goes on to explain how it was that the Winter Solstice Festival worked, how it was full of festivities and fae children would often exchange gifts like human children did. She does not miss the mention of coupling though, and for a moment her heart quickens yet again and as he casts that look down to her. she half expected him to say something suggestive, but he doesn't and she is grateful that he does not decide to unknowingly cause those thoughts to resurface when they lingered just barely out of mind's reach. He winks down at her and she gives him a shy smile then. She wasn't going to just outrightly ask him for a gift. She didn't even with her family anymore now that she was grown and no longer a child with fleeting wants. Little did he know though that she'd already planned on what she wanted to give him, hardly expecting anything in return. That was what Christmas was about, or at least that was what it was about for Beylani. Giving something to another, especially those that meant more to the blue-eyed blonde than they could ever imagine. Her family, Ellie... and Andras. They were the things in her life that made everything worthwhile and while it didn't really require the arrival of the holiday season for her to express to each of them how much she cared, there always seemed to be something a little extra special about giving gifts this time of the year.

Upon disposing their empty cups and arriving in the desired destination he'd been seeking, everything becomes a blur when he seizes her in that moment of boldness and brings her body to press against his. Oh if only he knew how so very close to losing all strength in those knees she was in that moment as he holds her there, purring wickedly down to her, once again finding those lips of his hardly a breath's away from her own. Everything stops for a moment before suddenly something roars past the shyness he so often provoked in her and she does not miss the look of surprise that flickers in those hazel eyes locked onto baby blues as though nothing else in the world existed except the other - or so she would like to think. His jaw slackened and as he releases his hold of her that she nearly melted into, she feels the satisfaction of her first true victory despite the anticipation that stirred ever so slightly in her thoughts of how long he would wait before he outdoes her again. She fully expected that victory of hers to be short-lived as she places distance between them to look through the clothes and even that is short lived as she plucks the dress from that rack and moves to stand before the display mirror, murmuring words she'd intended to keep within her own mind though his sudden presence and midnight tenor tones are there to inform her that she'd done exactly the opposite. She does not fight him as he guides her to the changing room and ushers her to change as he settles so comfortably into the chair just outside the stall. Had it been anyone else, she might have managed an excuse to simply buy it and try it on when they returned to the apartment, but they weren't going back to Riverdale and so really she hadn't had much choice - not that she would have really tried to defy him. She was entirely helpless when it came to the dark fae man though only now is she beginning to understand why. Besides, while she wouldn't readily admit it and hardly did so to herself, a part of her wanted him to see her in the dress, wanted to know what he might say or how he might look at her in something more than that brightly colored dress she'd worn to the tea party at Dorian's estate. The two fae men had seemed to approve of that one, but this dress with its silken fabrics and revealing lace down each side, it was something much more bold.

She steps out from the stall and the dark fae man's hazel eyes are quick to find her as she stops before him, that air of confidence allowing for her to, for the first time, to give him that daring look and teasing smile without flushing beneath his gaze as he seems to drink her in, something close to lust finding those predatory hazel depths. Even that wicked grin only seems to strength her confidence she holds onto, determined almost beyond reasoning to make him pay for all those times he made her blush so easily. He answers her and that daring smile grows bolder now as thick lashes blink over baby blues."I'm glad that you approve", she replies impishly. Before she can thank him for the compliment, the first of such a nature that she'd heard from him, he rises from his seat and disappears for a moment before he returns with those same black heels she'd seen earlier. He doesn't offer them to her, though. Instead, he is kneeling before her now and those strong hands lift her leg slowly, feeling her heartbeat quicken and that boldness falter almost as she expected it to though it still lingers even in the wake of the flush that reaches her cheeks. Baby blues and hazel do not stray from the other as he almost tenderly slips those heels onto her feet. When both were slipped over heel and toes, those satin tones murmur quietly as his fingers trace up her calf and electrify her once again into a loss for words. He stands and their gaze is broken as he moves to retrieve her other clothes and, taking her hand once more into his, he leads her towards the counter where she prepares to grab the small wallet she'd had in her pants pocket but he is quicker than her and pays for the dress and heels before guiding her out of the department store, baby blues soon noticing the limo that waited for them. She gives him a look of surprise that lasts only moments before he grins down at her and she moves into their chariot, quickly followed by the fae man. This was definitely more than she'd expected for her twenty-first birthday... He reaches from the champagne and two flutes, pouring hers and she graciously accepts it with a smile upon her lips. He speaks now as he taps his glasses against her own and she lifts a brow as that smile takes on its newfound impish nature."Oh? Is it a fancy little restaurant with an outdoor place set up for just the two of us where I can have you all to myself?", she asks daringly as she takes a small sip of that fine champagne. She hadn't the slightest idea where they were going, let alone what she should even begin to expect from the fae man that seemed to take her by surprise time and time again.

Beylani Rose~
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