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“Hahhh,” Navi breathed, ferociously rubbing her hands together trying to create more warmth. Even though she had been sleeping outside on the willow tree in the backyard, she was starting to get spoiled with the controlled temperature the townhome had to offer throughout the day. Goosebumps shot across her body, experiencing the initial shock from the sudden temperature change when she entered through the sliding glass door into her bedroom. Shuffling around the open room, she recalled the previous night’s conversation with Andras when he told her she would need to dress for winter weather. Thoughtfully, Andras had picked out some warmer clothes for her and she proceeded to throw on the chunky burgundy scarf and slipped on some matching mittens. It had been a long time since she was able to have luxuries like winter gear. Finishing to brus out the knots in her hair, she heard a knock on her door.

It was Andras letting her know that the guests would arrive shortly. “Other faeries huh,” she thought nervously to herself. “More people I must meet,” she sighed, walking over to the bed and plopping down to put on her boots. She wondered how other faeries would be, regarding personality and age. She didn’t want anyone treating her as if she were a child, figuring she was the youngest one accompanying them anyway. Navi had to admit, when it came to interacting with more than one person at a time, she clammed up. All the questions she would casually blurt out diminished the more of an audience she was surrounded with. The more she thought about it, the more skittish she felt. Trying to calm herself, she rushed into the bathroom, turning the faucet knob to release lukewarm water. She slipped off her gloves and cupped her hands, beginning to splatter the water on her face. After a few minutes of continuously getting her face drenched, she took a moment and let the droplets that trickled off her face air dry. Recognizing her heartbeat started to slow she reached for the doorknob.

As soon as her pointer finger touched the handle she caught Andras swinging the door open, raising his voice and informing her that the guests had arrived. There was a slight annoyance within his speech, but Navi knew that he was irritable because of what he wanted to reveal to the Shadow Court. He was on a streak of being easily agitated for a few days now which led Navi to escape to her own room most of the time, not wanting to deal with such emotions. It was like walking on eggshells around him. “It must be pretty important,” Navi convinced herself as she waltzed out the door and into the living room. Following Andras closely behind she almost bumped right into the back of him as he abruptly stops to greet the two guests. “Dorian and Troy”, Andras’ voice echoed as Navi stared at each guest towering above her.

Troy, was an extremely tall man who had simple dirty blond hair with muddy hazel eyes. Navi couldn’t help but think he looked like the epitome of a father. There was something about the man that gave off a warm, kind, old masculine aura about him. Navi saw Troy immediately gaze down at her and nod his head in greeting which led her to hide a little further behind Andras. She watched him reach out his hand, but she was hesitant to take it. Eyeing him up and down she stated, “Troy, it means descendant of foot soldier…pleased to meet you.” Still taking cover behind Andras, she glances over at the next figure standing in the entry way. His name was Dorian. He was not as tall as Troy but if Navi was quite honest, everyone seemed to loom above her with how petite she was.

Dorian had smooth features across a more feminine face. His eyes were an intense grey with dark chocolate colored hair. She wondered how old he was in comparison to her. He seemed at least a bit younger than Troy and Andras. She nodded in his direction, yet again analyzing another new name. “Dorian, the name originates from Greek. There are multiple meanings for the name. I wonder what the denotation of yours is,” she softly murmured clutching the back of Andras’ coat for comfort. As awkward silence filled the room, without another moment of hesitation Andras motioned the guests into the garage room.

Navi peered at the collections of knick knacks and gears she had been tinkering with since she started living there. Picking up a couple of bolts and a wheel, she began to fidget with them while everyone gathered at the center of the room. While her attention was admittedly focused more so on the new project she found herself working on, Andras started to explain about different realms. With Navi’s curiosity now piqued, she moved closer into the circle of gentleman, listening to what each had to say. “Travelling? Between realms? Why does that sound so familiar,” she inwardly thought, annoyed that she wasn’t coming up with any explanations on why the power sounded so recognizable to her.

Not having enough time to dwell in her thoughts, she focused on the gate that suddenly appeared in front of the group. It permeated a feeling of eeriness, like a lengthy dark underground tunnel. Fascinated by what was in front of her, she marched up to the oval shaped portal, bending up and down as she circled the weird power. “When we enter through this, is it still considered reality?” she questioned, looking straight at Andras. Before he could answer, she glanced over in Dorian’s direction. Navi turned her body to him, as he looked like he was itching to ask a few questions about it as well.

Navi Yemon


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