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The rooms had finally been prepared at the lodge, poor Ida had worked like a mad woman to get it presentable and find appropriate decorations for each room. He had not realized just how many faeries he had recruited in his short time in Sacrosanct, he thought it better to share his home with all of them at once. He suspected more than one member would have questions. Straightening his black suit jacket, he tilts his head to release the tension that had so built up on his neck from being bent over the spread of paperwork on his desk. Standing, he sighs through his nose before retrieving his polished shoes and slipping them on. Hearing Navi move around below, he allows a faint smile to toy on his lips. Living with her the past several days had been exhausting; having to explain nearly everything to her, but her presence was welcome and if he admitted to himself, he rather enjoyed it. Andras was looking forward to Navi and Dorian meeting, he suspected the two would become fast friends. He hoped Dorian would manage to explain the modern world better to her than he could ever hope to do.

Retrieving his heavy double breasted coat, he slips it on and wraps a scarf around his neck. Earlier this week he had sought out Troy and Dorian requesting their presence this afternoon to show them the lodge this afternoon. He hadn’t really explained where it was or how to get there, he merely asked them to leave their significant others at home for this time around and to dress warm. The winter had already reached the lodge, he couldn’t have his new members freezing to death before he could get them in a warm place. Scratching at the back of his neck, he can feel a bit of anxiety blooming in the pit of his stomach. He had lied to Troy and Dorian, he hoped they could find it in themselves to forgive him. While Navi, he hadn’t exactly lied to her; he had merely omitted the whole truth. Cringing inwardly, he descends the stairs to the second level making his way a bit loudly to Navi’s door. He had mentioned to her the night before last that he would be taking her to the lodge today and went as far as to tell her they wouldn’t be traveling alone. Andras wasn’t entirely sure as to what she thought, but he was hopeful she would be okay in the presence of others.

She was a little out of the ordinary but he had no doubt in his mind that Dorian and Troy could handle her just fine. Smiling to himself, he mentally prepares himself for that meet and greet just as he lifts hand to knock on her door, “Navi! Our guests are going to arrive shortly, are you ready?” He falls through the door, though he hears no answer immediately. Sighing, he stands there for but a moment longer, he wouldn’t rush the girl; he could only imagine how taxing the modern world was, though, he was curious to see how she would react to crossing dimensions. Traveling through a portal was such an odd thing, it was as if every ounce of air was stolen from your lungs. Shaking his head, he moves away from her door and finds his usual seat on the couch, his dark hazel eyes flicking up to the clock. He had hoped he had given decent directions on how to find his townhome, the time was nearing noon and he had yet to see either of them. Slinging his arms across the back of the couch, he leans his head back and stares at the ceiling, debating just how he was going to tell his new court members about the lodge. Perhaps he would merely show them. Yes, that’s what he would do.

The ringing of the doorbell has him shooting to a standing position, “Navi, they’re here. Time to go,” he calls again, thought this time he grabs the door handle and opens the door, giving the girl a scowl, beckoning her to follow. He found he was a bit more short tempered today, though he did his best to conceal it, he couldn’t help the little bit of impatience that so snuck into his lyrics. Waiting until Navi finally left her bedroom, he descends the last flight of stairs and opens the door, revealing both Dorian and Troy on his steps. Inclining his head in greeting, his massive frame blocks Navi behind him before he takes a step back, nearly stepping on the girl in the process. Clearly, she still hadn’t learned ‘bubble space’ yet. Narrowly missing her, he ushers the two men inside. “Good, good you two found each other on the way here. Thank you for taking the time to meet me,” Andras says in way of greeting, closing the door behind them. “Navi, this is Dorian and Troy,” he beckons to the two of them in order, “Dorian, Troy, meet Navi,” he introduces the small Asian woman before opening the door off to the side.

Leading them into the garage, he shuts the door once more, flicking on the light to reveal nothing but storage, neatly arranged in shelves and the garage very much lacking any vehicles. “I’m sure you are all a bit confused, I apologize on my lack of explanation. I needed to know if I could trust all of you,” he offers an apologetic smile, slipping his hands into his pockets casually. “The lodge I’ve told you about is not in this realm, I have the ability to portal to other worlds,” he explains quickly, nearing one of the shelves and rearranging a few boxes before he’s satisfied. Turning back to the three faeries standing in his garage, “Any questions so far?” He asks, giving them a moment to collect their thoughts after his explanation. He waits patiently for any questions he might have prior to turning back to the shelving and shifting a hidden object as a black hole merely appears next to Andras. It was a swirling vortex of darkness that seemed to float, that seemed to want to suck in the very light around them. Taking a step away, he gestures to the silent vortex at his side. “I know it’s a lot to take in at first and I understand if none of you want to chance walking through this portal with me,” he says genuinely, “I can assure you that it is safe and you won’t be floating between dimensions.”

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