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He was already roaming the streets around his house, even as a kid. They lived in a small town so everyone knew everyone and the streets were mostly safe. He could stay out at all hours and not worry about much save threats from his dad about missing out on chores and his mom's lectures about worrying about his whereabouts. He stayed gone as much as possible, having his own adventures and living life to the fullest. He always came back at the latest possible time, dirty and bruised up from living out all his tall tales. Being outside and living life to the fullest was the only way to be for him. It always had been. He'd never wanted to be anything else, anyone else. Sure, his dad had tried to set him up with construction jobs after he he dropped out of high school and even tried to send him back for a GED but Taylor blew him off every chance he could get. He would either never show up for the job or blow it on purpose, showing up in dirty clothes and get a brawl with the first guy who looks at him wrong. His dad thought he just lived to make him miserable but really, Taylor just refused to be his father's guinea pig.

He told him so as much as he could too. As he grew older and more confident, his dark brooding turned into heated arguments with his dad. He learned how to stand up to him, but when things got close to coming to blows, that was always the point when he'd grab his jacket and duck out the door, heading straight to the Harley to get as far away as possible. He never expected to be in the same vicinity as someone of Adelaide's station, let alone speaking of going to her place. But Taylor knew when an argument was as good as lost and he didn't want to offend her. She seemed pleasant enough. He was surprised by the lack of snobbishness he was getting from her. She seemed genuine in everything so far, her eyes truly a window to how she was feeling. She was intrigued with him somehow and he had no clue why. There was nothing special about him. He would never try his luck with her, nor would he any woman unless they gave a definite sign of interest. Sure, when he was drunk enough, he might have enough liquid courage to ask a girl or two if they wanted a drink but as sober as he was now, he knew when someone was well out of his league. Adelaide was definitely out of his league.

He could tell she'd never been on a motorcyle before yet she still held herself with confidence, a daring sparkle in her eyes as she went over to it. She was willing to try and that alone impressed him. Most women hated to have their hair all tangled up from the wind. She took the helmet he offered, fastening it on herself and he smirked lightly at her precision. She seemed to make almost anything look natural. His smirk only widened as she offered a coy smile back in return to his comment about the ride of her life. She could be sexy as hell when she wanted to be. He had to make himself look down at the bike to check the gauge like it was important, anything to remind himself that she wasn't a fling he was taking home for the night. She was a lady, and a well endowed one at that, if her clothes meant anything. She movely smoothly onto the bike behind him, his breath hitching a little when her slender arms snaked their way around his waist, her front side pressed against his back snugly. He cleared his throat. "Here we go." He muttered, more to himself than anyone else as he hit the gas. He needed to focus on anything but how close she was to him right now. The wind whipping through her hair sent it streaming out behind them but he could still smell her perfume. It was nice.

He picked that time to mention to her about stopping to call for bodyguards and he could see the smile on her face that meant he had succeeded in his mission. She laughed and told him she didn't think that would be necessary, adding in a french word that made his brow arch up. "You could probably be calling me a dumbass and I'd never know it from how good everything sounds in another language, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time." His lips quirked even as he tried to not to think about how close her lips were to his ear. Every time her breath hit his skin, he felt goosebumps of excitement. He needed to put a stop to this and soon. He listened the best he could to her directions as she guided him through the city and soon enough she was telling him it was just ahead. He nodded to let her know he understood, pulling into the fancy driveway slowly before parking his bike outside as he turned the engine off and took a good long look at the big house spread out before him. If house was even the best word for it. More like mansion, maybe even hotel. It had to be more than just her living here. He felt himself relax as she got off the bike, turning to give her an easy smile as she took off her helmet and let him know that it was exciting but next time she was bringing a hair tie. He chuckled. "Should have said something. I keep an extra hair tie in my saddle bag." He smirked. "Knew you'd have a good time though."

He got off his bike slowly, not so sure about this but then he noticed her gaze moving down to his arm and he cleared his throat again, moving it a little behind him slightly to hide the wound. The blood was dried, caked onto his arm and as long as he careful not to scrape it against anything, he barely felt the glass still in it. But it looked like she hadn't forgotten. She told him this way and he sighed and nodded, offering a small smile. "After you." He followed her to the door, pausing a little when the door opened to reveal an older gentleman who looked like he just stepped out of an issue of Well Dressed Weekly. He ran a hand through his hair, wondering if this could possibly be her father. But does she call him by his last night all the time? Taylor hoped that was his last name, anyway. She stepped through like it was no problem but he was a little more hesitant, pretty much waiting for the man to suddenly produce a shotgun from beneath his well tailored suit and blow him into a new millenium. He called her by her last name, which only made her sound that much more rich. The man did sound worried though. He listened as she introduced him and asked for a rag with peroxide. As the man cast his gaze on him, Taylor cleared his throat again. "It's just a scratch, really." He tried to assure him, not that he could really tell if Townsend was worried or not.

Townsend told her he needed a word with her later and he arched a brow at her. "Ooo, sounds like someone's in trouble." He said in a singsong voice. She turned to him then, asking what kind of liquor he wanted and he thought about it for a minute. "Got any good tequila? Or even just beer. I'm not picky." He shrugged lightly. As she named off what she got, he smirked. "You know what? Surprise me. Whatever you drink, get me one too." He was trying to be a gracious guest, after all.


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