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He threw on some faded jeans and a long sleeve shirt, reaching for a warm jacket as well. Looking at himself in the mirror, he heaved a deep sigh. What was he getting himself into? He told himself he was thinking of Amelia and the baby at the time. Their safety was paramount and he would take all the help he could get, from reliable sources, of course. He felt that he could trust Andras. Dorian did, after all and he had a vampire fiance. Troy had never known Dorian's judgement to be false and he knew Dorian would put high priority on Sebastian's safety as well so if he trusted Andras, then Troy would as well. As he zipped up the jacket, he glanced over toward the bed where Amelia still slept soundly. She looked so peaceful and angelic, that round belly making an impression under the quilt without even trying. He smirked and walked over. Bending down by the bed, he reached out, his hand laying across that round landscape as he leaned his head in, listening for the sounds of his beautiful baby. He wasn't disappointed, feeling a gentle kick on his hand a moment later as if to say "I'm here, daddy." His eyes beamed with happiness and his lips curled into a warm smile, his whole heart seeming to burst with the love he felt for this woman and the child she carried. He couldn't be happier.

He knew she would probably be konked out most of the morning. The baby sapped her energy and she needed a lot of naps in between feedings. He gently kissed her forehead before standing. "See you soon, my love." He whispered, somehow sure even in her dream state that she would hear him. He had already told her the day before that he would be going with Andras to see the lodge. He had explained the situation to her about the Shadow Court and how he would be cautious with it till he knew her and the baby would be safe in their folds. She seemed to trust him with the decision, though he knew if she ever got any bad vibes about it, she would be quick to tell him and shut the whole thing down. She certainly had a mind of her own and he loved her for it. On this trip, Andras had asked him to come alone so it was with a heavy heart that he headed out the door, one last longing glance given to the bedroom before he gently closed the door behind him. He was smart about starting his car earlier so that it would be nice and toasty by the time he got in it so that was in his favor. It just meant a quick trip out to turn the key in his boxers (and no, that wasn't a fun trip at all). He liked his classics so no push start for him on vehicles. None of those modern age cars could give the same growl of perfection as his baby.

It didn't take him long to find the townhouse. He followed the instructions to the key as Andras had given them. He was a little bit nervous since he'd never been much of a group person in the past. Courts and monarchies were avoided like the plague until he came to Sacrosanct and met Sam. She'd somehow convinced him to join her court and he'd been lured in until she up and disappeared without a trace. He had thought for a moment that Dorian might step up and lead the court but when he didn't, Troy just left it alone and went about his business like there was no court left to be a part of because there wasn't. With Sam gone, everything fell to pieces. He continued his friendship with Dorian but that was about it. Then he found out about Andras starting a court and though he hadn't really been planning on looking much into it, Andras has sought him out and he found his story intriguing. Then Dorian gave the man high props so Troy decided to give it a go, especially with Amelia so close to giving birth. He wanted his family safe, no matter what. If that meant joining a court, then so be it. As he pulled up to the townhouse, he was pleasantly surprised to see Dorian already there and getting ready to head up to the door. Smirking, he parked the car beside him and revved the engine a little before turning it off. He got out of the 1967 black Chevy Impala, locking the doors before he turned to head up to Dorian with a grin. "So, you ready for this? What's Dorian think of you joining a court?"

He was genuinely curious since Amelia hadn't been completely on board with it. He knew she was just being cautious with the baby. She didn't want many people to know and he understood that completely. But he felt he might need help once the baby was born and who better than a trusted group to rally around him if he needed it? In a way, it also felt nice just to be around other fae again. He walked shoulder to shoulder with Dorian up to the door and then reached out to tap lightly on the wood. He could hear someone other than Andras on the other side coming closer and his brows furrowed in curiosity. Did Andras have a significant other or are other fae already living with him? He'd offered space to Troy and his family as well at the lodge but they were safe and comfortable at Amelia's house so he was in no rush to change that. Plus he knew Amelia needed a lot more time to get to know the fae in his court before she would trust any of them around the baby. When the door opened, Troy smiled at Andras before his gaze swept the woman behind him. He could tell she was fae as well so he smiled at her as well and nodded a greeting. His gaze went back to Andras as he spoke.

He tapped off his shoes and stepped inside, glancing around the townhouse in curiosity as he did. "No problem." He answered back before glancing back at the woman with Andras as he introduced her as Navi. He smiled warmly and held out his hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Navi." Then he followed Andras and the others into the garage, still glancing around the place as he went. Not too shabby. As they stepped into the garage, he wasn't sure what he expected to find but certainly not an empty garage. No car or bus or SUV. Just a few shelves with boxes. He scowled and glanced at Dorian, wondering if he would know something more before his gaze swept back to Andras. Andras explained that the lodge was in another realm and Troy's brow arched up. So that's what he meant when he said he could shield his court now. He was thoughtful for a moment but when Andras asked if there was questions, he nodded. "That's heavy stuff, traveling to different dimensions. Can you guarantee the safety of anyone you take with you? I've heard horror stories of passengers that go with someone to another dimension. How many can you take at a time?" He wasn't backing down from this, per say, but he was skeptical of the whole thing since he'd only ever heard bad tales of what happens when you travel with someone to another dimension.

He watched as Andras shifted some things on shelves and he tilted his head, wondering if it was just OCD or if there was a reason to it. Then a big black hole appeared in the air right next to him and Troy took an instinctive step back from it, watching the thing with a mixture of wariness and intrigue. He had never been this close to a portal before so it was fascinating to him, though he was cautious cause he knew the dangers that came with them. He tried to see if he could see anything through it but it only looked like pure darkness. He glanced back at Andras as he spoke of it, telling them it was safe and they wouldn't be floating between dimensions. He scowled thoughtfully. "Ever had anyone spliced from this?" He'd heard horror tales of people literally cut in half by these things when not treated properly, where one half of the body went where it was supposed to and the other either went somewhere else entirely or was thrown back into the original dimension. Like he's said, dimensions were heavy stuff. Strong stuff. And it needed just the right touch from an experienced fairy to get it right.


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