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Such boldness from the human girl was beginning to wear on Andras. The man had such carefully constructed control; he was patient, he delighted in the hunt, though, he shouldn’t be viewing Lani as one of his hunts. Her fragile human body could never withstand the faerie world, yet, he still couldn’t stay away. He was drawn to her in such a way he found it confusing, fighting it every step of the way. It was exhausting, not only mentally but physically, he couldn’t stand to be parted from her. In recent weeks, he had spent many a night lounging on top of that rooftop of her apartment building, wary that there was another creature hunting her. He had found no trace, no scent, nothing, perhaps she was safe. It was the only reason he continued to remain around her, or at least, that’s what the Monarch kept telling himself.

After warning Lani with a growl, he’s eyes flicker darkly as she responds as if she didn’t have a care in the world. For the time being, he ignores her reply, lest he act on her temporary boldness that seemed to be enhanced as of late. He decided, he was going to chalk it up to the dress she now wore, the moment she put that little black scrap of clothing on, her confidence seemed to skyrocket. And, why shouldn’t it? She was beautiful. Instead of responding to her nonchalance, he reaches for her clothing and plucks that bra from the folds of the fabric, a wicked grin so crossing his features. That glorious flush so returns to her features, as she lurches across the seat and plants a hand on his thigh while she reaches for the little scrap of lace. Wicked delight is prowling through his midnight eyes as he dangles it just far enough away from her, her words a faltering mess as she responds.

Chuckling roguishly, he gives a small shrug, “I would have to agree with you, Lani darling. Although, is it such a terrible thing that I might find you attractive?” he murmurs just as she realized where her hand was in regards to his leg. That blush seems to engulf the woman then, snatching her hand quickly away and reaching for that champagne flute. Again, Andras can’t help but release an impish chuckle just as he tucks the little article of clothing back with the rest, and neatly setting it to the side. He allows that silence to continue whilst she gather her thoughts, determined to get it under control. It only takes a moment longer before he is pushing that door open and they are inside the lobby headed to the elevator. Quickly keying in a code, he peers down at Lani as she comments on the elevator.

“I suppose I could have flown us to the top, though I suspect we might give the guests a scare,” he winks down at her, knowing full well how frightening he could look with those appendages out. The ride is short to the top as he pulls her through the threshold, stating his name, and then they are being led to a private dining area. When he asks her if it was okay, he’s pleased with her response, a soft smile tugging at the corner of those lips. “I’m happy you approve,” he teases her, helping her into the chair. There is a comfortable moment of silence before he notes a bit of warmth flushing her cheeks, Andras’s brows arch in curiosity just as his nostrils flare taking in her scent. Thrilled in what he finds hidden within that scent of hers, “And just what are you thinking about, darling?” he purrs darkly at her, leaning forward ever so slightly to set that predatory gaze on her. “I can smell you,” he growls a bit softly, his eyes darkening at the thought of her.

She’s saved by the waitress who returns, inquiring about what they would like. Leaning back, it takes an effort to drag his gaze away from the woman across from him, quickly ordering off the tasting menu. Inquiring if she had more questions, an amused grin coats his lips at her response, his head tilting to the side, “Is that a question?” he asks, his eyes narrowing in on her. “Your mind is safe,” he responds after a moment, seeing no reason why he couldn’t answer it. Though, it wasn’t a complete answer, he suspected she would take it. The salad course is first and he watches Lani lift that glass to her lips, before she begins to pick at the greens. Her words snap him back to the present, pushing away those thoughts that so ran rampart within his mind. Her last two questions have him faltering. He didn’t expect she would outright ask, but then again, Lani had managed to surprise him at nearly every turn since their first encounter.

Raising that delectable wine to his lips, he picks at his own salad, brows furrowing for a moment as he debates on getting out of the question. Sighing inwardly, he puts his fork down at watches Lani a bit warily. “I was not born in Somnia, my court and I used to reside in the forests of Sweden, before it was named as such. I was born there,” he replies before he pauses, allowing himself to finish the salad course before the waitress returns, bussing the tables and quickly bringing out the soup course, a delectable butternut squash puree. “I will be celebrating my one thousand, five hundred and forty second birthday next month,” he says, his dark eyes scanning Lani’s features for surprise, or perhaps even horror. Human life spans were barely a blink of an eye in the mind of an immortal; he wasn’t entirely sure the woman could grasp it.

“I don’t celebrate birthdays, I was using it as a way to… oh never mind,” he states, rambling a bit with perhaps a little nervousness dancing in his eyes. Raising that spoon to his lips, he eats away at the soup, the taste bland in his mouth as he waits for a reaction. It doesn’t take long for them to finish the soup course before the entrée is being served, a spread of fish and asparagus and an assortment of other items, the wine paired with it a red this time. Reaching for that glass, he sips at it, watching Lani work her way through the meal. “I suspect you’re going to be drunk by the end of the night,” he laughs lightly, noting the flush that so creeps into her cheeks. It was the fourth glass they were on, if you included the champagne, and there was still one more to go. Why the dessert wine always held the most alcohol he was never sure.

“I hope you are finding the food to your liking,” he comments, though he’s certain she likes it as she had practically eaten everything that had been placed before them. For a while, they chat about nothing and everything, enjoying each other’s company, the entrée being cleared and the dessert being brought out. A chocolate decadent dish. Who didn’t like chocolate? “I don’t think I could eat another bite,” he says, finished with the food, “This restaurant rivals some of the places in Somnia.”

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